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First of all, congratulations to Nicole!!! She was just accepted to USC and I’m so proud of her :) College is super duper important for learning how to solve complex statistics equations, writing term papers, and developing the hippocampus.

0616mo8 Kickballs Over and the Fro Yo Bug

MO8 college crew reunion September 2010

HAHAAA just kidding! College is about making life-long friends, staying up way too late, discovering the benefits of fourth meal, etc etc… I hope that Nicole has a blast at her new school and I’m jazzed about visiting LA more often!


After eating this fabulous bowl of [buried] cherry + banana oatmeal/oat bran with cinnamon…

0615oatmeal Kickballs Over and the Fro Yo Bug

And this tasty bowl of roasted veggies + ham and garlic fried rice (day 3!)

0615lunchrice Kickballs Over and the Fro Yo Bug

It was time to take the van back to San Jose. I went straight from the drop-off to the kickball field for…

Kickball Playoffs!

Our team clearly has the best spirit… 80s gear, piñatas, and a rotating taco jersey? Obvious winners. On the field, however, we lacked coordination and that freckled girl in the outfield (=me) missed a few over-my-head/I-should-hustle-faster kicks from the opposing teams.

Ranked last, we played the Ligers again. Love their team :)

img 2943 Kickballs Over and the Fro Yo Bug

img 2948 Kickballs Over and the Fro Yo Bug

img 2949 Kickballs Over and the Fro Yo Bug

img 2952 Kickballs Over and the Fro Yo Bug

We played a good game but it wasn’t good enough! They beat us by a couple of runs. We had a few key players missing for the early game, too.

img 2960 Kickballs Over and the Fro Yo Bug

Afterwards we watched the Ligers go on to battle a scary, over-intense team. The Ligers didn’t win, but at least they had jello shots to share with everyone and didn’t give up!

Before the second game I went to Yogurtland to satisfy my fro yo craving.

img 2962 Kickballs Over and the Fro Yo Bug

I went over the top with two layers:

img 2963 Kickballs Over and the Fro Yo Bug

Cheesecake on the outside, kona coffee on the inside. Topped with cheesecake bites, crushed Reese’s, and Oreos.

img 2964 Kickballs Over and the Fro Yo Bug

Red velvet cake batter fro yo with Butterfinger and white chocolate chips. Sprinkled Reese’s pieces around the red velvet mountain.

While my teammates enjoyed Baja Fresh tacos and Coors…

img 2968 Kickballs Over and the Fro Yo Bug

img 2970 Kickballs Over and the Fro Yo Bug

I savored every bite of this (quickly melting) frozen yogurt bowl.

img 2966 Kickballs Over and the Fro Yo Bug

Except for this pesky bug that found its way in! Don’t worry, I ate around the bug!

img 2967 Kickballs Over and the Fro Yo Bug

I wasn’t really feeling the urge to go to Off The Hook, our kickball league’s official bar, so instead I went home and:

  • Snagged half of my mom’s chicken tikka masala wrap (bhaturas rolled with chicken tikka masala and fresh onions, tomatoes, and cilantro) from Chaat Café
  • Fro yo round two with Nicole at Orange Leaf (I did a PB&J combo this time around). I might have a slight addiction to frozen yogurt, one could say I’ve been bitten by the “fro yo bug” har har
  • Returned tablecloths at Bed Bath & Beyond
  • Watched PLL finally!!
  • Ate a bunch of crackers that Nicole bought for me. Girl knows how I love my crackers!

Okay so it’s only been one day since PLL aired but the website I usually watch shows on has been undergoing maintenance for what seems like forever!! usually has everything up the night that it airs. I swear, it’s magical.


Question 1: If a bug lands on your food do you freak out? Keep eating? Throw it away?

Question 2: Same question, but replace the word bug with “strange hair”…

Question 3: Do you use Hulu, Netflix, DVR, or a funky website like I do?

I would love to have DVR!!!!


5 Responses to Kickball’s Over and the Fro Yo Bug

  1. thanks for checking out my blog :)
    i haven’t played kickball in so long! but ironically, my friend asked me last night if could be on her team for this little competition she’s having between her friends and her brother’s friends. ha!
    i wish i had a fro-yo place near me, but we don’t :(
    I don’t usually freak out if a bug is in my food. unless its a scary looking one. hair? if it’s mine or someone i know, whatever. if i’m out to eat..yuck!
    i use netflix :D

    - Sharelle

  2. Such a cute blog girls! Reminds me of me and my sister. Congrats on USC-I was sooooo close to going to either USD or USC! Go trojans!

    • Thanks Caroline! Where did you end up going to college?

      I liked PLL! I want to actually find out some details about who killed A though. They keep us waiting for way too long!!!

      - Nicole

  3. Also, PLL was really good! What’d you think?

  4. [...] Last Tuesday my friends and I showed up, ready for a fierce spice and saliva battle at SmokeEaters, only to be turned down due to their busy kitchen. Not one to waffle after such a minor setback, I arranged a rematch date with my kickball team. [...]

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