Silicon Valley Turkey Trot 10K 2011

Posted by Lauren and Nicole

Applied Materials Silicon Valley Turkey Trot, 2011

N: The tradition continued this morning.  We woke up at 6:15 to our mom saying “Come on!  Time to get up!”  First thing I did was check the weather and hope that it wasn’t raining.  My weather app told me that it was 55 degrees and raining.  In reality, it wasn’t raining and it was almost 60 degrees!  Compared to last year’s FREEZING weather, this was great running weather.  I changed into some spandex capris, my race shirt (a super nice long sleeve this year!), another long sleeve cotton layer, and an ear warmer.

N: Lauren and I split a Clif bar for some pre-race fuel.  Note to self: bring some water next time I eat a Clif bar on the go…. they make your mouth dry!

L: We all crammed into the back of David’s Prius. To avoid traffic, we drove the backstreets. That backfired though…. wah. wah. Shirley started freaking out – “you guys should just get out of the car and walk to the start” [12 seconds later] “really, just get out and walk” [repeat x2387]

L: I think all we wanted to do was take a nap….

N: We got to the race just in time for the start.  Lauren went ahead to the 7-8 minute mile range and Sam and I stayed at the 9-10 minute mile range.  Eventually the race started and we were off!  It was so packed this year; I swear it grows every year.

L: This year there were 21,000 participants! Running the turkey trot comes in a close second to my favorite part of Turkey day. We have been doing this for about 5 or 6 years now! Even though San Jose has a population well over 1 million, I always bump into familiar faces :)

L: For example, I ran into TWO of my high school “Party of 5″ crew – Katie and Sarah – on my way to the start line (they were mentally preparing for the 5k).

N: One thing that I was SO excited to use this race was my Spibelt.  I ordered it from Tina‘s OpenSky deal a few months ago and this was my first race using it.  I absolutely loved it and definitely suggest it to any runners/active people out there!  It was the perfect size for my iPhone (in its giant Speck case) and it didn’t bounce around when I was running.  My only problem with it: the material it is made of; it gets wet… from sweat.  Had I not had my phone case, my iPhone would have been soaked.

L: Sure, Nicole had her spibelt… but I had even better accessories! I wore a feather headband from the times of “Indian Princesses” (dads & daughters get together for arts n’ crafts, camping, etc). I also wore a purple, polka dot apron that Kyle’s mom sewed together for me. She even embroidered Boo Radley’s Cupcakes on it!!! I love it sooooo much!

N: Sam and I ran together the entire time and stuck to a good pace the entire time.  My 4 mile split time was 35:50 (8:58 pace) and the last 2.2 miles were about the same or faster.  Sam was such a good running partner and I hope he enjoyed my random chants of, “We’re doing so well” and “We’re kickin’ ass” and “We’re almost done!”

L: Can you see Nicole raising her arms up? I had a prime paparazzi spot!

N: We finally got to the end of the race and… there was a ton of backup.  It took about a minute and a half just to cross the actual finish line.  This is only annoying because I wanted to know my exact time and set a PR (compared to my Bulldog Challenge time).  All in all, I think I did PR because I ran the entire 10K… for my first time ever!  I’m proud :)

N: Sam and I met up with Lauren and we walked around the post-race expo for a while, waiting for my mom and David.  Lots of granola bars, bananas, and water were picked up while waiting.  When we were all together, it was picture time!

Left to right: Lauren, Sam, Nicole, David, Shirley

The girls

L: I forced Nicole to keep me warm… doesn’t she look happy to help a sister out?

N: We were definitely high on endorphins ;)  Twenty minutes later we were ready to get outta there, it was freezing and our running-warmth was quickly disappearing!

L: Katie and Sarah found me in the crowd and we talked about the Seattle Half Marathon I’m doing on my 25th birthday!!!!! Anybody want to join us? :)

L: Oh, by the way, I ran the 10k in 48:14, with a 7:46 overall pace. Like Nicole, my 4 mile pace was faster – 7:28/mile. While I didn’t “jog” the race, I certainly was not in “race” mode either. To me, the Turkey Trot is the BEST way to start the Day of Gratitude off. I’m thankful for my family members and friends running alongside me. I’m thankful for my health and the ability to crawl out of bed at 6 am on a holiday to run around in an apron. I’m thankful for the city of San Jose, the weather, the community. #WarmAndFuzzies

L: And I’m thankful I got to see this BUTTER COSTUME. Soooo good.

Question: Did you run a turkey trot today? Any Thanksgiving Day traditions (sorry non-US peeps)

-Lauren and Nicole

Comments (9)

  1. Tara

    I did a turkey trot today too! It’s our big fundraiser and pays for all my races, so I had to go. I did run one mile of it with my teammates and finished the last 100 meters holding hands with them! It was adorable. Though if ours had 21,000 participants, I don’t think we’d need to fundraise for a couple of years!
    Lauren – I think a half marathon is the best way to celebrate a birthday!

  2. IHeartVegetables

    Bahahaha that butter costume is hilarious! I’m glad you got good weather for the run! I did a 4 miler this morning and it was really chilly at first but it warmed up later!

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  4. Kristine

    Looks like so much fun! I did a Turkey Trot in Walnut Creek with my little brother and had a blast! Love the apron!

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