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Giant Trees and Huge Rocks.

Posted by Nicole

Today was another busy day up north.  Here’s how it went down:

– Woke up at 8, showered, ate breakfast (spinach egg scramble, honey bunches of oats)

– Drove into Yosemite Valley

– First stop was at Tuolumne Grove for some hiking and obligatory photo ops.

This hike was 3 miles and wrapped all through the trees.  The first half was downhill and we had fun playing tag.  The way up… not so fun.  It was lots of incline and our layers of clothing sure started to heat up!

[The Giant Sequoia]

[Tunnel Tree]

[Fallen Tree]

– Post-hike #1, we drove further into Yosemite Valley.  I fell asleep in the car, but my mom snapped some photos at The Swinging Bridge.

– It got to be 2 PM and I was soooo tired, soooo in need of coffee, and soooo hungry.  We ate lunch at the Ahwahnee Hotel’s bar/lounge (this was the same place we went with Vanessa).

I started with coffee and my mom ordered a hot chocolate.  As for meals, I ordered the same entrée I had last time (because it’s one of the few veg options- the Whole Wheat Veggie Wrap).  Get ready for some really good quality pictures…

Sam ordered the Pastrami Sandwich, my mom ordered the Field Greens Salad and Chicken Apple Waldorf Croissant, and David ordered the Curried Butternut Squash soup.  Everything was ready in about 10 minutes and it all tasted delicious.

– Ready for the second hike of the day, we took the trail from the hotel to Mirror Lake.  The lake was very very low on water, but it was still a nice hiking spot.

[Reflection in the water]

– My mom and I split from David and Sam (unintentionally), but we all met up about an hour (3 miles) later back at the Ahwahnee.  After a quick stop at the gift shop for some *almost* last-minute Christmas shopping, it was time to drive back to Groveland.

– On the way, we decided to stop for pizza!

Here are some more really good quality pics…

Endless salad bar (x2) and a pizza with pesto, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, olives, artichoke hearts (and sausage/pepperoni also on half).  AND some chicken wings.

I didn’t snap a photo when it first came because we were all excited to eat, as you can see.  Our bodies needed refueling!

– For the rest of the night, Sam and I worked on a puzzle and snacked on marshmallows.  It’s not done yet, but it will be tomorrow!

Until then, goodnight!

– Nicole

fries, prize, guys

Posted by Lauren

Cleaning out my iPhone and DSLR photos:

Wednesday Lunch – In n’ Out with coworkers

Hamburger animal style (grilled onions) with chilies and a basket of fries…. hits the spot!

And on Thursday, more fries! This time at Kapps Pizza Bar & Grill 191 Restaurant & Bar

Sweet potato fries during Happy Hour with Kyle before he took the train to downtown San Jose for the Sharks Game.

Friday’s lunch – salad with mushrooms, carrots, egg, tofu, and chicken with a lot of fruit!

Krizia met me over at my building! She recently moved to the San Mateo office, so I’m happy she had to be in Mountain View Friday!!!

Friday night’s work/fun outing at Dave n’ Busters…

White elephant gift exchange, dance dance revolution (it was my first time and I was horrible!!), wheel of fortune dominance (Frankenstein knowledge thankyouverymuch), food, and drinks.

Saturday morning breakfast at Bill’s Cafe with 5 of my best guy friends…

Bill’s Cafe (1115 Willow Street, San Jose) is easily top 3 favorite breakfast spots in town. Yesterday I ordered the French Garden Omelette ($10) – goat cheese, spinach, sundried tomatoes, avocado, mushrooms, and basil with hashbrowns on the side. They were SOOOO generous with the goat cheese!

I’m surprised we haven’t blogged about Bill’s Cafe before…. I slacked on the photo taking so I’ll need to find another reason to go and give it a proper review.

These guys are awesome:

Candid camera. HAAAA!

The guys were in town for a fantasy basketball draft and promised to come back soon. Tyler and Clay (bottom 2) drove up from Monterey and picked up Darren and Victor (top 2) from San Juan Bautista/Gilroy. Sean (on right) drove down from Oakland. I enjoyed hearing about their night – it sounded a bit like the Hangover III. :)

Photo dump, over.

On my agenda:

  • gym – did nothing yesterday, so today I want to s-w-e-a-t
  • cheer on the Tebow
  • prepare gingerbread cookies
  • work a little bit
  • watch the finale of Iron Chef: Super Chefs!!!!! It’s now a battle between west coast chef Elizabeth Falkner and east coast chef Geoffrey Zakarian. I hope Falkner wins it because she’s repping SF and all, but Zakarian does wear Hello Kitty bandaids… we shall see!
  • read the 254 items on my Google Reader… oye. vey.