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Seen this banner recently?

Janetha from Meals and Moves and many other bloggers have been working together to create The Great Fundraising Act (twitter #TGFA). With over 100 items to bid on, there is something for everyone on the massive list (compiled by Danica!). There is a lot of homemade, blogger-approved granola, gift baskets from companies like Chobani and Vega, and even a trip (with airfare!) to LA/Orlando Sudios!

Everyone is joining forces to help Susan, a kind and honest blogger from Canada who was recently diagnosed with Lymphoma. Her medical bills are through the roof and this auction, which takes place on Monday, July 25th, will hopefully be a big help!

Let me share my Susan story:

I began reading blogs in January 2010, the same month I started my job, moved away from home, and began my first, solo blog, 32above.

Other than my friend Katie’s long-standing blog Happy Hour Honeys, I didn’t know of many. I quickly found Susan’s blog and had time to read (back when I didn’t know what Google Reader was heh heh)

I love her waffles, wisdom, and workouts. Plus, she compiled the most fantastic cookie post last December! I find her ambition and gutsy attitude to be inspirational. She follows her heart with everything she does and shares her story with us, every step of the way.¬†Between Gina’s move to Tuscon and Susan’s move to Toronto + back to Moncton, I was definitely inspired by a couple of bloggers to finally listen to my heart and move back home to San Jose. I wanted to be closer to family, friends, my boyfriend, and a city with more to offer someone in their mid-20s.

On November 30th, 2010,¬†Fitnessista wrote “my happiness is in my own hands.” At that same time, Susan was reflecting on her croissant experience at Tartine Bakery (she attended the FoodBuzz Festival – so cool!!). I finally found the motivation to move and broke the news a couple days later to my wonderful roommates Sarah + Mikaela (<–worst part of leaving, definitely).

I’ve been commuting for seven months now and living in San Jose is totally worth the 2 hour + 20 minutes I spend in a vanpool everyday. That being said, I can’t wait to bid on a couple of auction items on Monday! Please, please, please go check out the entire list!

My Thursday morning workout was a Susan original! I did her Upper Body for the Attention Deficit workout. Sadly, I only had time for the first 15 minutes of cardio, which I did on the treadmill. The two other 10-minute cardio bits took a backseat to my dire need for a shower!

The incline chest fly and cable lateral raise were the hardest two moves of the six. Repeat after me: Lauren has no muscles!!


Cheerios + Kashi GoLean with – GET THIS – almond milk, greek yogurt, chocolate protein powder + coffee -> I magic bulletized into a foamy milk substance!! MMMMM

Wannabe Gourmet Lunch

Last night I prepped a spaghetti squash, garlic shrimp, and TJ’s madras lentils

After a quick trip into the work microwave, I added avocado + crushed red pepper flakes. Um, gourmet, right??

Question: Why did YOU start blogging?? We’re curious!!


Comments (5)

  1. Amelia Austin @ princessandthefrosting

    This was such a wonderful idea. I hope this auction provides not only funds, but hope as well. I hope to play a part, even if it is only a tiny miniature part.

  2. kristinerunningonhungry

    What a great idea! I’ll definitely help out :)

    I LOVE to write and I LOVE fitness, nutrition, and celebrity gossip so I finally bit the bullet and just started the blog a little over a month ago. I’ve never been happier ,honestly now that I can write and talk about things that actually interest me! (It also makes my work days MUCH more fun!)

    I also love finding other bloggers in the Bay Area!

  3. Keri @ Blue-Eyed Runner

    I started blogging after reading Chic Runner. Now I follow SO MANY blogs. Glad I found yours today :)

  4. Tara

    I started blogging because I made a nut butter that I thought was so good that I just had to share the recipe with the world. I had been reading blogs for a really long time, but i was only reading the big blogs — kath eats, carrots n cake, etc. Blogging has introduced me to so many other bloggers that I can relate to far more than the ones i used to read. It’s also been a huge confidence boost and so much fun!

  5. Julie H. of Spinach and Sprinkles

    I just felt such a connection with some bloggers and loved the way they helped me feel that I was not so alone in some of the things I struggle with, OR the little things that make me happy. I wanted to be part of it! I couldn’t take the whole one sided thing any longer, it had to become a two way street, and so, spinachandsprinkles was born!!
    I’ll do my best to help out!


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