Daily Archive: December 25, 2011

Mom’s Christmas Letter

Posted by Lauren

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everybody!!!!!!

We hope all of you are able to spend time with loved ones, create memories, continue traditions, and all that jolly jazz.

Our mom always writes Christmas letters to send out to relatives and friends. For the past 5 or so years, I have made a collage to put on the back of her Christmas letter:

Here’s a snippet, straight from our mom’s letter:

Nicole transferred this year from Univ. of San Diego (USD) to the Univ. of Southern CA (USC) located in Los Angeles. The school is much larger and more academically challenging. She loves the social scene and is proud to be a Trojan football fan. We attended Parents’ Weekend and saw USC play Stanford – the pre-game tailgates almost topped the game’s 3 overtimes. It was exciting! She joined the Delta Gamma sorority and will live in their mansion with 60 gorgeous ‘sisters’ on Greek row next semester – she will miss her dorm friends and the unbelievable view of the LA skyline complete with the Hollywood sign. She finds time to study Business with a focus on Marketing, Nutrition, and Mathematical Finance. She continues to dance, but this year it only occurs at Frat parties. In fact, she needs a costume box dedicated to dressing inappropriately to all the themed events. What a fun life she lives at the “Univ. of Spoiled Children”! Her weekends make me wish that I was back in college – Eastern IL Univ. was so similar. Lauren and Nicole are still writing their blog Sugar Coated Sisters (Google it!) and, as noted, they are exercise fanatics and love to cook and bake (just like me – ho, ho, ha). Both joined our traditional 10K Turkey Trot run over Thanksgiving; next year Nicole committed to running her first half marathon in Los Angeles.

Lauren finished a two-year stint as an analyst at NG. She now works as an Advertising and Inventory Yield Analyst. She says it is a dream work environment! She still dates her sweetie Kyle. He joined us in IL when we attended Krista (my niece) and Adam’s wonderful wedding in which Lauren was a bridesmaid. She still bakes cupcakes – check out her very clever Boo Radley’s Cupcakes website and place an order – you have 77 choices. We had a holiday party and I personally ate a dozen “Peppermint Drop” and “Muddy Morphodite Snowman” cupcakes. Lauren seems to always be on the run; literally, she ran 12 half-marathons and she is often recognized as one of the 3 fastest runners in her age group. She is living at home – no other comments on that topic – other than “please clean your room”. Not only are we roomies, but in January we will become carpool buddies. I never thought I’d be so close to Lauren at this phase of her life. (LOL) She is saving $$, which is good due to her plans to visit Katie in Portland in May, to celebrate her 25th b-day in Seattle, and to explore Costa Rica with college friends.

Much love to you! Big Hugs and Merry Christmas!

Question: do you take part in the Christmas letter tradition?

I love reading other families’ Christmas cards and “catching up” on everything they did throughout the year. It always surprises me HOW much goes on! I guess time flies….