Krista’s Bridal Shower

Posted by Lauren

Friday AfternoonAfter a morning spent at Walmart, Nicole and I headed home to get baking! For the bridal shower we prepared:

Friday Night The first family dinner of our Effingham vacation was at Carol’s house… I’ll let the pictures tell the story :) (<–I’m being lazy) Top 4, clockwise from left: Aunt Vicki, David, Nicole, mom, Uncle Rem; Nicole and Aunt Patty enjoying dessert; Uncle Rem and Blake (cousin Jill’s son); Aunt Marilyn, cousin Jill, mom. Bottom 6 in that same photo, clockwise from left: Nutella + Oreo pie, turtle ice cream pie from Homewood Grill, chips and taco dip; peanut butter + nutty bar pie (my faaaavvvvorite); my first dinner plate; one of the many lasagna/baked spaghetti dishes. Uncle Joe in a food coooooma haha Saturday Morning Started the day off with an 8 mile run to Firefly Grill, and back. Corn fields for miles… Bendy pole… Cows!! They were staring at me… Firefly Grill: This place is so good!! Definitely stop there for a quality meal when in Effingham. Might be the best restaurant in the whole town. And then more crafting when I came home. Nicole and Kelly helped a TON, prepping bird seed party favors, the humongous salad, and turkey/ham/cheese/salad wraps. Saturday Afternoon Maria, Alix, and Shannon came over early to set up for Krista’s Bridal Shower. With the help of my mom, David, Ben (Maria’s hubby), and others, we were able to set up a beeeautiful shower :) Adam and Krista – the happily engaged couple Top eight pictures, clockwise from left: Aunt Cindy, Aunt Theresa, and Aunt Vicki; the first of our two games – guessing how Adam would answer questions about Krista; Maria and Krista going through the answers; Cousin Jill and her son, Blake; the table – lots of family; Teresa (Krista’s mom) and others; the second game – Honey Do list; another shot of the table. Above: bottom floor of the dock with everyone enjoying the food…. Huge salad, fruit pizza, turkey/ham/cheese wraps, fruit platter, monogrammed cookies, margarita cakes, chocolate toffee pretzels (see below – YUM!!) My mom, Aunt Marilyn, and the twins :) Aunt Cindy, cousin Kelly, and Nicole The decorations, above, clockwise from left: lake setting, pitchers of tea and belinis, birdseed party favor boxes, lots of flowers, adorable fabric garland, cute love bird candles that Maria found – great for our theme! The bride-to-be and me :) Cousin Kelly and Nicole… Krista and her mom….. Gift giving time! Top four, clockwise from left: Krista’s wedding quilt; the gift table; Krista with her new vacuum/swiffer type thing; posing with her new steamer! Bottom five, clockwise from left: Krista and her George Foreman grill; funny cards; pretty wood salad bowl and tongs, hers and his aprons; the veil she spotted in an antique shop – her sister Maria went and bought it for her… I LOVE IT. Nicole and meeeee, our only sister pic in Effingham. She leaves me for Jordan and Kelly :( Adam and Krista’s mommas The maid of honor, Maria; the bridesmaids: Alix, Shannon, me; the engaged couple: Adam and Krista… And then the water festivities began: Nicole taking the boat out with family members… From top to bottom: Kelly and Nicole kayaking; David and Shirley floating; Alix, Adam, Krista, and there’s me, throwin’ the deuces. Saturday Night After showering and freshening up, Krista, Adam, and our Aunt Rose/Uncle Tom picked me up for some bar action. We tried the band at the Marina, The Foxes’ Den, The Orchard, The Office, Scrubby’s, and then The Hangout. I felt like Goldilocks at first, though. The first place had too expensive of a cover, at $15! The second place had ZERO cars. The third place wasn’t “happening.” The fourth and fifth place had too many strangers and weren’t playing music. But the sixth place was juuuuuust right. The Hangout (Hwy 40, Teutopolis, IL 62467) had a techo/dubstep DJ that I LOVED. Krista, Adam, Ben and I danced away to the techno beats while Maria, Jill, Aunt Rose, and Uncle Tom decided to admire from afar. Adam even tried out the stripper pole! He started a trend among all the males there, who quickly jumped on the pole in some type of male-stripper-pole spin-off… very fun! Both Friday and Saturday were so great :) Lots of family action, great food, and sunny weather. I am happy that I was able to be a part of the bridal shower while “back home,” it really was a beautiful celebration! -Lauren Question: What is your favorite music to dance to? Any funny bridal shower stories??

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  1. Lo

    omg your recaps have been so fun! Its neat to read about bloggers who visit Chicago! Tomorrow after 5pm you said? Well, I can give you some dinner choices that are fantastic: Hop Haus on N. Clark in Andersonville rocks, DMK Burger Bar is outta this world (Its in Lakeview) and Cesars Mexican restaurant on Broadway and Oakdale have killer margaritas that you can get in various sizes (think small, med, large, jumbo and MEGA)!! I think Wicker Park is always a fun neighborhood, Lakeview and of course going to the beaches are a blast! I know I may be out tomorrow night bowling!


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