Fitness: Update + Tips 9/15 (Weekly Workouts!!!)

Posted by Nicole

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Ohhhhh boy. I. Am. Sore.

I started a new weight lifting routine that I’m going to try to include in my workouts for the next few weeks, or until I get bored…

I’m doing this as a bit of motivation for myself because I’ve fallen into the elliptical trap and want to start amping up the strength training again. AND Halloween is in 47 days. Just a minor detail…

I’m including strength blasts in between shorter cardio sets. I have very low patience and focus when it comes to strength training, so this is what works for me.  Short circuits that get ‘er done. Because I haven’t lifted weights in a (long to me) while, my weights used are looooow.  Don’t judge, just lift.


You’ll need three things:

  • Dumbbells
  • 25 lb Plate
  • Swiss Ball

No big machines, none of that “scary” stuff with these workouts.

Here is the breakdown:


  • Cardio warmup (10-20 mins)
  • Upper Body ~20 mins
  • Cardio cooldown (10-20 mins)

Visuals of most moves can be found here.


  • Cardio warmup (10-20 mins)
  • Core ~15 mins
  • Cardio cooldown (10-20 mins)

Visuals of most moves can be found here.


  • Cardio warmup (10-20 mins)
  • Lower Body ~20 mins
  • Cardio cooldown (10-20 mins)

Visuals of most moves can be found here.


  • Cardio only, higher intensity (30-60 mins)


  • Cardio warmup (10-20 mins)
  • Core ~15 mins (same as above)
  • Cardio cooldown (10-20 mins)


  • Cardio only, endurance (60-90 mins)


  • Active rest/light cardio/etc.

This is what’s going to work for me. Some days I wont be able to get the specific assigned workouts done, and the workouts can be swapped with other days.  Overall I’m going to focus on:

  • 1 day Upper Body
  • 1 day Lower Body
  • 2 days Core
  • 4 days intermediate Cardio
  • 1 day intensity Cardio
  • 1 day endurance Cardio
  • 1 day active Rest

For me, the most difficult task will be including the UB, LB, and Core work. I get lazy after schooldays ;)

(Let me know if you give anything a try, I’d love to hear your feedback!)

My motivation tip: I’ve made it a rule that I can only read my Google Reader blogs while at the gym.  It’s making going to the gym my favorite part of the day.  Is that sad? ……don’t answer that.

Two other things I’ve been doing a lot of…….

ICING!  And it is wonderful.

DANCING!  And it is even more wonderful.

Have a good Thursday and stay healthy :)

Q4U: What is/was your workout today?

Haven’t done anything yet… but tonight will be some high intensity cardio!

Q4U: What is your favorite body section to work– upper body, lower body, core, etc?

Core because that’s what matters the most to me.

Comments (4)

  1. Tara

    Holy crap I can see why you are sore!! I wish I could do more workouts besides running (as much as I love it) but now that school has started it’s all I have time for. I do a bit of core like 4 -5 days a week. I like to read blogs while in planks because they pass faster that way. I’d say my favorite to work would be legs for the same reason as you work core! Core comes in a close second though.

  2. The Healthy Engineer

    You are so good with balancing everything!!

    Your internship thing sounds exciting…are you going to be holding seminars or classes? As in, what do you get to do as an intern? It’s really interesting!

    Hahahha “it’s going to make the gym my favorite part of the day”…yesss blogs make me so happy it’s almost a little scary.

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