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Posted by Lauren

Good morning Mister Tuesday! You are better than Monday… by far.

Yesterday was a busy day for Nicoleoleoleo. She went to coffee at the crack o’ dawn and then ran a treadmill 10K (raise the roof!) (do people say raise the roof?) (where did that phrase originate from?). Midday she went to dance camp to support those Pres girls…

Story time real quick?

Years before Nicole made captain of the Pres Dance Team, I too was a part of the troupe. Nicole and I are 4.5 years apart, so that means our high school paths never crossed. As a freshman, the team was called Presentation Performers and it was only the second year our high school competed with others.

Let’s just say dance numbers to Footloose, Hot Lunch (Fame), and You’re a Mean One [Mr. Grinch] didn’t nab us first place ;) Compared to Nicole, who is mature and organized, I was a goofball.

Nacho Problem

At our first competition, my friend Victoria and I were sitting in the cafeteria area eating nachos. We had curlers in our hair, our casual clothes were on, and we were having fun checking out the different posters. All of a sudden our coach comes barging in: “GIRLS!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?? WE’RE GOING ON NEXT!!!” Uh. Oh.

Victoria and I ran to the locker rooms + changed into our costumes in lightning speed. (Can I count that as my first “sprints” exercise?) We made it in time to dance, but our coach was livid. She didn’t let that story die for the rest of my HS dancing career. Let’s just say that are a lot of nacho jokes, apparently.

Tuesday Morning’s Workout is brought to you by: Kelly Rowland!

After a short bike ride to the gym, I completed a great 30 minute treadmill sesh.

Pick an easy-moderate speed and stick to it for 5 minutes. Every 5 minutes, increase your speed by 0.2 mph. When you reach 25 minutes, maintain your current setting for an additional minute and then at 26, 27, 28, and 29, lower your speed by 0.2 mph. Keep the incline steady.

At the 20 minute mark this got really tough. Just stick with it! Tip: Listen to Kelly Rowland’s album… I loved running to it!

Following the ‘mill, I completed Fitnessista’s Spring Abs workout. I believe sweat droplets fell from my forehead right around the minute of mountain climbers. Those are gnarly!

Smoothie Time

At home I prepared a smoothie to take with me in the Vanpolio.

5-6 Ice cubes
1/2 cup almond milk
1/2 cup water
1 scoop TJ’s chocolate whey protein powder
1/2 t almond extract
1 frozen banana
pinch of xanthan gum
handful of greens – I used some from my 5 bushels I bought/chopped last night!

Thick n’ creamy!! I’ve missed you whey; you work wonders. The fresh greens made such a difference too. Usually I grab some frozen spinach, but this was 293847x better!

Work + Treats

Our branch meeting was more of a good luck/happy retirement meeting. I forgot my phone, so I sketched what the table looked like:

So… donut or bagel? Free stuff doesn’t come around the office all that much, so I made sure not to skip out on one of the two…

And ya’ll should know I’m a sucker for donuts. My world would be complete if Dunkin Donuts just came to California already!! Yes, I’ve sent them numerous tweets about it. Please?! I’ll be the west coast manager!

Hope you’re having a sweet Tuesday morning! I feel so much better after my work out, smoothie, and donut.

Question: If you have to choose: donut or bagel?

Question: Any good nacho stories?


Comments (9)

  1. sugarcoatedsisters (Post author)

    1. DONUT! Cream-filled… and covered in chocolate icing (NOT frosting).

    Everything bagels with bacon and cream cheese really are frikken’ amazing though, and I will never be ashamed to say that. I could probably eat 3 if went unvegetarian. But then my stomach might start crying…

    2. Good nacho stories– hmm…. the nachos in Hawaii that basically killed me? Those were GOOD, but the aftermath was unbearable. Literally cried tears because my stomach was aching and then passed out for 5 hours like a food coma bo$$. The nacho experience at Wrigley Field was much better, don’t ya think? :) Have a good rest of your day sis.

    – Nicoleoleoleo

    1. sugarcoatedsisters (Post author)

      HAHA yeah you DO have a great nacho story… and Nicole, everything bagels + veggie bacon? gotta find a replacement for cream cheese that’s vegan…

      1. sugarcoatedsisters (Post author)

        Toffuti cream cheese. yeaaaaaaaaaaaa boiii

  2. foodsweatandbeers

    Everything bagel for me, please and thank you! I love having approximately 12 different flavors in one bite. Make it whole wheat and I melt like the butter I put on that toasty bagel!!

    As far as nachos, once I was making nachos at home with a babysitter (I was much younger at the time… I promise, I don’t still need a babysitter) when we were distracted by some sort of Disney flick or something… fastforward about 10 minutes when we smell a burning. We ran over to the oven to find a molten black rock, smoldering under the broiler. Smell was rank, so we put it outside on the deck… not even the birds tried to nibble on that!

  3. Lindsay@LivingLindsay

    Haha – nope, no good nacho stories, but yours is hilarious :)
    I would definitely go for a bagel. I’ve never been much of a donut girl (thank goodness). But a good bagel with cream cheese? Bring it on! :)

  4. vegansunshine

    Haha I love the nacho story, that is too funny! :)


  5. The Healthy Engineer

    Hahah I love the nickname!

    AHHH donuts > bagels esp. cream filled ones mmmmmm

    But since I’ve only had Krispy Kreme and those packaged ones from Safeway, I kinda want to try a gourmet one

    1. sugarcoatedsisters (Post author)

      You should go to Psycho Donuts in Campbell or in Downtown San Jose… they have seriously the craziest creations. Just looks at some of their donuts…

  6. Everyday-Caroline

    I love doughnuts. Like so much. I don’t know how you live without Dunkin. Here in NYC they are everywhere and I’ve actuallty become addicted.

    I’d take a toasted cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese please!


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