Daily Archive: December 8, 2011

Moving Plans

Posted by Nicole

Remember when Lauren mentioned the big news for next semester?  Well, in a month, this will be my new home.

I’m moving in on January 9th and will be living with 3 other sistas.  It will be a nice change-up from my current living situation, but I will miss my current dorm buddies SO SO SO much.  I’ll be back to crash on the couches though, no doubt about it ;)

[my friends agree, they’re comfy!]

In other news, finals week is almost finished!  The majority of studying is over and now it’s all about doing well on the exams.  Some things that have been getting me through this week…

….. Enjoying my dorm’s view because soon I’ll be all moved out.

….. Study sessions at Leavey Library with some awesome friends from my business class.  BTW, the library is SO packed this week.  Sooooomanybikes.

….. Classic, homemade breakfast.  Oatmeal, Banana, Cinnamon, Maple Syrup; the usual.  The best part is that oatmeal can be eaten while cramming before a final!  #jkbutnotreally

….. Water and black tea, first thing in the morning.  Hydration is key considering I’m getting 4-7 hours of sleep lately.

….. Good music while studying.  I’ve listened to Bon Iver‘s albums 6+ times through over the course of the past two days.  Today I finally moved on to a Pandora radio station of Explosions in the Sky.  The instrumental music sure helps, considering economics is causing an explosion in my brain.

Speaking of economics, I should get back to studying.  It’s 1:45 AM and I’m ready to go for a couple more hours.

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