Daily Archive: December 4, 2011

Wordless: Carpe Diem

Posted by Lauren

Pack your calendar and seize the day!

Katherine’s school play Friday night: The Aristocats

Thomas O’Malley and his rag-tag bunch of alley cats rescued Duchess and the Aristokittens… the show was frickin’ adorable.

Kit and Kevin’s Elf Party

Kegs and ice luges and tinsel and ugly sweaters and reindeer antlers and santa hats and two guys moving apart after five years, oh my.

Visit to Foot Doctor Specialist at Footware Etc

So, I have really high arches apparently. I bought the Spenco Rx Heel Cushions ($8) to place under the soles in my New Balance WR890s. Unfortunately, since I purchased the shoes mid-October, every run results in lots of heel pain and I’m hoping/praying it does not result in tendonitis/osis issues!). We shall see if the heel cushions help!

Happy Hour at the Old Wagon before the Sharks game!

Sean, Tyler, Krizia, and Sarah had tickets to tonight’s game against the Florida Panthers Pansies. We all met at Old Wagon Saloon (3 North San Pedro Street, San Jose) for a drink and, in Sean’s case, a turkey leg! They left for the game and I headed to Campbell for…

Aperture Academy‘s 2-Year Anniversary open house

I tried to win a trip to Alaska, but didn’t succeed. The statistics were against me… huge crowd!

And tonight? I watched Super 8.

HOLY MOLY! THIS MOVIE WAS AWESOME!!!!!!! It might be top 10 status, seriously.

Have you carpe diemed lately?