Walnut Creek Half Marathon, 2011

Posted by Lauren

Remember these half marathon recaps?

I promise I would I have blogged about the Davis Stampede (on Super Bowl Sunday) and the Oakland Festival in March, but Sugar Coated Sisters didn’t exist!

Well, Saturday morning I woke up for my 10th half marathon related to the 2011 Northern California Half Marathon Series:

northern california half marathon series 2011 progress

There were some good moments and some bad moments.

The bad moments built up and then this happened:

Ya…. when angry, tweet it out. Right?

Let me explain. I’ll back it up to Friday at noon:

Good: I joined the google bike brigade (left) to bike over to main campus. I filled my plate with vegetarian goodies/spring rolls/dumplings (middle). And I enjoyed lunch with my friend Katie! (right)

Bad: fought traffic to the East Bay…. Dear 880, you suck!

Good: Spent the night at my friend Sean’s house – he gave me the tour, we watched New Girl, and I ultimately fell asleep in a monkey snuggie.

Bad: 5 am wake up call. I had to get up to Walnut Creek and pick up my bib before the race start… at least that gave me plenty of time to scope out the start/finish divergence?

Good: Plenty of time to enjoy my Corazona’s Banana Walnut oatmeal square. These are 3-for-3 on providing me with energy to pull through 13.1.

Bad: Only 6 porta-pottys delivered to the race start.

Fearful of another wet-the-pants moment, I decided to stay in the porta-potty line, despite the abnormally long line. Word spread quickly that what was supposed to be an order of 20 bathrooms accidentally became a delivery of 6 bathrooms. The clock inched closer to 7 am, and the line was still this long:


I waited, the race started, and I continued to wait. The race director walked up to the 50 people still in line and let us know that the electric bib strips would stay active for 10 more minutes. 8 minutes later I was out of the bathroom, running towards the start line. I glanced up and the timer strips were nowhere to be seen. Welp, there goes an “official” time strip.

After the race, the organizers issued the following message, addressing the porta-potty mishap.

I started my Garmin where I thought the start line was and kept running. First run with my Garmin!

Bad: The police controlling traffic stopped me THREE times to let cars drive by. According to the WCHM facebook page, no one else had this problem. The third time around, I may have shouted “are you kidding me?!!” at the po-po. Whoops.

Good: Always great to have cheerleaders along the course… #winning

Bad: Out and back course. If this were Las Vegas, the out and back style wouldn’t be an issue. However, miles 1 – 4 were really boring.

Good: Hill climb up Ygnacio Valley provided pretty views of the East Bay (unpictured).

Bad: I started my Garmin too early, reaching 13.1 before the true finish.

Good: The end is near!!!!!

Neither Good Nor Bad: Weak post-race fuel – bananas, oranges, and pineapple cups (I loathe pineapple). Thank goodness for Whole Foods’ bagel booth and Peet’s Coffe’s free cups of holiday blend!

Good: I finally snagged the Nor Cal Half Marathon Series 4-race medal!

Bad: Haven’t mentioned it yet, but because I didn’t start on time, I also was unable to put the Puma sweatpants (pictured above) in the drop-off bags. That means I ran all 13 miles in my sweatpants. I also kept my old, hole-y long-sleeve on for the majority of the race to stay warm. My original plan was to toss it after warming up, but it was just too cold out! (aka 31 degrees at the start)

I was seriously under-prepared for the chilly temps. Sleeveless Nike top and shorts? Earth to Lauren, it’s December! I wish I brought my ski tights and ear warmers. Next time…….

Good: Reaching my car + sleeping bag “blanket”!!! After 2 minutes in my car I could feel my arms again!

Good: On my drive home, I passed the freeway exit for our old house. I rarely drive by that side of San Jose, but when I do, I make a point to stop at Christy Donuts for the best doughnut holes e-v-e-r.

Christy Donuts

1150 N Capital Avenue, San Jose, CA 95132

Back in the 90s, my mom/dad/sister/and I hit up this donut shop on a weekly basis. I remember visiting this donut shop after sleepovers and when we had extra time on our way to school. I usually picked the twist style donuts and my mom would order custard filled donut holes. I thought they sounded gross, but as an adult I definitely appreciate the creamy custard filling. Plus, 1 of these is 3x bigger than typical donut holes. Score! I ordered 3 for $1.10. Best buck-ten I spent all day.

Good: Two more medals to join my collection (they hang on the back of my door with scarves, aprons, reusable bags, and jackets. They jingle-jangle every time I open my door :)

Good: The Northern California Half Marathon series recognized me for completing the most half marathons throughout the year! I hung the plaque on my “collage” wall. It still needs work.

Bad/Good: I was responsible and cleaned ALL of THIS out of my car:

Question: How do you feel about “out and back” style races?

Question: Would you rather pee yourself during a race or have an unofficial start with dry pants? ;)

One more…

Question: What’s your FAVORITE style of donut?!


Comments (8)

  1. Corrie Anne

    That’s a lot of half marathons! Congrats. I would totally wait for the bathroom. I would probably be jogging around looking around the town for any other available bathrooms. I get seriously crazy in bathroom lines!!!

  2. Kathryn @ Flopoodle

    Wow you are awesome! That’s so great that you completed the series with the most half marathons run!
    I can’t believe the cops stopped you 3 times to let cars go by. They’re supposed to stop the cars to let you go by. Silly po-pos.
    I love plain glazed donut holes, but sometimes you just need a little custard :)

  3. glitzglamgranola

    Wow- congrats on finishing your 10th half this year!!! That’s amazing!! Sorry it wasn’t the most amazing experience though– so weird that the police kept stopping you?! Ugh! And those donut holes look fab! I’ve never had ones with custard inside before but they sound good!

  4. Kristine

    Congrats on all the halves! I totally want to do this series in 2012! (Especially since there is no way in hell I’m training for a full again next year!) UGH I’m sorry that WC was such a pain in the ass! I HATE running in pants that aren’t skin-tight and spandex so I can totally feel your pain. I hope you drank plenty of wine on Saturday night to make up for it!

  5. Tara

    Aw man, bathrooms are not something to be messed with at races. In fact, if there is one thing that should never go wrong, it should have nothing to do with the bathroom because that’s just cruel and kind of gross!! Congrats on another great finish despite all the craziness!!

    oh and my favorite donut is boston creme, but I haven’t had a really good one in ages. My favorite bakery closed down!

  6. Megan

    That sounds like a terrible experience! Did you end up sleeping in your car the night before? I like chocolate twists…reminds me of when I was a kid!

    1. Sugar Coated Sisters (Post author)

      Hahaa nooo I slept at Sean’s house in Oakland. Air mattress and snuggle blankets. The sleeping bag stays in my car “just in case”

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