New word: vansnack

Posted by Lauren

This morning I woke up in time for kickboxing! Score!

Stretching before kickboxing

My class is at a martial arts studio two doors down from my gym. I learned quickly that even though our class is supposed to start at 6am, the instructor is rarely there before 6:10. No biggie, I’ll just hang out at the gym until you show up mister.

I hopped on a treadmill and watched the parking lot for when he finally showed up. I did 4 minutes warm up and then 10 minutes HIIT (high interval intensity training – I think that’s the acronym breakdown) and then a 1 minute sprint at the end.


Minutes Speed Incline
1:00 – 4:00 7.4 2.0
4:00 – 14:00 9.0 for 20 seconds
7.7 for 40 seconds
14:00 – 15:00 9.0 2.0

Overall pace: 7:27

Quick and sweaty

Home > van to work > cupcake delivery > work > van back to San Jose

Random car snack!

On the way to the van I snacked on a mug with almond milk, greek yogurt, PB2, and fiber cereal (MMM fiber).

No ovaltine today :(

For breakfast I had another bowl of oatmeal with the usuals (oat bran, oatmeal, banana slices, flax + blueberries + cinnamon +chia seeds)

These leftovers were goooood

And lunch included two more bean patties and leftover salad from last night!! (Salad = best part of lunch!)

Snacks: yummy red apple Nicole picked up from TJ’s for me yesterday and some random vansnacks!!!! (appropriate name for food that is 1. offered to you in a van and 2. you don’t know exactly what to call it)

Don't know what they are but, yes please

Once I got home it was time for … Kickball! Details on the game tomorrow! :)

FYI: I am part of the Tequila Mockingbird team in the Campbell league of WAKA (World Adult Association of Kickball). I played with most of these people a couple of seasons ago but took a break when I moved to Monterey. Now that I’m back in San Jose I’m stoked to play on their team again every Wednesday!

Check out the Kickball recap from Game 1 (Game 2, Game 3, and Game 4 will be up soon) under the Party Time tab. They will be slightly edited versions of the recaps we send out to the team following our games; got to keep it PG :)


Question: You are in the outfield. If a red kickball is hurling at you, and you know that you have to catch it OR ELSE, do you get exxxtremely nervous?? I sure do. And then I usually can’t catch it. Just like in elementary school…

And just for kicks, another music suggestion for the folky/jazzy:

Bela Fleck & The Flecktones

Comments (3)

  1. sugarcoatedsisters (Post author)

    2 miles in 15:00!?! you are my hero………..

  2. Kerry

    High-Intensity Interval Training! I’ve been wanting to try PB2 for awhile. How is it/where do you buy it??

    Cool seeing a pic of your kickboxing gym!

    1. sugarcoatedsisters (Post author)

      Unfortunately, you can only buy PB2 online… we have three jars that aren’t opened though. Come visit and we will give you one! -Nicole


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