Dentist Day

Posted by Nicole

Today I am going to the dentist. This means I will probably have a cavity. This also means I will not get to enjoy sweet food for a couple days. And, it means I might have to get those terrible shots in my gums to numb them. That is always the worst part, yeah?

To celebrate survive my dentist day, I wanted to have a day of eloquent eating. That means, nice food pictures.

Breakfast, was the usual. And I loved being able to eat it NOT in my car!

It just can’t be beat.

I enjoyed this breakfast sandwich alongside some Harney & Sons.  Tropical Green Tea – “Green Tea with Pineapple.”  The hint of pineapple really did add a nice sweetness.  I was pleasantly surprised.

It was delightful, especially because it was consumed out of a Christmas mug. Those mugs are my favorite because they are double the size of a normal mug ;)

Then it was gym time with my awesome gym buddy Kelly. I hopped on my bike and made it safely to the gym. We did incline walking because it’s our fave; probably because we are able to talk and catch up (lies, we basically talk about super creeper status things, but you can’t know specifics). Luckily, we had entertainment! Lauren and I love seeing this lady at the gym, she always makes the gym trip more interesting.

Werk It

My treadmill incline walking looked a bit like this:
Minutes         Speed              Incline
0-30                    4.0                     15.0
30-56                  4.0                     18.0
56-60                  4.0                     21.0

Kelly had to leave me 40 minutes into the treadmill sesh, but I finished the hour. I kicked my butt at the end, and it was a good workout overall. I ended up completing 4 miles and a vertical distance of 3341.  Then, I headed into the little fitness room and did 10 mins of abs, 3 mins of arms, and 10 mins of FOAM ROLLIN’… It hurt so badly, which I think means it was working to stretch out my IT band, quads, and hamstrings. Luckily, I had some good 311 and Bon Iver tunes to ease me through the pain.

After biking back home, I got to work on lunch. This was a new-and-improved version of my Sweet and Savory Shrimp Salad, with the addition of cauliflower, more shrimp, and cayenne pepper. I wanted protein to get me strong. Shrimp is da best, it definitely beats chalky protein powder. This roasted for about 20 minutes in the toaster-oven.  For the salad base, I replaced the spinach with broccoli slaw for more crunch.

Slaw and Balsamic

This was beautiful. And delicious. The end.

Have a wonderful day! I’ll be back later with hopefully no cavity and lots of sugary eats!!!!! If not, this little beauty will make it’s way into my dinner!

Spaghetti Squash, always a winner.

Bye for now!

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