Fitness: Update + Tips 8/14

Posted by Nicole

Yayyy it’s time for another fitness update! Are you guys ready to get fitness crazy up in here?

I know I am.

Previous Fitness: Update + Tips Posts:


1. Workout Clothes – I’ve decided that this is my favorite workout outfit.

Just like Lauren has her lucky running shirt that she wears to all of her races, this outfit makes me go faster. I love my neon shorts, and the black Nike drift top helps to tone the overall outfit down. I’m in love. This is my power outfit– Minus the Ray Bans of course and with my hair in a retro ballerina bun.

2. Icing – Nope, we are not talking about donuts or cupcakes here. If you want donuts or cupcakes… click those links ;)

In addition to foam rolling and stretching, I also use ICE like a madwoman. This is how you will find me 80% of nights…

Ridiculous bun in hair. Ridiculous ice scarf.

I got this ice pack when I got my wisdom teeth out a couple years ago. It is kind of like a tube sock with two ice packs in it and it has velcro to stay shut! (It could probably be made at home.) This is one of the weird things I’m bringing to college. Don’t worry future roomie, I’ll share ;)

3. Sweaty Clothes – Lauren likes to go to the gym early in the morning (when her alarm is strong enough to force her booty out of bed at least) and this is her quick way of drying her clothes when she gets home.

She doesn’t mind wearing them multiple days in a row… Um, personally, I can’t do that. Someone buy her more workout clothes so she doesn’t have to hang her stinky clothes on her fan (although the clothes do add some character ;))

4. Post-workout Protein – Oh hello, welcome back my dear friend…

Let’s just say…

  1. This tub was full at one point.
  2. It was finished by me in 2 days.
  3. It made my stomach full.
  4. And it magically made my muscles HUGE.

Ok, maybe I’m lying about the number 4, but the first statements are true!

Apart from eating Chobani straight out of the container, I’ve also been making some stellar meals. Egg Scramble, Spaghetti Squash “Pasta,” and Cheezy Tofu Scramble. That tofu scramble was SO GOOD by the way. I also made this undocumented lunch-snack on Monday:

Veggies, Black Beans, Marinara… and probably some random spices that I can’t remember.

5. Cross-trainingLast update, I talked about the importance of going on walks with family members. I went on a night walk a couple nights ago with my mom and it was a great ending to my lazy day and her busy day. I also went on the hike with Vanessa. It was so beautiful in case you forgot…

I’ve also forced myself to leave the treadmill for the elliptical and the bike a couple of times at the gym this past week. I really want to start running more and more and more because of the Hollywood Half Marathon I signed up for, but I don’t want to get injured from running more than I can handle.

6. Speaking of Running – I ran a couple treadmill 5Ks this past week and they went well!

Also, the Bulldog Challenge 10K I did yesterday got my legs a’moving.

I’m hoping to stay well under a 9:00/mi pace when doing “shorter” runs and around a 9:00/mi pace when doing “longer” runs. When I get a half training plan I’ll decipher what I consider a “short” and “long” run, but for now, I really have no idea what I am talking about. (Sorry if I sound like a total amateur, I’m just rambling…)


Fitness GOALS for the next couple weeks:

  • Run outside at least once a week… Don’t be a (total) gym rat!!!
  • Start “Stage 2″ of the New Rules of Lifting for Women, and don’t be nervous about being in the “weights area” of the USC gym.
  • Balance things; Don’t get overwhelmed with school so much that I lose track of my fitness.
  • ^^^That being said, if there isn’t enough time to get enough fitness in, that’s OKAY. School and social life are first priorities.
  • Join a running group at USC (Ok, this one is a potential goal, no guarantees)
  • DANCE. In a school club and at parties. Yep.


Q4U: Make a fitness goal for the upcoming week… and tell me it in a comment!

Q4U: What is/was your workout today?

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