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This morning I woke up in time for kickboxing! Score!

photo 81 New word: vansnack

Stretching before kickboxing

My class is at a martial arts studio two doors down from my gym. I learned quickly that even though our class is supposed to start at 6am, the instructor is rarely there before 6:10. No biggie, I’ll just hang out at the gym until you show up mister.

I hopped on a treadmill and watched the parking lot for when he finally showed up. I did 4 minutes warm up and then 10 minutes HIIT (high interval intensity training – I think that’s the acronym breakdown) and then a 1 minute sprint at the end.


Minutes Speed Incline
1:00 – 4:00 7.4 2.0
4:00 – 14:00 9.0 for 20 seconds
7.7 for 40 seconds
14:00 – 15:00 9.0 2.0

Overall pace: 7:27

photo 51 New word: vansnack

Quick and sweaty

Home > van to work > cupcake delivery > work > van back to San Jose

photo 21 New word: vansnack

Random car snack!

On the way to the van I snacked on a mug with almond milk, greek yogurt, PB2, and fiber cereal (MMM fiber).

photo 11 New word: vansnack

No ovaltine today :(

For breakfast I had another bowl of oatmeal with the usuals (oat bran, oatmeal, banana slices, flax + blueberries + cinnamon +chia seeds)

photo1 New word: vansnack

These leftovers were goooood

And lunch included two more bean patties and leftover salad from last night!! (Salad = best part of lunch!)

Snacks: yummy red apple Nicole picked up from TJ’s for me yesterday and some random vansnacks!!!! (appropriate name for food that is 1. offered to you in a van and 2. you don’t know exactly what to call it)

photo 91 New word: vansnack

Don't know what they are but, yes please

photo 31 New word: vansnack Once I got home it was time for … Kickball! Details on the game tomorrow! :)

FYI: I am part of the Tequila Mockingbird team in the Campbell league of WAKA (World Adult Association of Kickball). I played with most of these people a couple of seasons ago but took a break when I moved to Monterey. Now that I’m back in San Jose I’m stoked to play on their team again every Wednesday!

Check out the Kickball recap from Game 1 (Game 2, Game 3, and Game 4 will be up soon) under the Party Time tab. They will be slightly edited versions of the recaps we send out to the team following our games; got to keep it PG :)


Question: You are in the outfield. If a red kickball is hurling at you, and you know that you have to catch it OR ELSE, do you get exxxtremely nervous?? I sure do. And then I usually can’t catch it. Just like in elementary school…

And just for kicks, another music suggestion for the folky/jazzy:

photo1 New word: vansnack

Bela Fleck & The Flecktones


3 Responses to New word: vansnack

  1. 2 miles in 15:00!?! you are my hero………..

  2. Kerry says:

    High-Intensity Interval Training! I’ve been wanting to try PB2 for awhile. How is it/where do you buy it??

    Cool seeing a pic of your kickboxing gym!

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