Banana Walnut & Butterscotch Burnt Sugar

Posted by Nicole

Just dropping in for one last post before the New Year!  Lauren just left for San Francisco and my mom and I are both typing away on our laptops.  I know it’s New Years Eve and everything, but I really just feeling like staying home.  I love being home and I want to make the most of my time here.  Maybe that’s why I’ve been sleeping in until noon everyday… I love my big bed!

Anyways, last night was pretty busy.  After going to the gym (details below), I started a night of baking.  I was alone in the kitchen to make two types of cupcakes…

Banana Cake w/ Walnuts, Chocolate Buttercream, and Chocolate Drizzle

Burnt Sugar Cake w/ Butterscotch Chips, Caramel Filling, Dark Chocolate Vermicelli, and Caramel Drizzle

4 hours and a bit of spilled powdered sugar later…

Done!  Both batches turned out incredibly moist (hate that word); I hope our neighbors like them.

Speaking of cupcakes, Lauren’s birthday cupcakes she made were a hit.

Chocolate Hazelnut Cake, Pumpkin Pie Filling, Nutella Buttercream

Her 3-dozen carrier worked like a charm, too.

And because I want to purge my iPhone’s dustry camera roll, here are some other pictures from the past few days…

LiveFit Day 4, AKA the end of Week 1, which means three days for cardio(!) before starting Week 2.  I am already loving the results from the strength training.  Feeling sore all over reminds me of my dance team glory years.  For cardio last night, I did about six miles on the treadmill yesterday and about 20 mins on the elliptical.  I’ve been trying to increase distance and have realized that the trick to doing so is really simple.  Decrease speed!!! Works like a charm; slow and steady wins the race. <– not true, but whatever.  Today I managed 30 minutes on the elliptical, a 1.5 mile treadmill jog, 15 minutes on the stationary bike, and 5 minutes of core work.  I didn’t leave the gym “tired,” but I’ll take it.

OH, Some other exciting news… they painted the interior of our gym.

And all the 10 PM gym-rats got to watch the action.  It was much more exciting than the news.  Lucky us.

Lastly, here’s what an example meal/snack might look like on the LiveFit diet.

Lots of mixed greens, salad dressing (2 oz. greek yogurt + Annie’s lite raspberry vinaigrette), 2 smart dogs, 1 soy protein patty.  Lotsa protein and surprisingly tasty.

My mom just asked me what my favorite restaurant is… maybe we will go on a hot date to celebrate NYE?  Haha, we’ll see.  Maybe after a few more episodes of Arrested Development.

Here’s to 2012!

– Nicole

Comments (2)

  1. Amy

    Those cupcakes look fabulous! WIsh we were neighbors ;)

    Happy New Year!

  2. Kristine

    Those cupcakes look AMAZING (and I too hate the word moist! Ugh!) We were big fans of a low-key NYE this year too, and even though we still managed to have a few drinks, I was glad we didn’t have any huge plans. That salad DOES look really good! You should try the Field Roast Sausages (vegan) – I bet you’d like them! Hope you had a Happy New Year!


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