Partyin’ with the Baby Boomers

Posted by Nicole

This weekend has been so simple, but so perfect.

I officially moved out of my dorm!

And went to the airport. [Does anyone else wear crazy amounts of layers on the airplane to save room in a suitcase?]  I flew Virgin America, and it was fantastic, as always.  The purple lighting is the icing on the [cup]cake.

And flew into the San Francisco Bay!

And went for a run/hike through Quicksilver.  I love my Garmin.

^ That photo is from the summer, it was much more overcast this morning.  I think I prefer the cool weather because working out in the heat is not fun, especially when *attempting* to run hills.

I refueled with a giant veggie omelette (spinach, carrot, mushrooms) covered in vegan parmesan, tapatio, and some mustard for dipping.   25 g of protein in the belly.  [Eaten alongside some leftover snacks from last night]

Lauren hiked the mountain with my mom and her friend Nancy.   She took it easy because she ran a half yesterday morning (more on that later…)  She refueled with leftovers from last night.

Speaking of last night, my mom had a huge Christmas party to welcome me home celebrate because David is moving in!  Boo Radley’s Cupcakes participated in the dessert spread.  Lauren baked and frosted the cupcakes, and I decorated them.

Miss Caroline Fisher Smells Like a Peppermint Drop: white cake with fresh mint, peppermint buttercream, topped with crushed Ghirardelli peppermint bark”

Muddy Morphodite Snowman: chocolate coconut cake, chocolate frosting, dusted with cocoa powder and toasted coconut shavings”

The majority of the “real” food was catered by Athena Grill.  The huge order was ready to be picked up on time and everything tasted delicious!  Woohoo.  See for yourself.

Baklava [Athena]

Assorted Ghirardelli chocolates

The kitchen looked great with our new table light (thanks, David!)

Crackers, herb cheese, brie cheese, cranberry goat cheese, espresso-soaked cheese [Trader Joe’s], spinach and artichoke dip, french bread [Le Boulanger], pita/hummus/dips [Athena]

Roasted chestnuts

Spanakopita [Athena]

Beef Gyros and Fajita Chicken [Athena]

Honey-baked Ham [HoneyBaked]

Falafel and Grilled Vegetables [Athena]

Penne Pasta [Athena]

My mom with some friends…

And her beau…

About 45 people were there and about 20+ bottles of wine disappeared, among the other alcoholic beverages.  Someone partied a little too hard…

Hope you had a restful weekend.  If not, I heard mass amounts of wine will help calm you down.

Q4U: Highlight of the weekend?

Comments (6)

  1. Katelyn @ Chef Katelyn

    Ahahah I’m a fan. Highlight: basketball game, as per usual.

  2. Aubrey

    Our dorm furniture is identical!
    That feast looks amazing. I WANT BAKLAVA!!

  3. livinglearningeating

    Baklava is so good! I just relaxed this weekend – much needed after traveling non-stop from Monday through Thursday night/Friday morning!

  4. foodsweatandbeers

    Oh Greek food, you make the BEST catering. Real talk. The caterer at our last event forgot the baklava.

    Hell hath no fury like my office denied baklava.

  5. Tara

    I wear tons of layers when I fly too, then I overheat on the flight because I don’t want to get up and take them off!! I always look ridiculous too because I wear my heaviest shoes. So I’ll be wearing nice boots and sweatpants sometimes.
    The highlight of my weekend was making my mom a low sugar, low fat birthday cake – she loved it!

  6. glitzglamgranola

    Yay congrats on finishing your first semester at USC and moving out! When I moved home after my first year away at college, I stored a bunch of stuff and flew home with very large suitcases (and yes, I have pink luggage) and the guy at Southwest was so rude to me and was like “Well ok Malibu Barbie, what do you have in here, you’re whole closet??” And actually, I did because I was moving– long way of saying– I get the importance of layers! That looks like a great party with tons of food!! YUM!


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