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Posted by Nicole

I’m realizing lately that posting in list form is the easiest for me.  (15 Superfoods for Runners, Things I’ve Learned from Rushing, I’m obsessed with lists…)  My days are jumbled with lots of random happenings and lists seem to be the only way I can collectively combine it all.

I’ve been learning a lot in my classes, but I’ve also been learning quite a bit outside of the classroom.

1.  Talking to people in the elevator is so fun.  This morning, on the way to my 9:30 class, I basically stopped at every floor on the way down.  It took forever, but it’s entertaining to see the various people who hop on the elevator in the morning.  Extra bonus points for the people who went out the night before and are looking super stellar… (I’m so not guilty of this btw)

2.  Shopping in the quad is not safe for the wallet.  After my writing class on Tuesday, one of the girls in my class (who also happens to be a DG pledge) asked if I wanted to check out the clothes-stand on the quad.  “Suuuure.”  $55 dollars later, I left with a skankalicious black dress and a classy, blue dress blouse.

3.  I need oat bran in the mornings, or else I am very cranky in class.  Wednesday morning I woke up late and walked to class with some crackers.  Yeah… didn’t really think that one through.  Note to self: NEED protein for satiety.   Maple syrup helps too.

4.  Green tea is a frikken’ good replacement to soda.  I’ve been needing extra caffeine lately and I’ve been resorting to soda.  I neglected tea and it’s about time I welcome it back with open arms.

5.  Going out on a mid-week night really does help the school week go by more quickly.  Speaking of going out, who is excited for the 3-day weekend?!  Hollaaaaaa!

6.  Jam and crackers = awesome.  Lauretta was kind of enough to give me three jars of homemade jam for my dorm room.  Because I haven’t been buying bread, I’ve been wondering how to use the jam– other than by the spoonful.  Today I had a flash of inspiration and put it on some unsalted store-brand Saltine crackers.  Ah-mazing.  Especially with a side of Netflix’s (British version of) Skins.

7.  Ellipticals get me in a funk.  This past week I have not run at all.  Not once.  I’ve been sticking to the elliptical and it’s becoming an issue.  I’m not challenging myself and I’m not proud of it.  Today, I kicked my booty into gear and forced myself to run.  I don’t care what people say about taking days off from running– trying to run after a hiatus makes it SO hard to get back speed and endurance.

After doing 25 minutes on the elliptical (lazy machine), I took advantage of an open treadmill (quite a rarity) and did some half mile running intervals.

5K Interval Jog

Not the fastest 5K ever, but it still felt productive.  I followed this up with some lateral dumbbell presses (10×2, 30 lb total), bentover rows (20×2, 30 lb total), and ab stuff.

8.  When it comes to dinner, two is better than one.  After completing the above workout, I picked up a quick dinner from the “Wok Bar” and the salad bar in the cafe next to my dorm.

Bowl 1: Noodles, Tofu, Mushrooms, Zucchini, Spinach, Squash, Carrots, Bean Sprouts, Red Onion, and Spicy Cilantro Chili Sauce.

Bowl 2: A sh!t-ton of Egg Whites, Corn, and a mystery grain?  …All covered in Tapatio.

SO GOOD.  The Wok Bar was so generous with the tofu– and it wasn’t deep-fried which was a win!  I loved being able to self-serve my veggies of choice, and will probably go there everyday when it is cold outside this winter.  Oh wait, I’m in LA.  It doesn’t really get cold.  But still.

It’s been a great week here at school and there is so much to look forward to this weekend.  I’m going to an invite for one of my guy friend’s fraternities tomorrow night.  And, the first football game is on Saturday (12:30 DAYTIME game), which means the tailgates will begin at 9 AM!  Busy weekend ahead!

Q4U:  Are my college posts interesting?  I’m worried about appealing to the post-college demographic.  Let me know if there is anything you want to see more/less of.  THANKS :)

Q4U: Can someone identify my mystery grain?  It kind of looks like a hybrid of cooked oatmeal flakes and rice…

Comments (11)

  1. foodsweatandbeers

    I’m LOVING your college posts, and I say Keep em coming!! Also, loving the slinky black dress, lol.

    I’m unsure of the mystery grain, but it definitely looks familiar. Hope you solve the mystery soon. AND can’t WAIT to tailgate tomorrow morning. We have a 3:30 pm gametime…. which doesn’t mean I won’t get started at 9am as well. WOOOOO FOOTBALL!

  2. Food, Shoes and Booze

    For some reason now that I’m back at school I’ve been doing the elliptical every day and not running. I’ll do like 45 minutes and go up to level 7 or 8 which gets me a little sweaty… but I could definitely run on the treadmill and get a more effective workout. Oh well.

    And I love the college posts! Reading about all the greek life is interesting because I never had that in undergrad.

  3. Healthy Hot and Happy

    I love your college posts! I can relate to most of them, so keep em coming!

  4. glitzglamgranola

    Aww it sounds like things are going so well for you!! That’s dangerous to sell clothes like that on campus… I would have visited it way too often ;) Love your choices though… are you going to wear the black dress to the invite? And that Wok Bar place looks amazing!! Is the grain farro? Just a guess… Have an amazing weekend!

    1. Sugar Coated Sisters (Post author)

      I’m not sure yet if I’m going to wear the black dress… I kind of want to save it for a more “special” night. We’ll see though! I just looked up pictures of cooked farro on google and I’m pretty sure it is!!! Ding ding ding we have a winner :)

  5. Kathryn @ Flopoodle

    Oh yes, the wok bar. Been there a few times myself :)
    And the on-campus vendors! Do they still sell fake designer bags?? I remember buying a few of those back in the day, too.

    1. Sugar Coated Sisters (Post author)

      Haha yes they do! I just went to the booth with the dresses and nice shirts though :)

  6. The Healthy Engineer

    Hahaha I just gaze longingly at the booths…I need a physical store to do clothes shopping. But I liked what you got!! :D

    Do tell about the invite and the game!

    I’m going a year without season tickets ($$!!) but I’ll try to make it to at least one game…otherwise I’m completely missing out.

    1. Sugar Coated Sisters (Post author)

      I know I always get nervous when I can’t physically try ON the clothes, but luckily both items fit relatively well. I’m actually not going to the invite anymore so I can go to The Row, but I’ll be sure to post many details about the game. YOU DIDN’T GET SEASON TICKETS?! I guess that’s okay though, cause they are ridiculously overpriced and most people leave the game early anyways. At least you can still go to the tailgates :)

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  8. kristinerunningonhungry

    Loving the college posts – I feel like I”m reliving my college days!! I used to LOVE tailgating! I went to UA so we were always terrible, but we definitely knew how to tailgate and drink! Have the best time!


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