Daily Archive: December 9, 2011

Welcoming Winter Break

Posted by Nicole

I’m officially done with my first semester at USC!  It has gone by so quickly and I know I’ll miss it when I’m, but I really do need a break.  I’ve been averaging 4-hours of sleep the past few days and can’t wait to hibernate in my BIG bed at home.

Time to throw away the study guides!

And take celebratory pictures with my favorite group of business students EVER.

[High-waisted flare pants are totally in style, btw]

I’m flying home tomorrow and I can’t wait……

….. To be in a house FILLED with Christmas decorations.  My mom is obsessed with decorations and the house turns into a Winter Wonderland for the month of December.

….. To bake with my favorite partner in crime

….. To hangout with my momma, even though I sometimes give her weird looks.  [You would too if you could see the way she dirty dances… to Christmas music.  Not kidding here.]

….. To see my best friends, be lazy with them, have movie nights, enjoy froyo dates, and go on hiking adventures.

….. To spend a couple of days in San Francisco.  Extreme Shopping + Dining Out = Best Tradition Ever.

….. To see some snow!

….. To eat food that isn’t from the dining hall!  [Lauren, I’m expecting some roasted Brussels sprouts!]

Cheers to a month of being lazy winter break!!!

Declined + Candy Canes

Posted by Lauren

Happy Friday! What does your weekend look like?!!

Tonight I’m headed to the East Bay, staying at Sean’s house, and waking up really early on Saturday for the Walnut Creek Half Marathon!

After that I will head home, shower, get pretty, and go up to San Francisco with Kyle for my work’s holiday soiree. Fancypants. I just need to figure out what I’m wearing…….. ooph.

Oh, and Nicole is coming home!!!! Can’t wait to see her face!

My blogging absence is due to the fact that I was house sitting for the majority of the week. Other than dog walks, TV watching, and ice cream demolishing, not much happened. Here’s the cutie (Blade) I spent my time with:

Yesterday’s breakfast: (aka this week’s staple breakfast) oatmeal, cinnamon, almond milk; side of fruit; red-eye/coffee/americano < < switched it up, not all three!

Snackin’ Everyday: cheerios, goldfish (unpictured), and Coke Zero

Yesterday’s lunch was a veggie burger salad with raw red onions, pickles, and ketchup. Cookie and sweet potato fries on the side.

A little strange to have ketchup on my salad, but whatever, it fit my theme!

After work I headed straight to the gas station because my car was THISCLOSE to running out of gas. I have NEVER seen the dial drop closer to the “e” < < scary. Luckily, I made it to the pump and then…. my card was declined


Thankfully, I had $80 in one of my pants’ pockets. I called my bank ASAP and they explained that they issued new cards to every person that bought something at a certain store where “transactions were compromised.” My mom’s boyfriend also had his card declined yesterday (we are with the same credit union). Better safe than sorry, yes, but It’s still so off-putting when the cashier looks at you and is like “your card was declined,” like you’re some type of financially irresponsible nincompoop. I’m not! Promise.

While the gas pump did it’s thing, I ran across the parking lot to Walgreens to pick up candy canes for the cupcakes I planned to bake. Then I saw this:

HILARIOUS. Is that beer sign really necessary? How would someone confuse the candy cane/Christmas candy aisle for the alcohol aisle?

Once home, it was time to bake! Tonight’s Boo Radley’s Cupcakes flavors:

Random snapshots…

Italian Meringue Buttercream. The absolute best frosting base.

Fresh mint for the peppermint cupcakes. Ohhhh yeah.

7 dozen mini cupcakes later…. (this isn’t all of them)….

Nicole will add the candy cane decorations and cocoa-dusted coconut before serving them at my mom’s Christmas party Saturday.

Yeah, I ate 5 cupcakes, but I ALSO had a great dinner:

Mixed greens salad with chicken, carrots, oranges, cous cous and a mustard/ginger/sesame dressing along with a zucchini stuffed with tofu + veggies.

Like I asked earlier, FAMILY and FRIENDS, what are YOUR weekend plans? 

What would you wear to your company’s holiday party? The girls at work can’t stop talking about it!!