Lake Chabot 5K and Half Marathon

Posted by Lauren and Nicole

N: The morning started at about 6:15 AM.  We got up, put on our race clothes, and made breakfast.  I’m glad I brought along some of the new green tea I bought, Good Earth Super Green Tea with a blend of matcha, sencha, and orange.  Lots of antioxidants!  Plus, apparently caffeine makes people run longer distances?  We added hot water to our oats and hit the road!  My bowl had oats, oat bran, chocolate pudding mix, multigrain Joe’s Os, and fresh blueberries.  Lauren’s had oats, oat bran, almonds, Rice Krispies, vanilla SunWarrior protein powder, and blueberries.

L: When we pulled up to the lake, I asked a guy if I should put on trail shoes or sneakers.  He enthusiastically said, “trail shoes!” and asked if I had run the course before.  When I said no, he smirked and said, “yeah, definitely trail shoes.”  Good thing I snagged a pair of my mom’s the night before ;)  I crossed my fingers that they wouldn’t be too big (blisters suck).

N: We got our bids just a few minutes before the races began and quickly took off! Headed in opposite directions, we both started strong and didn’t really know what to expect for this “Trail Challenge“…

L: And challenging, it was!!!!!!  Let’s just say there was a lot of mud.  And a lot of uphill.  And I wasn’t wearing a sports bra.  And it started to drizzle.

Lots of uphill!

More uphill….

View from the “top”… there were multiple “tops”

N: About a half mile into the 5K, I saw the lake!  It was beautiful and I was glad that the 5K followed the lake (having pretty sights always make running easier).  About a mile into the run, I told myself I was going to try and run the whole thing.  I’m glad I made this promise to myself.  If I hadn’t, I probably would have walked up the 7 spots of major incline.  Instead, I ran up them while listening to obnoxious, but awesome, “house” music.

L: While I ran, I listened to the new Lady Gaga album, and then Foster The People’s “Torches.”  Here are some shots from the run.  It really was a gorgeous course, but definitely out my comfort zone!

This is my favorite… reminds me of “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” – Whitney Houston

Cool bridge, huh?

N: After finishing, I got some water and ate an apple from the food table.  I then walked to the car to get the camera and some sunglasses.  The sun was actually shining for a bit!  I waited for about an hour and a half for Lauren to finish.  While waiting, they announced the 5K results.  I got first in my age group (15-19) woot woot, but I was the only one in my age group :)  I also won…

N: A PIE!!!!! From Adeline Bakery in Berkeley, CA!  It smelled delicious and tasted great.  The inside was a mix of peaches and blueberries, which complimented the buttery pie crust.  Free pie, for the win!  Thanks Adeline Bakery and CV Track Club!

L: I ran for what seemed like an eternity.  At an hour and 33, I realized that just a few weeks ago, I would have just finished the Fresno Classic Half Marathon.  But you know what, I was happy I got out there and just completed the race.  The night before, I wasn’t looking forward to it, but when we woke up and the sun was shining, I realized that running is supposed to be fun.  Today I ran healthy, I ran smart.  When my calves started to hurt, I walked.  When people passed me, I smiled.  It sounds cheesy.  I kind of get caught up in the competitive vibe of the sport, so it’s nice to forget about all of that and just do it (sup, Nike?).

Aid stations with water bottles :)

A fellow runner offered to take my picture (how nice!)

The trees were beautiful! It was like fern gully up there!


Finally some downhill!

And at long last… the lake came back into view!

Half Marathon Loop

L: This half, there was something awesome waiting for me at the finish line.  My personal photographer!  Jk, it was Nicole.

L: It’s so nice having someone there at the end to cheer you on.  I just kind of feel bad because she had to wait so long.  Whoopsies!  I also got first in my age group (20-24); however, I was also the only one in the bracket.  *Strangely, Nicole and I were the only two people in the race that got this lucky…*  My official time was 2:08:43, a 9:50 average mile pace. Not bad considering I had sore calves, forgot my sports bra, and dealt with MASSIVE hills, mud, and rain! After completing the race and posing for some pics, I grabbed a water and made my way to the snacks table.  Guess what!?  They had…

CRUNCHY PEANUT BUTTER!  Looooooooooooove.

N: We took some bananas and oranges and headed to the car to embark on the remainder of our day in the East Bay.  We were all exercised out and ready for some good eats and cute downtowns.  We headed to Oakland and then Berkeley, where we enjoyed a great “daycation!”

Q4U: Have you ever completed a trail run?  Any horror stories involving slippery mud? :)

Comments (9)

  1. Megan

    Nice run ladies! I’m just getting into trail running and it is hard, but I love it! Nice win and what a great prize – pie!

    1. sugarcoatedsisters (Post author)

      thanks Megan! the pie is delicious!! Photo of the inside to come soon :)

  2. bryanmuirhead

    I once went to Huntington Beach to watch my friend run a full marathon. At the end of the race just before the finish line I watched a man run by with blood trailing all the way down his shirt. The source: his nipples. I’m talking straight thick lines of blood. All that to say I’m glad neither of you bled from your perspective “nipolic” regions. Congratulations on your run!

    1. sugarcoatedsisters (Post author)

      Thanks meerkitty :)

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