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Hellooooo readers!  ^Totally not kidding about the post’s title…

Today has been the longest day ever.  And by today, I mean Thursday.  Sure, it’s 3:30 AM and it’s technically Friday, but it still feels like Thursday.  It’s late; I’m confusing myself.

This morning (Thursday) I woke up and headed straight to the grocery store for one thing, and one thing only.

img 5916 4 Cupcakes Deep

Okay, that’s a lie; I also got some almond milk, syrup, and cold medicine.  But seriously, back to the coffees.  Don’t the flavors sound amazing? Hazelnut creme, cinnamon gingerbread truffle, french vanilla, peppermint mocha :)  Yum.

I was enjoying my recent favorite drink though.  [And it's decaf, say whatttt!!!]

img 3007 4 Cupcakes Deep

Celestial Seasonings’ “Gingerbread Spice” tea with hazelnut creamer.  So, so good.

img 3008 4 Cupcakes Deep

[Side note: Lauren has been enjoying ginger flavor too, with her homemade gingerbread dipped in Celestial Seasonings’ “Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride” tea]

After breakfast, I headed to the gym and did 1.5 mile warmup jog and a full body workout.  I learned the coolest ab move and I’m going to make Lauren videotape me doing it so you can all see.  Sound like a plan? COOL.

Afterwards, I went to the dentist for a cleaning… and found out I have yet another cavity.  Maybe I should stop eating so many cupcakes?  Nope.

I headed home and had lunch, which featured a snack I’ve been loving for the past few days.

img 5915 4 Cupcakes Deep

Snack love- skillet tortilla with melted cheese and sautéed mushrooms.  Served in combo with a quickly microwaved omelette with spinach, garlic powder, pepper, and tapatio.  And some clementines (they are so good right now!)

With a full tummy, I met up with Vanessa [we are both finally in San Jose at the same time] for some last-minute Christmas shopping.  We went to Whole Foods and some shops at Santana Row.  It was great to catch up, enjoy the fresh air, look at the Christmas decorations, and make fun of weird things that stores sell.

img 3009 4 Cupcakes Deep

I found many things I wanted at Urban Outfitters, but the price tags were a major turn-off.

img 3010 4 Cupcakes Deep

[can't afford a $70 dress on my student income of ZERO dollars]

img 3011 4 Cupcakes Deep

[or a teacup jewelry holder, no matter how cute it is]

img 3012 4 Cupcakes Deep

[seriously Urban Outfitters, why must everything you make me so great?]

I didn’t leave empty-handed though.  I bought myself a top, but it was from the clearance rack of course.  I also purchased some other goodies throughout the shopping center for my sista ;)

122311 4 Cupcakes Deep

When I got home from shopping, it was time to eat, bake, eat, whisk, eat, and blend!

img 5929 4 Cupcakes Deep

Side by side “dinners” (in quotes because they were really just some nutritious snacks before the sugar overdose/taste-testing).

  • Left- Lauren’s over-medium egg with black beans, salsa, red cayenne pepper, spinach
  • Right- Nicole’s steamed broccoli with melted cheese, greek yogurt, garlic pepper

After eating a quick, sit-down “meal,” we got started on the night’s task: 12 dozen pistachio and 12 dozen mimosa cupcakes for a Christmas order.

1223111 4 Cupcakes Deep

  • Left- the best pistachio paste ever produced in our kitchen- YUM.
  • Right- nuts on nuts on nuts.

img 5932 4 Cupcakes Deep

End product was the above x2!  Plus some extras…

img 3014 4 Cupcakes Deep

Yep, 4 deep.  In the belly.  Tis the season?

After the cupcaking, it was time to tackle our Christmas gift project: 12 jars of homemade almond butter of varied flavors.  Each flavor was chosen based on what people are “known” to like.  For example, for David’s son Ben, we made Mocha Almond Butter because he works at Starbucks and loves coffee.

img 5933 4 Cupcakes Deep

  • Coconut
  • Vanilla Maple (w/ white choc chips)
  • Apple Cinnamon Spice
  • Mocha
  • Beer
  • Hot Cocoa

This process took from 10-3 AM with no breaks; but the end result was adorable and delicious!  We can’t wait to give them to various family/friends.

And now, to bed!  We have a full day planned tomorrow- shopping in San Francisco, dressing up and dining out, and just enjoying the relaxed family time <3

Q4U: Which of the above flavors of AB sounds the best to you?

Potential giveaway, hmmm?!


3 Responses to 4 Cupcakes Deep

  1. Lauren says:

    Yes, tis the season!!! So sleepy… so so sleepy

    If I were making ab for you it would be 285 g maple syrup with 2 T almonds

  2. Dang, that’s a whole lot of baking!! The cupcakes though, good freaking grief they look amazing!!! Fave AB flavor: The one with the white chocolate chips. White chocolate always wins with me :)

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