21st Amendment + Red’s Java House + Totem, San Francisco

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I started writing this post at the end of August… now that it is December 1st, I might as well blog about it, right? After the Giants Half Marathon, I went to 21st Amendment + Red’s Java House with Megan, Amy, Paul, Kyle, and two of Paul’s friends for food and brews…. I uploaded the pictures but didn’t write anything so bear with me, I might make stuff up.

Then, TUESDAY night, I returned to 21st Amendment for brews and food before Cirque du Soleil! I guess now you get to see 21st Amendment by summer and winter :)

21st Amendment

563 2nd Street, San Francisco, CA 94107


21st amendment brewery

  1. This is 21st Amendment’s tap list. Also found online!
  2. Prime SOMA location. Ridiculously close to the (GIANTS!) ballpark, surrounded by start-ups (holla at Service Source!), and is near downtown kiiind of.
  3. Amy and Megan! Love my aopi’s
  4. Spacious, decent bar size, plenty of tables…

hell or high watermelon 21st amendment brewery

We ordered their Hell or High Watermelon
4.9% alcohol / 17 IBUs / $6 – A classic American wheat beer using fresh watermelon. Straw-colored and refreshing with a kiss of watermelon aroma and flavor.

I remember this being very light, crisp, and refreshing. There was a hint of watermelon and hardly any bitter “bite.” The best part of this great summer brew? The watermelon wedge on the rim of the glass!

Food time!

21st amendment food chili burger pizza

  1. Fluffy steak fries
  2. Classic Burger ($11) – fresh Niman Ranch ground chuck served with sliced tomatoes and grilled onions
  3. Brew Free Chili ($8/bowl) – Niman Ranch ground chuck, aromatics, red beans, cilantro cream, cheddar and red onions
  4. I LOVED LOVED <3 LOVED this chili!!
  5. Steak fries + chili = YUM!!
  6. For my next drink I opted for a McIntosh Cider, 6.5% alcohol / $6.50 – Two Rivers Cider Co. of Sacramento, CA. Fresh pressed single varietal cider straight from harvest.
  7. My companions ordered burgers and this Greek Pizza ($12) – kalamata olive, feta cheese, spinach, mushroom, artichoke

Next up…

Red’s Java House

Pier 30, San Francisco, CA 94101

red's java house san francisco beer patio

  1. After lunch we walked past the ballpark and stumbled upon Red’s Java House. Amy had a headache so she thought this Java House might sell coffee… she was wrong. They were all out.
  2. Look at my Cal Poly Sailing Team man….[insert whistle]…. just overlook the fact that he was NOT a part of the Cal Poly sailing team. Poser.
  3. Despite the lack of espresso, it was a great spot to enjoy the sun and some PBRs! Red’s has a fantastic outdoor patio right on the water, a stone’s throw from the Bay Bridge
  4. I vividly remember this port-a-potty smelling amazing. You think I’m kidding, but I’m not. They must have Febreeze or scented vanilla candles nearby it…
  5. Blue Ribbon, be still my heart.


The tap list looks so different! Lots of Belgian style beers, a winter spiced ale, and IPA’s up the wazoo.

Cute Christmas decorations… certainly get you in the “baby it’s cold outside spirit”

We ordered food and drinks from the upstairs bar…

Drink of choice this time around? Baby Horse, 9.3% abv / 12 IBUs – Belgian-style Tripel.

21st Amendment teamed up with Magnolia Pub and Brewery this month for something called the BRU/SFO Project. “Named for the airport codes for Brussels and San Francisco, this Belgian beer project is a unique time to take in and enjoy Belgian-style beers, with interesting styles and tastes all with an American twist.” Each pub gets 6 unique Belgian beers. If you try all 12 you get a BRU/SFO commemorative glass. Pretty neat!

I loveeeeeed the Baby Horse. Rich but subtly complex. I realize that’s an oxymoron but it’s true. I read “smooth mouthfeel” on the tap board and was sold. It was sweet, but in a comforting, alcoholic kind of way ;)

The chili made another appearance… because it is just so hearty. Sorry for the blurry picture, I was really, really hungry and couldn’t hold still.

Krizia and I split a Buffalo Chicken Pizza ($12) – Buffalo chicken, red onion, tomato, blue cheese. These come hot out of the oven, so if you like your toppings ON your pizza, wait a minute or two before grabbing your slice. Gives you more time to sip your baby horse haha

We watched Broncos highlights and marveled over the mystery and intrigue that is Tim Tebow

For dessert?

How about a fried pickle!?!

At this point I was very happy I managed to squeeze a 4-mile bay-side run in to my day!! Pizza and beer and fried pickles, oh my.

After dinner we headed out to the main attraction… CIRQUE DU SOLEIL’s TOTEM!

The acts were ridiculously amazing. There was a three-way tie for best number:

  1. The girls on 12 foot high unicycles that kicked metal cups onto each other’s heads while unicycling!!
  2. The men that climbed vertical sticks, which were supported on other mens’ shoulders/faces/etc. Then they started flipping from stick to stick. Nuts!!
  3. The Native American man and woman roller-skating duo in white. They skated in a tight, 5-foot circle on a raised platform. They did all sorts of figure-skating tricks, lifts, twists, turns! It was beautiful!!

The Group. I work with the three girls in the center of the picture.

My only complaint… um, what was the story line? Seriously. At one minute the performers were dressed like nature things, then in tribal gear, then as douche bags on the beach trying to pick up a manly looking chick. Speedboats and fishing boats, a scientist’s lair, where were we supposed to be?

The company was great! Sarah (on the left) shares the same birthday as me… and Krizia (on the right) was my college roommate (she should look familiar after Vegas and Hasloween!).

Question: Did anybody make it to the end of this post? Ha, just kidding.

Real Question: Nicole has big news for next semester, any guesses??!?!


Comments (4)

  1. Tara

    Like I said in my last comment, LOVE cirque du soleil!! I wish I had some kind of crazy skill that could get me on the cast, but I’m not flexible, I can’t balance, and I’m not particularly funny so that’s a hopeless dream. Sometimes the story line is hard to figure out, but the acts are so entertaining that it doesn’t matter!

    My guess is that Nicole is traveling abroad. That would be so exciting!

  2. livinglearningeating

    I love Christmas trees, they make me so happy! Hmm…next semester? I *doubt* she’s transferring or switching majors, so I’m going to have to go with Tara – study abroad!

  3. Kristine

    Hmmmm I’m guessing abroad or moving into DG?

    And I LOVE 21st Amendment (Watermelon beer is amaaazing!) When Pete’s/Pedro’s is crowded before Giants games, that’s my favorite spot!

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