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Bye July, Hello Busy Calendar

Posted by Lauren

Say goodbye to July!

Last month, Nicole and I went to Illinois and ate at many great restaurants in Chicago, watched the Giants get crushed by the Cubs, and celebrated the 4th of July!

Nicole gave great tips on how to pass time at the gym, went to USC’s orientation, started her vegan diet (with re-flec-tions), and spent lots of time with friends!

The two of us ran in the Davis Moonlight races and I recapped the 194-mile relay from April (give it a read, if you have time!).

I also was a part of Krista’s bridal shower, kayaked in McCovey cove, and fell from the sky!

How will August ever compare?

Welp, I forgot my banana today, that’s not a good start ha ha…

My lunch was delicious! It highlighted the maple-dijon slow cooker turkey from Sunday night. Folks, I made 3 lbs. of turkey… this stuff is going to be around for awhileeee.

  • Lots of lettuce
  • Maple-Dijon shredded turkey
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Raspberry vinaigrette

Mixy mixy…

Afternoon snacks to pull me through until 5 pm

  • Pink lady apple (sort of mushy! damn.)
  • Sugar-free pudding (quickly becoming the highlight of my work days – I L.O.V.E. pudding!)

While in the van I wrestled with my Groupon/LivingSocial addiction + my calendar.

  • 10-pass yoga expiring in 10 days?
  • 4 dance classes expiring in 3 weeks?
  • 4 pure barre classes expiring in 1 month?
  • an oil change?
  • a fancy mexican dinner? (hello mojitos and margaritas!)
  • a non-fancy mexican dinner conveniently near the dance studio in bullet 2?

You bet I’m making it all fit!

Including a half marathon this weekend in Salinas Valley, a trip to Illinois for Krista’s wedding, a 3-day training for work, Nicole’s move to USC (tear…), a weekend trip to Groveland, and hmm… what else!?

Yoga Time!

At 6:30 I pulled up to Almaden Yoga (6922 C Almaden Expressway, San Jose). After filling out a quick new member form, I stuffed my belongings into the cubby and I set on a quick run around the neighborhood. I had 30 minutes to spare and sitting in the waiting room after driving 1 hr 15 minutes from work sounded awful!

I found a nearby middle school and ran around the track once before I had to run back to the yoga studio. Yay, 1.5 miles roundtrip! I liked this track; it seemed smaller than high school/college ones. Does anybody know if the track changes its size depending on school type?

Yoga was a nice change from the norm. We started out with stretches that engaged our abdominal muscles and then moved on to a few poses that strengthened our core further. The last segment focused on abs + glutes. I was shaking by the end of it! Burrrrrn.

The Yoga Tone class: “combines yoga with Pilates to tone and sculpt the body. This class can be used for those looking to get in shape, or for experienced yogis”

And, as you might have read, I followed up yoga with an amazing dinner at Fresh Choice with Nicole, our dad, Lauretta, and Katie. Nicole wants to move in and take pea shots… I’ll stick to that endless soft serve machine… drooling.

Question: Unique ways to go through all that turkey?

I’m eliminating “salad” and “sandwich” from the options. Please help!

Question: What’s your favorite type of yoga?

I always read about people getting sort of “converted” to yoga. They try it once or twice and fall truly.madly.deeply in love with it. Hmmm… I wonder if that will happen with my 10-day pass? Or, perhaps I’m just a cheapskate.


Dear Fresh Choice, I’m moving in.

Posted by Nicole

Tonight we met for a late dinner with my dad, Lauretta, and Katie.  Lauren had just finished a yoga class and I had just finished a NRLW weights workout and some incline walking.  Lauren and I were sufficiently hungry and ready for a meal of epic proportions.  Fresh Choice sure didn’t disappoint!!!  We left with our bellies overly stuffed :)  It was fantastic.

Fresh Choice is not just a buffet restaurant.  It’s a vegan’s dreamland.

It doesn’t get much easier than that!  Finding out which food was vegan was so easy.

I wish I could eat at Fresh Choice all the time, it’s so convenient and there are a ton of options.  Alas, I can’t afford to eat $9 lunches and dinners everyday, and I like to cook (If you haven’t noticed).  The problem is easily solved, I’ll just have to recreate some of their vegan menu items!  Luckily, I snapped some low-quality iPhone stalker photos to get ingredient lists.

My plate was full and mighty colorful!  It included:

  • base of spinach and romaine, topped with the Citrus Kale salad
  • salad toppers: shredded carrots, red onions, steamed broccoli, bean sprouts, spicy chipotle hummus
  • (In true frozen yogurt style, I used “taster cups” to get the rest of the things that wouldn’t fit on my salad) vegan bacon bits, pickles, sautéed zucchini, eggplant, sautéed onion, peas, corn, edamame, kidney beans, and salad dressing (garlic vinaigrette and balsamic mix)
  • soup combination of the Red Bean Chili and Confetti Bean Chili (x2)
  • side of the Pasta Pomodoro
  • (unpictured) piece of vegan sourdough bread… mmm I’ve missed bread.

I tossed the peas, corn, kidney beans, and edamame into the chili duo to make the soup even more protein packed and full of fiber.  Honestly, the chili was some of the best I’ve ever had.  (Note to self: use peas and corn when making chili in the future!)

And dessert… I was kind of disappointed with the dessert options, but this was still good.

Oranges and Blueberry Sauce... plus some more oranges.

Lauren also got a filled-up plate!  Her plate included a plethora of ingredients:

  • romaine, spinach, Citrus Kale salad, shredded carrots, hard-boiled eggs, pepperoncinis, edamame, corn, vegan bacon bits, broccoli
  • caulilower, spicy chipotle hummus, potato salad, cottage cheese
  • for meals tomorrow (sneaky, sneaky)– raisins, blueberry muffin, leftover salad

Mix of Chili, Cheese, BBQ Pizza, Jalapenos, Bean Sprouts, Veg Bacon Bits, etc.

And her dessert…

Chocolate Soft-Serve, Brownie on bottom, Granola, Chocolate Mousse, Hot Fudge

Everyone looooved their meals!

Katie & Lauretta

My dad should be King of the "Clean Plate Club!"

Fresh Choice is an awesome chain restaurant that can most likely satisfy anyone’s dietary needs!  A lot of their food was specifically labeled vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free.  I checked their soft serve and it is lactose-free, but unfortunately had casein in it.

The best thing about eating at Fresh Choice is knowing the ingredients in each of the dishes… especially if you plan to “reinvent” them ;)


Q4U: Would you rather eat a buffet or order off of a menu?

I once heard my cousin say “I’m not a buffet kind of gal” and I thought, “WHAT!  Who doesn’t like buffets?”  I guess some people don’t?

Q4U: What do you like better, peas or corn?

I LOOOOVE peas.  Tonight I literally said out loud, “I LOVE PEAS.  I WANT TO TAKE SHOTS AND SHOTS OF THEM.”  I think this is normal? ;)