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NOTHING is more exciting than starting college. Well, maybe having a kid or something… Anyways, if you haven’t read Nicole’s recent posts yet, make sure you do!!

Bear Bare with me through the boringness, I’m just an old fogey who has been out of college since ’09. Wah. Wah.

Sunday Night Sweat

0822 01 Sharing Closets

50 minutes of incline walking at the gym before driving to another Pure Barre class. Like Saturday’s class, this one made me shake, sweat, and wince!

Grocery Shopping Time!

0822 02 Sharing Closets

First stop, Real Produce – kale, anaheim chile pepper, red pepper, jalapeno pepper, two white peaches. Then it was off to Safeway!

0822 03 Sharing Closets

Sockarooni on SALE!! I bought three jars!!

+ a bunch of other stuff

Sunday Dinner

img 4752 Sharing Closets

While prepping my lunches for the week, I scrambled some eggs + chopped peppers. Those went on top of a fluffy tortilla with southwest salsa. MMM…. then imagine a couple bowls of Bear River Valley‘s Marshmallow Avalanche cereal :)


In an effort to feel closer to Nicole, I wore this from her closet!

0822 04 Sharing Closets

Thanks Nicole!

0822 05 Sharing Closets

During my lunch break I ran for 30 minutes, following the sweaty triple treadmill intervals I did last Tuesday:

  • 7.1 mph, increase by 0.2 mph every 2 minutes for 10 minutes at 2.0 incline
    (minutes 8-10 should be at 7.9 mph)
  • 7.3 mph, increase by 0.2 mph every 2 minutes for 10 minutes at 2.0 incline
    (minutes 18-20 should be at 8.1 mph)
  • 7.5 mph, increase by 0.2 mph every 2 minutes for 10 minutes at 2.0 incline
    (minutes 28-30 should be at 8.3 mph)

Work Eats

img 4769 Sharing Closets

Breakfast! Oatmeal/oat bran with bananas, blueberries, MILK from a COW not an ALMOND, chia seed, flax seed… I need to bring cinnamon to work!

img 4770 Sharing Closets

Lunch! Southwest quinoa salad… more on that later this week!

img 4772 Sharing Closets

Vansnack! Greek yogurt, oatmeal, and blueberries

Question: Do you share closets with your sister/brother/roommate?

Nicole hates it when I wear her clothes, but the tunic above still had a tag on it and she left it here so I think it’s fair game ;) My sister wears a size 9 shoe and my mom wears a 10… I’m the lucky one with a 9.5 shoe size. I basically have access to three shoe closets! However, Nicole would hunt me downif I wore her shoes “you’ll stretch them out!!” so I steer clear of those!

Question: Favorite eats today?

It’s a tie between lunch’s southwestern quinoa salad and my late-night smoothie/ice cream that I just made mmmmm Reese’s hard shell.



15 Responses to Sharing Closets

  1. Haha, loved you wearing Nicole’s clothing… I have a sweater that belongs to my best friend that I wear when I’m in need of comfort :)

    also my roomie bought that sockarooni shtuff and I tried it… it’s kind of amazing.

    my favorite eats today? hmm. I had a stupidly simple mushroom/onion stirfry w bragg’s liquid aminos and nutritional yeast that was delightful. as was my plain ole 2-egg omelet with a little bit of pasta sauce on it (i’m a weirdo). I like the simple things, y’know ;)


    • never heard of bragg’s liquid aminos… sounds interesting! I love mushrooms so much I bet your stirfry was tasty!! And trust me, I put pasta sauce (sockarooni) on a LOT of random things, no judgment!

  2. Alix Ebbert says:

    Lauren, I’m trying to cook healthy instead of just eating cereal, ramen and work food all the time. Your blog is my guideline! haha Keep up the food ideas. And especially let me know the details of that quinoa salad. It looks like something I’d be in love with. :)

  3. That is an awesome workout! I wish I could go back to college! BEST TIME EVER

  4. southwestern quinoa salad? that sounds AMAZING. your treadmill intervals look intense… I’m a new runner so that scares me but I kind of want to try it :)

  5. *impressed* @tredmill!!! Wow!

    My fave eats from today: “opperdoeze ronde” those are yummie yummie Dutch tiny potatoes :-) link: (not affl.)

    Your breakfast looks awesome *makes notes*

  6. I should not read this right before lunch…my stomach just growled loudly and I’m pretty sure the people on my conference call even heard it. Haha

  7. I took my first barre class this summer and love it! It is so hard…I thought I was in shape until I went to that! :)

  8. Awesome workouts! I loooooved college but I kind of love post-college even more! :)

    I have a little brother so thankfully no sharing closets, but I do snag some of my moms things every now and again when I’m home (coughcashmerecough). . . the woman has great taste!

  9. [...] was another version of yesterday’s southwestern quinoa salad. It’s my “lunch of the week.” In case you’re new [...]

  10. [...] was another version of yesterday’s southwestern quinoa salad. It’s my “lunch of the week.” In case you’re new [...]

  11. [...] to pack and asked Nicole if I could borrow the shirt above. She said no. There goes the whole sharing closets thing. After a round of laundry and dishes, I crashed in bed and vowed to pack in the [...]

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