Daily Archive: August 12, 2011

Grandma’s 84th

Posted by Nicole

My Friday morning began quite early. I went to bed around 2 and woke up at 7:30 (which is 5:30 CA time). Because I knew no one would be awake and I conveniently slept in some running shorts, I quickly pulled on my sneakers, grabbed a water bottle, and headed outside to go for a jog.

In CA, I could probably beat the heat as long as I ran before 10 AM, but in Illinois it seems to get “too hot” by 8:30 AM. I slowly ran about 2 miles to the Lake Sara Marina and enjoyed the flat terrain and fresh scenery.

The marina

Beans, beans, and more beans!

On the way back, it had already started to heat up and the soreness from horseback riding was sure kicking in! I walked back to our house and sprinted the shady spots. Luckily for me, there were only 2 shady spots to sprint ;)

When I got home, I helped my mom set up for her 25th high school reunion which is taking place at our lake house this evening.

Within about 30 minutes of helping her, my tummy was ready for breakfast. I quickly heated up some oat bran, and added cinnamon and Hershey’s chocolate syrup (which is vegan, by the way!). I wish I would have waited a little bit longer before making my breakfast because Lauren soon came home from the grocery store with breakfast essentials… pancake supplies, bananas, cereal, etc.

After eating my breakfast, I was hit with a wave of tiredness! The past two nights of getting 3 hours and 5 hours of sleep sure caught up to me. I napped until noon and then we all headed to my Grandma’s 84th Luau Birthday Party at her nursing home.

We got there just in time for lunch– Pulled pork, sweet potato casserole pie, bread rolls, steamed corn and beans, and a fruit cup. I helped myself to my corn, beans, and bread (and my mom’s). The fruit cup was the best part because the fruit was frozen! It tasted like sorbet… Mmm.

After eating, a wave of my family members arrived at the nursing home. About 20 of us were there to celebrate with my grandma and dig in to her huge birthday cake. My grandma was a bit overwhelmed, but I think she appreciated the company.

After leaving the nursing home, made a quick trip to WalMart (that ended up lasting half an hour), and made lunch part 2 back at home.

Full bag of iceberg salad, Boca “Original Vegan” patty (pretty good!!!), balsamic dressing, greek yogurt, and some pretzel crisps. Despite the random jumble of ingredients, it was one of the best salads I have ever had. A crisp pink lady apple came soon after the salad. Is it just me or are apples better when they are ice cold?!

Eating served as fuel as we cleaned some more in preparation for the high school reunion. At 6, Lauren and Kyle headed to Krista’s rehearsal dinner and I decided to vacate the house so my mom could party hard with her old classmates.

I decided to party alone, and left to go see a movie… by myself. I once had a bad day and went to see “When In Rome” by myself and realized seeing movies alone isn’t really that bad!  Before I left, I snacked on a crazy amount of greek yogurt and one-too-many handfuls of MultiGrain Cheerios.  And… a bowl of oats, with my long-lost banana!

Deliciously enjoyed with this view…

I chose to see “The Change-Up” and basically got to gawk at Ryan Reynolds for a good 2 hours. Not a bad way to spend a night alone!

Tonight will be an early night (hopefully) because I plan to run the Bulldog Challenge 10K bright and early tomorrow morning. The race starts at 8 AM and I’m crossing my fingers that it isn’t overwhelmingly humid.

Catch ya later!