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on my iPhone which I have never tried before so if pictures are huge and typos abound, apologies

My day began groggily, with hair still wet from last night’s shower. That’s the worst. I quickly blow dryed it (and my body – it was cold in our house!) and packed for the SF overnighter.

Driving to work I enjoyed the deliciously cold and juicy navel orange (zested last night for the mimosa cupcakes)

20111223 154020 And we are off!

And all I wanted for breakfast was cold cereal – Cheerios and Raisin Bran

20111223 154039 And we are off!

Lunch was simple – greens, chicken, tuna, egg whites, corn, peppers, mushrooms, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and hot sauce

20111223 154052 And we are off!

New (to me) music find! A ban called “fun.” I really like their sound!

20111223 154108 And we are off!

My coworker, Mike, asked me if I wanted a truffle. Yes, please!! I randomly grabbed one and he said it was pistachio. How funny considering I was around pistachios for hours last night!

K… In the car now, time to shop, dine out, and enjoy the city with my two bffs!

20111223 160159 And we are off!



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  1. You blow drying your body reminds me of that weird guy from the Real World New Orleans (version 2.0) and how he liked to blow dry himself on the reg, and had a bit of an intense relationship with the blow. So weird.

    The guy, not you.
    [maybe you]

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