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Let’s have a moment of silence for the San Jose Sharks’ loss to the Vancouver Canucks. Ughhhh.

panorama La Morenita and the Sharks

Tuesday night my friend Sean invited me to last night’s Sharks game at the HP Pavilion. I instantly said yes – any opportunity to see Mr. Logan Couture in real life is one I will not pass up!!!

img 0634 La Morenita and the Sharks

Girl, look at that body........

Let’s back up to Tuesday night, when I picked Kyle up from the airport……

He was in Colorado celebrating Christmas with his family (want to see the cutest pictures of his nephew??). When we arrived at his place, we remembered his car (and keys!) was still at his work. Oops. Our evening plans included dinner at a new-to-us Mexican place on the outskirts of University Ave/downtown Palo Alto. Because I was really really hungry, we decided to get food and then head back for his car…

La Morenita

800 Emerson St, Palo Alto, CA 94301

img 0613 La Morenita and the Sharks

This quaint restaurant is a few blocks off the main downtown street. I thought the blue icicle lights and canopy added a charming touch.

We were seated quickly (many open tables) and the obligatory chips and salsa arrived shortly. The salsa was completely watery, but had an okay taste. I prefer a middle ground between liquid-thin and chunk-a-saurus salsas, if that makes sense.

img 0603 La Morenita and the Sharks

The chips also came with a nice slaw that packed heat via sliced jalapenos. We asked for seconds of all three!

The best part about La Morenita was the decor. The wood paneling/tables/chairs made the space very homey. Along with the Mexican sombreros, stained glass decals, and posters, I felt like we were in some dinky Mexican restaurant in Tahoe. Siiiiighhhhh……

img 0608 La Morenita and the Sharks

Kyle also liked the really large windows, thought I’d add in his two cents. :)

My order:

img 0611 La Morenita and the Sharks

Tacos Frescos ($9) – Two soft tacos made from corn tortillas and a choice of beef, chicken, or pork. (Served with pinto beans)

img 0610 La Morenita and the Sharks

Kyle’s pick: Combo plate ($?) with a chicken taco and some type of enchilada. He is obsessed with enchilada sauce. True story.

This was my sly attempt to take a photo……

img 0612 La Morenita and the Sharks

I accidentally had the flash on, so it was a #fail. That’s my sly, not-really-so-sly face.

We liked this place for its authenticity. When it comes to Palo Alto, I would recommend Sancho’s over La Morenita, unless you’re looking for a place to sit. Sancho’s lacks in that respect. There’s also Reposado, but I’ve never been there and it’s $$$ on Yelp. Ha. Maybe we should try Palo Alto Sol on the other downtown….. rambleramble.

After dinner I drove him to his truck and then we rented this Will Ferrell movie from Red Box.

img 0614 La Morenita and the Sharks

For what it’s worth, I enjoyed this movie. Nicole loves Stranger Than Fiction (another Will F. drama) so I wonder how what she would think of this flick…. Basically Will’s character loses his job and his wife on the same day. He is locked out of his house and all his belongings are on the front yard. Add in the fact that he is a PBR-aholic and you’ve got a pretty entertaining, off-beat movie. Not bad for $1.20.

Oh, shoot. Back it up again…….

Attention: Steve!!! Look away!!!!

Before I picked up Kyle, Nicole and I joined Lauretta, Katie, and the bride-to-be Amy for some wedding dress browsing. SHE. LOOKED. GORGEOUS. in everything. Even the foo-foo ones that weren’t her favorite.

2011 12 27 La Morenita and the Sharks

Guess how many times Nicole said “I want to get marrriiiiieeeeed.” Hint: # > 0

Okay… so flip back to Wednesday (if you’re still reading, that is!)

I woke up (around 11:30) and went for a run in Palo Alto after stealing one of Kyle’s waffles. My hamstrings were pretty sore, so I took it easy – stopped often – didn’t text + run. Soon I realized I was actually close to our Great Aunts/Uncles houses!!

img 0620 La Morenita and the Sharks

Brings back memories….. like this picture of 1-month-old Nicole in her rocker! :)

005 004 La Morenita and the Sharks

I ran through more neighborhoods and then veered towards Hoover Tower to bring me into Stanford’s campus.

img 0617 La Morenita and the Sharks

All in all it was a great leisurely run, my heel didn’t act up, and I totally enjoyed the California sunshine!

img 0618 La Morenita and the Sharks

I also completed Day 73 (chest/calves) at the gym on my way home. Getting there!!!!! (oh, except for the days 64 – 70, which I skipped heh heh)

Prep for the San Jose Sharks game: Urban Decay palette + thai chili brussels sprouts + curling iron.

img 0626 La Morenita and the Sharks

I met the boys at Old Wagon (the same place as last time) for a 32 oz. Stella….

img 0627 La Morenita and the Sharks

Then it was game time! Sean’s seats are AHHHHMAAHHHZZZINNNGG.

Seriously, look!!!

img 0633 copy La Morenita and the Sharks

Yah, yah, we lost. But Logan scored, so it was a half-win in my books.

photo 2 La Morenita and the Sharks

Next week Nicole gets our jersey for the game against Columbus Blue Jackets! Can’t wait to attend the game with her!!

Right, so…. at midnight I started to bake. We have a few very important birthdays to celebrate on Friday ;)

photo 3 La Morenita and the Sharks

Long post, sorry! Happy Thursday!!!



3 Responses to La Morenita and the Sharks

  1. Tara says:

    I’m with you on the salsa!! There is a fine line between too liquidy, too chunky, and juuuuust right. I love mexican though, so I don’t hold a grudge for long!
    The hockey game looks like a blast!! Definitely my favorite sport to watch. It stinks that your team lost, but the eye candy was fun so it’s still a win :)

  2. Oooh is that Mexican place right across from Whole Foods (or thereabouts)? I think I’ve seen it but never actually been there! Stanford Campus is a super nice place to run…unless school is in session in which case there is a solid chance that you will be taken out by a bike haha.

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