Fitness: Update + Tips 8/2

Posted by Nicole

If you missed my first fitness update, you can check it out!

Fitness: Update + Tips 7/28


1.  Heart Rate Information.  I’ve checked out a couple websites to try and find out what my heart rate is.  Lauren mentions doing HIIT at 90% effort and I never really know what that means.  Also, the little heart rate sensors on the bikes/mills/ellipticals/etc. always shoot numbers at me, but I never really know what the number means.

According to this heart rate calculator, my max heart rate is 207, 55% max is 114, and 85% max is 176.  This means I should shoot for a heart rate of 114-176 while exercising, preferably on the higher side of the spectrum.

2.  Rest Days.  I’ll be honest.  I HATE rest days.  If I take one day off, I basically hop off of the fitness train.  On Sunday, I took a day off because I’ve been crazy sore!  Upping the weights in the NRLW workouts has really taken a toll on my arms, back, and legs.  Luckily, I had a lot of vegan ice cream to help heal my muscles (review coming soon!)  The best part of resting was being ready to get my sweat flowing on Monday.  (Did I really just say that?  Sorry, I’m kind of gross…)

Be sure to rest.  Resting in the sun is highly recommended ;)

3.  Walking with family.  One day last week I walked with my mom to get groceries.  On the way back, we joked about who was stronger and who could carry more bags of groceries.  It was fun :)

Also, I went on a walk with my little stepsister yesterday.  We were going to play Wii Fit, but the Wii wasn’t working.  Easy fix– going on a walk outside in the sunshine.  It was definitely better than playing a video game.

I bet she loved walking with an extremely sweaty-haired big sis :)  I know for a fact that she didn’t love when I made her sprint at the end of our 2 mile walk!  It was fun getting to talk to Katie, and I learned a lot of funny things about her.  Favorite fruit: Lemons.  Favorite vegetables: potatoes (in fries) and onions (in onion rings).  I assured her that she will learn to love vegetables (in their natural state) eventually!  Hopefully my good influence of eating full heads of lettuce and pounds of spinach will rub off on her.

(That was my plate from last night at Fresh Choice, in case you missed it.)

4.  Walk your dog, if you have one!  When I was little I wanted to be a Dog Walker, it was my dream job.  I saw this sign the other day and thought it was absolutely adorable.

5. New song of the week!  If I have to hear “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO one more time, I might burn my eardrums.  Luckily, this new jam has been taking its place.

6.  Running gloves.  I’ve been getting calluses on my hands and figured it was time to buy some gloves.  To be honest, I felt like a total tool buying weight-lifting gloves and wearing them into the weights section.  Whatever, they fit well and my hands were protected!

I saw these Harbinger Women’s gloves (size S) at Sports Authority for $10.99.  I had a $10 off coupon and I snagged these suckers for $1.07!  Such a steal.

6.  Inspirational Quotes.  Whenever I feel “blah” about working out, I resort to the old blogging world of Tumblr and read some inspirational quotes.  Here are a couple to motivate you.

I also love the quotes that I find in Runner’s World magazine.  I’ve been dog-earing pages and am going to compile some of the best ones for my next fitness update post.


Q4U: What was your workout today?

Q4U: Do you use weight-lifting gloves?

Comments (7)

  1. foodsweatandbeers

    Weight lifting gloves are on my amazon wishlist for my birthday!! And today’s workout… ZUMBANATION!

    I’m not sure what the inspirational quotes are for that…. but I’m sure I’ll find them someday.

    Also, rocking out to your posted song. Champagne showers WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    1. sugarcoatedsisters (Post author)

      yay I hope you like it! It’s kinda dirty, but whatever the “make you sweat” part is motivating when I’m running!

      I wish our gym had Zumba, I would be on in an instant. I guess I’ll have to resort to free videos on Exercise TV or Hulu… but then I’ll just feel a little crazy in my house doing the moves by myself. I’ll coerce Lauren into joining me.

  2. Niki (Life's a Payne)

    Yesterday’s workout was all done through Nike Training Club. I love this app so much!

    I love the tip about dogs. Even when I am crazy busy with school I know I will get at least a 30 minute stroll with my dogs. It all counts!

  3. Tara

    I love all the inspiring quotes! I always tell myself that I can do anything for 15 minutes and that really gets my butt into gear. One that I learned recently that helps me get through hard workouts is “pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.” A workout might be hard, but I try to make the best of it!

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