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Disclaimer: typing at Yosemite after a few… :)

img 3217 Turning 24!

Boo Radley’s Cupcakes for my birthday – have to have a sweet element! Brought these to work.

While at work, Nicole posted the sweetest blog post ever. Made me go “awww” and smile really big :) !

img 3221 Turning 24!

Came home and my mom, Nicole, David, and Sam were making dinner.

img 3225 Turning 24!

I requested veggie lasagna…

img 3226 Turning 24!

Mmmmm cheese!

img 3228 Turning 24!

We don’t discriminate :) all tomato sauces are created equal!

img 3232 Turning 24!

I opened presents and received this 25 lb. bag of flour!

img 3233 Turning 24!

And this cute necklace from Nicole! Plus carbonada noodles, Tina’s book Carrots ‘n’ Cake, an egg separator, an H&M skirt, straws, and so much more!!

img 3235 Turning 24!

And my mom got me the coolest gift EVVVVVVERRRRRR…. it’s in the mail and will arrive on Wednesday!!!

img 3237 Turning 24!

Plus she bought groceries for the trip to Yosemite that my friends and I are going on!

img 3242 Turning 24!

David and Sam arranging the garlic bread….

img 3243 Turning 24!

And the veggie lasagna!!!!

img 3244 Turning 24!


img 3247 Turning 24!

My two faves… Kyle & Nicole getting ready for dinner

img 3249 Turning 24!

My plate. This veggie lasagna is SO SO SO good…. and Nicole’s impromptu salad with leftover corn on the cob – YUMMMY. First time using ranch dressing in a while….

Fast Forward to Friday…

Kyle and I drove to Groveland (near Yosemite) and immediately stocked the fridge with essentials – beer.

img 3252 Turning 24!

After paddle boarding with Kyle to the Marina, my beautiful AOII friends arrived! Kali, Megan, and Amy met us at the Marina and then we raced back home to spend time on the patio…

img 3260 Turning 24!

Enjoying beers, goldfish, and chips + salsa. We chatted about old 90s hits – what did people dance to while in clubs during the 90s without all the techno rap stuff? TLC, Backstreet Boys, Jay Z??

img 3262 Turning 24!

The AOII girls – Kali, Megan, Me, Amy

img 3272 Turning 24!

Trying to get the effin can of black beans open!

img 3273 Turning 24!

It was impossible!! Cheesy pic of Kyle, you look good Amy!

2011 06 24 Turning 24!

We struggled with this for a good half hour!

img 3291 Turning 24!

Dinner: BBQ chicken salad (winner!!) and three random pizzas

img 3292 Turning 24!

Best part of dinner!

My birthday was amazing! Honestly I don’t feel like right now I have enough time to fully express how grateful I am for all of my family and friends that are making this the best 24th birthday ever. Just know that I love you all and I will write more later!!

This whole weekend I’ll be posting short n’ sweet posts because I’m in Yosemite – sorry! Hope you are having a fantastic weekend!

Question: What hits from the 90s do you remember?

The convo we started earlier began with talking about Eve 6. They’re getting back together didjaknowthat??



6 Responses to Turning 24!

  1. AHHHHH great birthday celebrations!!

    90s hits I loved: Creep – TLC, All my Life – KC and jojo, Truly Madly Deeply – Savage Garden and OF COURSE Summer Girls by LFO!!

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