Run With The Jets Half Marathon 2011, San Mateo

Posted by Lauren

Things are going to get real up in Sugar Coated Sisters land… are you ready?

Sunday morning I woke up at 6:15 am for the Run With The Jets half marathon in San Mateo. I was a little bit chipper than usual thanks to Daylight Savings Time! I donned my go-to race outfit (seriously I wear the same thing almost every race) and then whispered goodbye to Kyle.

As I left, I told him “I’m just going to run this like a jog… it just sucks because sometimes I want to run a race just to run, not to race,” to which he replied: “Who is going to know, though?” I said: “Well……uh….. it shows up on your record?” That’s when I felt silly, because who cares enough to look at your records but yourself??

Anyways, you might notice that I’ve been tackling the good ol’ 13.1 a bit more often than usual. It’s all for the Northern California Half Marathon Series (NCHMS), which I may or may not have explained before. Basically, there is no fee to be a part of the NCHMS, you just need to run 4 of the participating races including the Walnut Creek half marathon in December. Their website sums up why I decided this series was a perfect fit for me: “From the shore, to the city, to the mountains, these races comprise some of the most fantastic views, trails and destinations you will find in Northern California.” I love scenery, what can I say?

northern california half marathon series 2011 progress

Sunday’s Run With The Jets marks race number 9 for me! That being said, I just can’t RACE all of them. I’ll RUN them. But that’s the best I can do.

Let’s start the race recap, shall we?

I googled the closest Starbucks and popped in to get some joe to help with my flow, know what I mean? ;)

run with the jets starbucks


Thanksgiving blend, 1 packet of SUGAR, and a good dose of NF milk. Do your thang.

For breakfast: Corazona’s Peanut Butter Oatmeal Square

run with the jets breakfast

I liked this flavor better than the banana walnut variety, mostly because PB and I are like THISSS (also because the banana flavor was a little fake tasting).

I arrived at Coyote Point Park a bit early, WENT TO THE BATHROOM!!, and scoped out the scene. Every runner was more than happy to see clear skies, especially considering the downpour last night!

run with the jets panoramic


The start/finish area offered beautiful Bay views!

run with the jets city view


My iPhone pictures don’t do the view any justice. You could clearly see San Francisco in the distance. Oh, and there were jets! The course followed the Bay Trail (which I last ran with Miranda in JULY!), hugging the water’s edge. A lot of SFO-bound airplanes approach the airport over the bay, thus Run with the JETS.

run with the jets starting line


Starting line temps: cool, but not cold. I made the best decision EVER and kept my yellow jacket on. More on that later…..

run with the jets bridge

Ooh look, a bridge!

Maybe it was the fact that I was surrounded by water OR maybe it was the TALL cup of coffee earlier OR maybe it was a cruel joke from the race coordinators… but I quickly realized I HAD to go to the bathroom (around mile 1.5) and I couldn’t find a port-a-potty until around mile 4.

I’m not going to lie – I let a little go about every half mile. HAHAHA, HONESTY, folks! When I finally saw the blue bathroom, I darted towards it. Unfortunately, another racer hopped in. I wasn’t about to wait for him to finish his business, so I said “screw it” and kept running.

Waterfalls, really Coldplay? You're not helping!!

A mere 1/2 mile later I let a little more go. This pattern continued until I FINISHED the race. The race was an out-and-back style, so I knew I’d pass the port-a-potty again.

run with the jets turn around


Turn around! Where’s the bathroom?!!!??!!!

run with the jets turn airplane 1

run with the jets turn airplane 2


The airplane enthusiast’s race.

run with the jets turn bay


Fisherpeople. Fisherman + Fisherwoman.

No shame: I seriously peed my pants. For 11.5 miles I just said “to heck with it” and let biology do it’s thing. I couldn’t help it!!! Next time, I’m running with a pair of Depends on. :) Thank goodness I wore my yellow jacket! A quick double-knot around the waist = hidden wet spot on my shorts. Voila, solution!

run with the jets turn finisher

Oh look, two more jets!…..Bad joke?

run with the jets turn depends


And, you can’t see the wet shorts! HAHA.

I really hope you appreciate the honesty.

It was like running 13 miles with a wet diaper. UGH.

I immediately changed into sweats as soon as I crossed the finish line.

Enough of that… let’s talk about the food!

run with the jets turn food

Rolls, peanut butter, cookies, muffins, bananas, and a Bay Area favorite: Hobee’s coffee cake!

run with the jets turn hobees coffee cake


Hobee’s founder, Peter Taber, perfected the cinnamon-streussel-topped blueberry coffee cake recipe in 1975. Tried and True for 36 years, baby.

Race: run. Food: ate. Pants: changed.

Oh, and I actually ran pretty well! My finish time was just a few seconds shy of 1:42, and I surprisingly placed 1st in my age group! I guess the lack of hills and some of my more recent track workouts are paying off!

Question: Want to share a peed-your-pants story?!?! HAHA Come on, this is a judgment-free zone!


Comments (23)

  1. Kristine

    I love the “joe to help the flow” line :) Because I know exactly what you mean!

    CONGRATS on an awesome time, “wet diaper” and all! I don’t have any stories like that, but give me a few more races and I’m sure I’ll come up with something for you!

  2. Krissie J

    There have definitely been times where I contemplated what you ended up doing, but wasn’t at the point where I had to do it. That said, this recap was awesome in that you took what could be slightly embarrassing and said, whatever I did it! PS – I’d pee my pants to have a finishing time close to 1:42!

  3. Sarah@SarahCupcake

    LOL maybe you were still excited from seeing Tyler Florence the night before? It was great meeting you, too! Let me know if you’re ever in the New England area and we can do some serious cupcake hunting :)

  4. Megan Korbel

    def done this before…but I won’t go into details ;)

  5. Tara

    I have done everything there is to do regarding bathroom issues during races. I’m not gonna go into detail, but sometimes you’re going so fast you don’t even think about whether or not it’s gonna happen, it just does.
    ANYWAY, there are never half marathons around here, and none with as awesome scenery or great post race food. I need to get myself over to California for my first half, whenever that is.

  6. glitzglamgranola

    Congrats on finishing first in your age group!! That’s so awesome girl!! And eek, love that you shared your bathroom story– how in the world did they only have one bathroom? Not ok! And what is this Hobee’s coffee cake and why have I never tried it?!

  7. Amelia Austin @ princessandthefrosting

    Oh my gosh, your honesty is so appreciated!! I’m can’t share my peed pants story, I’m still a bit in denial, but your story helps me to accept myself for who I am lol.

  8. Kathryn @ Flopoodle

    Great time and nice work finishing at the top of your age group! I’m sorry, but I am totally laughing at your bathroom plight. I had that problem after I finished my 5k because I ran waaay harder than I am used to, so I crossed the finish line and it was like I sprung a leak. I was so embarrassed and had to waddle/run to the bathroom so I didn’t completely wet myself. You are not alone.

  9. The Little Foodie

    Ha ha. Love your honesty. Really you should be applauded just for that run. :)

  10. Alexa @ SimpleEats

    AWESOME job, girl. What a cool idea for a race!

  11. Jail Break

    That was a great race, Congratulations for a great job well done. Looking forward always, I love those pics, the view specifically.

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  13. Luis

    Very fun race report!! I ran the Run with the jets Half marathon too. I was looking for pictures of the race and saw your blog on the search. I won the half marathon event and I can’t wait to see more pictures from the race. Cheers, Luis Leonardo –

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  15. Gary

    I took those two shots for you at the end. I never would have guessed you peed your pants!

  16. Kerry Mills

    Remember when you rode the inflatable boats over the waves at Shell Beach? And everyone on the sand stopped, stared, and started clapping when you made it to shore? I peed my pants then, but luckily I had on a bathing suit and was by water.

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  22. Heather

    Is this course pretty flat?? Thinking of doing it this year
    Heather recently posted..Getting Ready…My Profile

    1. Sugar Coated Sisters

      Extremely flat! It’s a very fast course, albeit a bit boring. Make a good playlist!


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