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For dinner last night, I had a great meal.  My $4.29 spaghetti squash was used for dinner last night and actually for lunch today.

After cooking it my usual way, I spread it on a bed of spinach and added some ranch, greek yogurt, and TJ’s queso.

img 2887 Squashed img 2889 Squashed

It was delish.

After dinner, I whipped a little something up.  I’m still perfecting the “recipe” and will have it up soon.  But I’m telling you, it is goooood.  Especially with MGCheerios on top, but then again, everything is good with Cheerios…..

img 2890 Squashed

I woke up late today, literally… 11:30.  I finished the bit of oatmeal I saved from breakfast yesterday and got real creative in the kitchen making lunch.

SIKE!  I made the same thing that I made yesterday for dinner.  It was that good.

img 2891 Squashed

I enjoyed it with some ice-cold Diet Snapple Peach.  MMM…

In other news, my abs are ACTUALLY sore from the gym yesterday!  This is super exciting.  I think it was the balancing ball work.  Lauren had a crazy time at beerfest, and she’ll give an awesome update about that later today.  My mom gets back from Texas tonight and I’m trying to convince her to do a guest post.  She did so many cool things– she even went to Sandra Bullock’s restaurant!  I’m just a little jealous…

AND check out our blogroll!  We created it a couple days ago, and it includes lots of awesome bloggers!

Have a good Sunday!


6 Responses to Squashed

  1. I hate squash. Why can’t you make like, sugar cookies?

  2. I really adore spaghetti squash but I don’t make it often enough because of the time it takes for roasting. But it is a much, much healthier option than pasta. Lovely pictures!

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  4. [...] sorry for the text-heavy post… back to normal posting tomorrow.  I already know I’m going to eat a delicious plate of somethin’ special for lunch!!! And if you missed it, check out [...]

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