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Posted by Lauren

Happy Friday!

Who is excited for the weekend?! I am, that’s for sure! Throughout the week, little tasks popped into mind and I keep thinking “ooh I can do that this weekend!” so a to-do list is definitely in order!

This morning’s workout is brought to you by Shirley’s alarm clock!

I snoozed through a few alarms and then heard the irritating buzz of Shirley’s alarm going off. Yesterday morning she flew to Austin for work but left her alarm on. I’m glad that I woke up to shut it off because it enabled me to get to the gym (a la bicicleta) and try out one of the new machines!

I’m no expert on elliptical contraptions. I don’t know how to make them knock me around, tire me out, get me sweatin’. I hopped on, pressed the ‘intervals’ button and set them as such for the first 10 minutes:

Low: 5 resistance and 5 incline
High: 10 resistance and 10 incline

And for the next 10 minutes:

Low: 7 resistance and 7 incline
High: 13 resistance and 13 incline

I have no idea how I did because the machine didn’t ask for my age/weight combo. That will make the stats are a little off. Plus, I snagged a picture on the “total strides” setting instead of “distance.” Oh well, I was dripping sweat in certain places ;)

After 20 minutes, I walked next door to the kickboxing studio. Today’s class focused on kicks. We held on to a low wall and did 3 different styles of kicks, 50 kicks each, alternating legs. Those 300 kicks burned! The rest of the class was partner work focusing on side kicks, follow-up punches, and defending yourself with a punch + “turn-aroundy kick” (<– unofficial term).

When I came home I got ready for work and made an [unoriginal] smoothie. Miranda and I were just talking about uninspired smoothies so I feel kind of lame for making a boring one this morning, but when you only have 5 minutes and you don’t have a Vitamix, this will do:

1 cup almond milk
1/2 cup fage greek yogurt
1/2 cup frozen raspberries
lots of frozen spinach (so exact, huh?)
2 t vanilla protein powder (approx.)

Blend until you realize that you need to add about 1/2 cup water to make things actually twirl around in the magic bullet. Taste test. Realize you need to make it sweet. Add maple syrup. Blend until combined. Enjoy!

enjoyed in the vanpolio

I drove to the vanpolio in silence! When I drove up I realized my radio was off, which is super strange because I always always always listen to the Sarah & Vinnie show on 97.3.

I think I was distracted by the adorable little bear photos I was sent by Kyle. Look at this one, they are kickboxing!

Spent my 8 hours at work and the highlight was:

Do you like my Air Force mousepad?

Chocolate oatmeal/oat bran with bananas! I’m almost out of ovaltine. More ovaltine, please!!

My outfit was a little too summery for the freezing, cloudy Monterey weather. It’s hard to wear warm June-gloom attire when you get dressed at 7am in the hot valley of San Jose.

Tonight Kyle and I are making tacos! I was inspired by Jessica’s crispy margarita chicken tacos with strawberry avocado salsa. Kyle was against the marinating idea (sad.) so I left him in charge of that while I made a deeeelicious fruity salsa and will post the recipe later. Thanks for the inspiration, Jessica!


Question: Morning talk radio shows: are you a fan?

I wish morning talk radio shows lasted all day long. The evening ones aren’t as entertaining!

Question: How do you get to work? Bicycle? Walk? Carpool? Drive?

I used to live 0.3 miles from where I work now, and then I decided to move 65 miles away to be closer to friends, family, and warm weather. Adjusting from my 8 minute walk to a 1 hr 10 minute drive took some getting used to! It has been 6 months since my move and I finally have a handle on my commuter schedule.

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  1. Maria @ Beautiful Busy Bee

    I listen to NPR in the morning, you know, serious stuff. I take the bus to school. :(
    I think I’d rather live close to work than far, but obviously in your situation farther was better. :)


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