Full-body Strength Training Workout

Posted by Lauren

Today’s run was just what the doctor ordered. I completed 6 miles on the treadmill while watching Designed to Sell on HGTV.

  • 7.0 mph @ 2.0 incline for 1 mile
  • 7.7 mph @ 2.0 incline for 1 mile
  • 7.3 mph @ 2.0 incline for 1 mile
  • Repeat for the next three miles
  • Cry a little at mile 5 because you’re getting tired
  • Push through until mile 6 is over and then cool down for 5 minutes

Things I learned on HGTV: pillows can be made from napkins for, like, $4. All you need is iron-on seam tape? Also, red walls are bad. And nobody likes to see your underwear in see-through cabinets.

Lunch Time!

I stacked my tupperware to increase microwave efficiency time. So smart. :)

Today’s lunch was fan-fan-fannntastic and I owe it all to Newman – Newman’s Own that is.

I topped a mountain of quinoa and steamed broccoli with a bunch of Newman’s Own Sockarooni sauce. If you don’t have a favorite pasta sauce yet, you’ve got to give this one a try. It’s like a candy coating for quinoa. (ps thanks for making quinoa last night Nicole!)

Maybe I’ll use the remaining quinoa for my 5 am breakfast tomorrow. EESH! Early morning flight. Grrreat. Would it be weird to have pasta sauce in my breakfast?

And to keep true to my promise, I scarfed down a pb&j sandwich right before leaving work so that I wouldn’t be a crazy pants in the van.

I made a quick stop at the gym for a workout inspired by Women’s Health Magazine September issue.

Full-body Strength Training Workout

  • Body-weight squat (15 reps)
  • Plank (30 seconds)
  • Bent-over row with L-raise (15 reps)
  • Pushups (25 girly)
  • Curtsy lunges (15 reps on each side)
  • Repeat the above 5 moves once more through
  • Single-arm dumbbell swing (15 reps on each side, 12lb weight)
  • Dumbbell squat to overhead press (15 reps, 10lb weight)
  • Stability-ball hamstring curl (15 reps, hold the last rep for 30 seconds)
  • Pushup row (15 reps on each side, alternate, 10lb weight)
  • Stability-ball jackknife (15 reps)
  • Dumbbell T-stabilization OUCH! (15 reps on each side, alternate, 10lb weight)
  • Dumbbell chest press on stability ball (15 reps, 10lb weight)
  • Dumbbell lunge with bicep curl (15 reps on each side, alternate, 10lb weight)

That took about 30 minutes. Moves 1 – 5 focus on basic body-weight exercises that put less strain on the upper body. The remaining moves focus on more explosive plyometrics and metabolism-revving (their words, not mine) strength training/total body moves. If you have time, repeat the above 8 moves once more through… I didn’t do a second set because Nicole had dinner waiting for me!

Question: Quinoa + ?? = Sweet, Quick Breakfast (aka not savory). Ideas?!!


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  1. foodsweatandbeers

    I don’t think I’ve ever had quinoa as a breakfast but I’ve seen folks do it like overnight oats. I vote just throw some milk in there, add some cinnamon and brown sugar, maybe some fruit. It’s a grain, I’m sure it’ll rock.

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  3. Martin

    Good full body workout routine.


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