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Sunday Morning

I woke up at 5:40am, not quite ready to crawl out of bed. I spent the night at my friend Kimbo’s in Fresno, CA. However, I had to get moving because I still had to don my lucky outfit, make breakfast, and drive 20 minutes south of Kim’s to downtown Fresno.

I laced up my black and green running shoes and put on the Nike running top I wear for every 1/2 marathon. I don’t know when this green shirt tradition started, but I like it. (Pretty sure the shirt originally belonged to Nicole.)


img 2324 Fresno Classic Half Marathon

Running Fuel

Oatmeal with half a scoop of Sun Warrior vanilla protein powder and sliced bananas

Fresno Classic Half Marathon

The drive downtown was fast, the only other cars on the highway had other runners. That’s when two things crossed my mind:

Lauren Fail #1. You forgot a running hat, it’s going to be sunny and you’ll have to be a SquintyPants.
Lauren Fail #2. You also forgot GU. Now, at mile 8 or 9 you’ll fizzle out without the liquid energy.

photo5 Fresno Classic Half Marathon I found a parking spot and jogged over to the registration table to get my bid number. When I asked the volunteers for my race shirt, they said they were all out. Race Fail #1. Then I asked if there was going to be any sort of food or GU along the course, and she said no. Race Fail #2 (even though it’s really Lauren Fail #2)

After my port-a-potty business, I hopped into the start line. There was a moment of silence for the bicyclist who passed away the day before, during the century bike ride portion of the race.

The Race

photo 33 Fresno Classic Half Marathon

Waiting to start!

3-2-1 and we were off!

I listened to a random workout playlist on Rdio, an app on my iPhone. The app costs $10/month but you get access to hundreds of thousands of songs on demand. When an album or song is released, you can add it to your collection and listen to it via 3G or you can sync it to your mobile and it will be available all the time (even if you’re on an airplane).

fresno half playlist1 Fresno Classic Half Marathon There’s also a community aspect – for example, the workout playlist was compiled by somebody named Biker Chick. She (or he?) put 108 songs on the list and I listened to songs 17 – 40. I highly recommend this app, BTW.

K, enough of that plug. I loved the first song: Becoming Insane – Infected Mushrooms

photo 9 Fresno Classic Half Marathon

Miles 1 – 3.5: lots of repetitive switchbacks in downtown Fresno (Race Fail #3). Nice enough scenery, I just wasn’t a fan of running down and up and down and up and down and up.

photo 2 Fresno Classic Half Marathon

Switchbacks. Boo.

Miles 3.5 – 6: Long straightaways that helped me focus on maintaining my pace.

photo 41 Fresno Classic Half Marathon


Miles 6 – 9: Best part! We ran through the Chaffee Zoo and saw kangaroos, giraffes, and birds! I read online that a zebra, some camels, and other animals got in on the action. The zoo element singlehandedly made this race go from good to great.

photo 24 Fresno Classic Half Marathon

Thank GUodness

Also, at mile 8, there was a sign for GU!! I was so stoked. I’ll take back “Race Fail #2″ I guess. Even though I was originally told there wouldn’t be Gu along the way, I’m happy the organizer I spoke to was wrong. Know your course, organizers!

Miles 9 – 11.5: More straightaways. My Nike GPS app kept updating me every 1/2 mile with my remaining distance and it made me pretty antsy! At mile 11 I did some quick multiplication in my head and figured – WOW – I could PR this animal. Hehh, get it?

Here’s a look at the entire course:

photo 1 Fresno Classic Half Marathon You’ll notice that it get’s really red (slower pace) right next to the zoo. Honestly, I don’t think the GPS was functioning correctly in the zoo part because it kept sending error messages asking me to open the app up. I knew that the distance part was off, so for the last few miles I couldn’t trust the Nike GPS mileage countdown.

photo 52 Fresno Classic Half Marathon Miles 11.5 – 13.1 – Boy, I was ready for this race to be over. We passed by the band, above, which was a nice touch. I kept hoping that Chukchansi Stadium would pop into view, but it took forever to materialize.

img 2360 Fresno Classic Half Marathon Then, finally, there it was. I sprinted towards the finish, watching the clock slowly tick into the 1:33 zone.

img 2361 Fresno Classic Half Marathon I crossed the finish in 1:33:04 seconds. A new PR for me. :)

After the Race

After a volunteer put the medal around my neck, I climbed the stadium stairs and grabbed one of the complimentary scoops of Cold Stone ice cream.

img 2372 Fresno Classic Half Marathon

img 2375 Fresno Classic Half Marathon

First scoop: coffee with heath. Second scoop: vanilla with oreos. YUM x2

I brought the ice cream with me to the masseur (male version of masseuse – don’t hear that often do ya?)… He focused on my hips and upper legs… it felt so good!

Later, in the breakfast tent, I joined fellow finishers for a real breakfast! Usually races offer bagels, bananas, oranges, and energy bars. This was a whole new level, oh boy!

img 2365 Fresno Classic Half Marathon

img 2366 Fresno Classic Half Marathon

Scrambled Eggs

img 2367 Fresno Classic Half Marathon


img 2368 Fresno Classic Half Marathon

Sausages… pass.

img 2370 Fresno Classic Half Marathon

My plate. The blueberry bagel was so fluffy and delicious!

I ate my breakfast alone. I went back for ice cream seconds, alone. I found the results table, alone. I demanded a beer, alone. Okay, back it up…. the beer was complimentary for racers (I went with Michelob over Heineken Light, a la Aunt Patty :) )

img 2362 Fresno Classic Half Marathon And this “alone” talk is just to make the not-subtle point that being alone after races SUCKS! I challenge myself to run harder, race better, sprint faster, finish stronger. While I wish someone could be there, cheering at the end, it’s not always possible. And you know what, when it comes down to it, I’m okay with a solo pat on the back. (Did anyone catch the harder better faster stronger reference?)

Unofficial Results

Finish time: 01:33:04
Average pace: 00:07:06
Division place: 3
Women place: 12
Overall place: 77
Age Grade: 70.75%

img 2352 Fresno Classic Half Marathon

After the race

photo 61 Fresno Classic Half Marathon Drove to Kimbo’s > Showered > Drove to San Jose making two pit stops:

img 2378 Fresno Classic Half Marathon

Picked up a 1 lb. bag of almonds to make [uber natural] almond butter! These are raw, crisp, so tasty! I picked them up from Valley Pistachio Country Store in Madera, CA

img 2380 Fresno Classic Half Marathon

Stopped at the Gilroy Outlets… purchased a pair of shorts + shrug for work at Banana Republic


When I got home I prepared a salad with the leftovers from my LALLA salad and Sarah’s salad, adding carrots, more spinach, and a crumbled up bean patty from ages ago. There are seriously so many of them!

img 2383 Fresno Classic Half Marathon

Leftover salad WIN.

I also went to town on the jar of pb my sister unearthed from the crypt that is our pantry.

img 2392 Fresno Classic Half Marathon

Recipe teaser picture… :)

And I made an amazing dinner inspired by old Italia, recipe coming tomorrow!



11 Responses to Fresno Classic Half Marathon

  1. Kerry says:

    I can’t believe you ran a race by yourself. You’re awesome!

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  5. [...] eternity.  At an hour and 33, I realized that just a few weeks ago, I would have just finished the Fresno Classic Half Marathon.  But you know what, I was happy I got out there and just completed the race.  The night before, [...]

  6. Girl, you’re fast! Way to go on the half!!

    So awesome!!! Looks like a beautiful race course.

  7. Kimberly Bedrosian says:

    I”m a terrible friend!! I wish I could’ve come cheer you on!! Glad you got to see a little bit of Fresno! ;)

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  9. [...] Tastiest post-race eats sponsored by the race itself? 1. The Relay – I woke up after two hours of sleep to run ~1am 2. Technically not a “medal,” but I love the Tim Lincecum bobble-head from the Giant Race in SF. 3. After a race? 3/4 of a water bottle and then a cup of beer. 4. I’m a country girl. 5. Post-race eats…. hmm… tie between El Farolito and the food after the Fresno Classic. [...]

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