San Francisco: Saloon to Croissant

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Let’s go back to Friday night in San Francisco. I left off talking about Yogurtland and partying like a rockstar…

Friday Night

When I arrived at Megan’s place, I found absurdly close parking. Usually I have to park near Ghirardelli Square and walk a couple of blocks up, but the spot I snagged was literally right across from her apartment’s front door. Sweet deal.

There was a catch – tow zone starting at 7am – but that didn’t bother me. Katie, Megan, and I talked about Megan’s engagement and wedding plans (!!!!) while looking at pictures of flowers, hair styles, venues, etc.

Eerily tall. Don't worry about that...

I had a combo vodka rockstar, which really wasn’t bad. I think I might be over my aversion to that spirit once and for all. We also enjoyed a glass of our friend Kali’s rose. Kali picked out what she wanted in her bottle of wine and some company put it together for her (is that how it worked Kali?)

Our first stop was McTeague’s Saloon (1237 Polk Street, San Francisco), where we met up with Taylor + her friend and Joe + his two friends. The place was crawling with dudes! The crowd was diverse, sorta. Guys wearing those sparkly button-ups (dislike), hipsters with beanies, and lots of people sporting Giants gear (they played that night). Plus there was the sexy silver fox pictured above, bottom left.

Megan, Taylor, Tay's friend, Katie, Me

I liked the saloon feel of the place and everyone was really friendly. We made friends with two Santa Barbara folks, that bought our whole group “Woo! Woo!” shots (peach schnapps, vodka, and cranberry juice) as a “congratulations” to Megan. After about 45 minutes there, we hopped next door to Mayes.

Close up! Heyyyy

I waited in line with Sarah, her boyfriend Jason, and two of their friends. Sarah and I go wayyyy back. In high school, she joined the dance team as a freshman when I was a junior. We were partners in the lyrical dance “Braille” and got to do a lot of fun partner-work/spelling letters on each other. It was poignant, trust me.

Sarah and her boyf Jason

To be honest, I was unimpressed with Mayes (1233 Polk Street, San Francisco). They had a hefty cover, gave out drink tokens, and poured weak drinks. The crowd was a little skeezy and the dance floor was pitiful. Not a fan, I was glad when Megan suggested that we go back to McTeagues.

Megan, Joe, and Katie

Pretty decor

Before heading back, Megan, Kali, Joe, and I stopped for Pizza at Pizza Pino (1534 California Street, San Francisco). Joe ordered us a large 3/4 sausage, 1/4 cheese (Katie’s vegetarian). Oh man, it was good pizza!! (Especially compared to the Round Table Pizza I had earlier that day!)

Saturday Morning

Remember the 7am tow zone parking spot? I was happy to get up early and move my car. I had to return a key to my cousin’s apartment and I wanted to beat the line I knew would form in front of Tartine Bakery in the Mission district.

Such a good spot!

I love the views of Coit Tower from Filbert Street

A little after 8am I showed up at Tartine Bakery (600 Guerrero Street, San Francisco). I remember when Susan was at Foodbuzz in SF and she blogged about the amazingly flaky + buttery pastries at Tartine.

Not only that, but it has insanely high ratings and reviews on Yelp and I always see positive things on Tablehopper and SF Eater, which are two foodie sites I follow on Google Reader.

Wanting pictures of both the morning bun with orange cinnamon sugar and the croissant, $3.75 each, I obviously had to snap some photos in my car so I could try them right away! I got croissant flakes EVERYWHERE and had to shake off outside before driving to San Jose.

Morning bun + croissant

Once I was home, I put the remaining croissant and morning bun on a baking sheet and placed them into our oven, which was preheating at 350. Once it beeped, I pulled out the goodies and dug in!!

Oh my god! The humongous crescent-shaped croissant had a warm and flaky crust with melt in your mouth layers.

This was the best croissant I have ever had… and that includes the 12 croissants I ate while spending 3 days in Paris while studying abroad. You do the math :) Kerry and I adored the continental breakfast at our Paris hotel and we definitely took advantage of the pastry bowl! Let’s go on a Paris ’07 tangent:

Kerry + me in Paris :)

Croissant overload... just kidding. We were out all night dancing!!

Despite how tasty the croissant was, the morning bun stole the show. The layers were somewhat gooey, if that makes sense. At the same time, though, every bite was sweet and crunchy because of the slightly citrusy edges. I LOVED the addition of the orange cinnamon sugar!!!

The next time I go it will be hard to choose something other than the morning bun. The quiche and almond croissants looked amazing, but come on now could YOU give this guy up??

Question: Croissant or morning bun? What’s your favorite type of croissant?

Yeah, sure, I bet you think I’d pick the chocolate croissant but I actually prefer them plain!


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  1. Katie

    I love your blog!! And your cupcakes are even better!! Thanks for sharing them last night!

  2. Susan

    Ohman. I seriously dream of going back to San Fran to get a morning bun from Tartine! One of the top ten best things I’ve EVER ate. But then, I have a special lover from super buttery pastry ;) Looks like a blast!

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