WIAW 8/3: [without saying the T word] and Yin Yoga

Posted by Lauren

First Time WIAW-er here! Click the beautiful logo for more WIAW posts on Peas and Crayons blog!

Yesterday’s bowl of oatmeal/oat bran was heavenly thanks to a banana (didn’t forget it at home this time!) and stolen raisins (does Fresh Choice use the best raisins in the world – Champion Raisins?)

Brown sugar, blueberries, flax, and chia seeds in the mix as well. Mush never tasted so good!

You all know what I put in the slow-cooker on Sunday, right? I feel like I’ve talking about the gobble goods for days, so I refuse to say it – the T word.

On top of Monday’s salad and to the side of Tuesday’s salad, you’ll find it: shredded, domesticated game bird.

Also in the mix: tasty salad leftovers from Fresh Choice (sneakily snagged a box, thanks to Lauretta!!), hummus, cauliflower, red lentils + roasted chickpeas (yes – from lasssssst week)

And right about here, you would have seen my beautiful, frothy, thick, healthy, protein-packed, peach cake smoothie with peanut butter and granola (and hidden kale!). Alas, I didn’t import those pictures AND accidentally deleted everything from my memory card. Tears.

Nicole suggested I take a picture of the empty glass, but it was getting late. I finished the smoothie around 9:15pm, after a night full of muscley exercise and yoga meditation…

Tuesday’s Workout is brought to you by these weighted sticks! (psst. Nicole – what are these called?)

I completed 3 rounds of Fitnessista’s Spring Legs workout (love her stuff!)

1. Split squat (15 on each side)
2. Jump squats (pyramid style with 9 lb stick)
3. Calf raises (15)
4. Bench hip raise (20)
5. Jumping lunges (30 seconds)
6. Sumo deadlift (15 with 30 lb stick)

Then I drove to Almaden Yoga to try out another class as part of my 10-class Groupon deal.

Yin Yoga – Yin Yoga targets the connective tissues, such as the ligaments, bones, and even the joints of the body that normally are not exercised very much.

My thoughts: Because I had already accomplished my “rigorous” workout (3 mile run before work + Spring Legs after work) I enjoyed this slow-moving class a lot more than I probably would have had it been my only form of exercise for the day.

After a fast-paced day, the 75-minute yoga class was a great change of pace. We held each pose for 3-5 minutes, allowing me to focus on falling into deeper stretches with steadier breaths. I feel like this class definitely helped open up my hips (weakest part of my body lately) and stretch them more acutely than a foam roller.

Our teacher described Yin Yoga as the antithesis of all that yang represents: change, movement, brightness, activity. Yin focuses on stability and extending the connective tissues (think ligaments, tendons, and fascia) – they respond best to slow and steady pressure. When holding yin poses for a long period of time, the gentle stretches on connective tissues make them a little longer and stronger over time. Whoo! Lean + strong!

Question: How do you stretch your muscles/tissues/bones/etc? Do you always stretch after a workout or are you guilty of skipping that part like me?


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  1. peasandcrayons

    Def one thing blogging taught me is to toss leftovers on a salad — i’m hooked! =) your creation looks awesome!

    Saw your tweet and linked you up to the party for ya! <3 Is this your first WIAW? eee! <3

    1. sugarcoatedsisters (Post author)

      Yay! Thanks for the link up! This is my first one, definitely not my last! Tuesday is officially “bring nice camera to work day” haha

  2. foodsweatandbeers

    I’m so so so so so guilty of this. To the point where I wonder what my legs would look like straightened out as I stretch them, because ATM they’re wound so tightly you’d think my muscles were rubber bands pulled to their last pull.

    I really should stretch my bones and tissues more….. ? lol.

    1. sugarcoatedsisters (Post author)

      I know! Stretching is the lassssssst thing on my mind once I finish up a workout. When I was younger I took a bunch of dance classes and all my teachers picked on me for having legs that literally would NOT straighten all the way “Lauren, straighten your legs!” x92384729 sheesh. And for this reason I despise my knobly knees!!

  3. movesnmunchies

    oh gosh.. i NEVER stretch!! im a terrible example!!!! looks like a great workoutt!

  4. Errign

    I’m not great about stretching, so thankfully my heavy-on-the-yoga weekly routine is good for that. I took a yin yoga class last month & I liked that it was basically a bunch of mini yoga naps :)

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