Daily Archive: August 5, 2011

Community Learner

Posted by Lauren

Anybody else love NBC’s Community?

I just cannot pick a favorite Greendale study group character. I love Abed for his inability to be Abed, Pierce for his sinister/sad ways, and of course Jeff – mmmm, dreamy. Their anthropology class, student government elections, paintball wars, love triangles, naked Chang… oh, I could go on.

They make me want to go to community college… So, I am.

I just registered for:

  • Internet Marketingfocuses on preparing web sites for submission to search engines, marketing, advertising, and domain name issues
  • Web SEO - focuses on current trends and techniques in search engine optimization to make websites findable and rank higher in multiple search engines
  • Web Analyticsfocuses on Web Analytics, the objective tracking, collection, measurement, reporting, and analysis of quantitative internet data to optimize websites and web marketing initiatives

This will be my first time taking classes since graduating from Cal Poly with my degree in Statistics. One day I will take the GMAT and apply to various business schools, but I want to jump on the knowledge train RIGHT. NOW. Plus, I’m really interested in web analytics and marketing. Chooo Choooo!!


Classes start in a few weeks!

Question: Favorite comedy show? Do you watch Community?