Big Bear NYEE + San Francisco NYE

Posted by Lauren

I promise you awesome pictures in just a few seconds, but first… Check out my super cool lunch!!!!!!! < < Sarcasm.


Mixed greens tossed with sriracha, balsamic vinegar, candied walnuts, chicken, and blue cheese. On the side I enjoyed my second fruit cup. Gotta make up for the 50% bowl of fruit apples yesterday.

Nicole also kindly pointed out that my breakfast sandwich from Cafe Divine had scallions/green onions. Who knew? Probably lots of people, huh? Hmmm…..


After work I went to the gym and rounded out Day 75 (still missed last week though!)

jamie eason livefit day 75

See how Jamie Eason says 30-40 minutes of cardio of my choice? Well this is how I split it up:

  • 5 mins @ 7.0
  • 4 mins @ 7.2
  • 3 mins @ 7.4
  • 2 mins @ 7.6
  • 1 min @  7.8
  • Repeat 5 times: 20 sec @ 9.0ish, 40 sec @ 7.0

Complete that 20 minute circuit, tackle the weights Jamie sets up, and then repeat the 20 minute circuit.

I put together a quick dinner after a quick trip to Target for staples: deodorant, toilet paper, a new 2012 planner (!!!!!!), milk, and frozen veggies.


Packed Pita! Turkey, sundried tomatoes, sauteed spinach/mushrooms/onions (in bacon! no lie!), with mustard. Frickin’ delish.


And now I’m enjoying the three unfrozen peanut butter ginger cookies from the #GingerXmas party watching Pretty Little Liars’ premiere! Oh those girls are shady! More shady than Kerry…..

Speaking of Kerry, she uploaded photos from Big Bear + New Year’s Eve Eve!

When Kyle, Fran, and I arrived, we caught everyone outside near the hot tub. “Dude Stew,” as some might say…

Best mugs ever from Franny!!!

The mustache + me. Natural looking.

Kerry, Kyle, Me, Fran, Jacquelyn, Tyler, Ashley, Clay, Cameron, Darren, Sean…

Speaking of Sean, he MADE 8 lbs of bacon for Big Bear! Purchased. Cured. Seasoned. Smoked….

Oh yeah, and he fried up many thick slices for his hungry bears friends.

Bacon has its own levels of perfectness. “SDbaconCarroll Bacon” is definitely the best bacon I’ve ever had. And I should know because I’ve had bacon on Thursday, Friday, Sunday, and today!!

We played some card games, hand games, and russian roulette with a nerf gun. If you were shot you were supposed to take a shot…. but I didn’t.

After our steak, sweet potatoes, and salad dinner, it was time to bust out the Boo Radley’s Cupcakes for Fran and Jacquelyn’s upcoming birthdays!

I modified this cupcake by replacing the caramel filling with pumpkin pie filling and rainbow sprinkles took the place of the toasted hazelnuts. Much more festive, right?

hazelnut woolen blanky cupcakes boo radleys

Happy Birthday girls!!!!!! I <3 you

The next day Kyle and I woke up at 7 am and hit the road. While the remaining boys/girls posed in photos a la early Degrassi…. we drove. and drove. and drove….

Still waiting on some prize photos from Amy’s camera, but… Megan uploaded photos from San Francisco + New Year’s Eve!

Diana, Katie, Megan, and myself getting ready in the hotel…

Megan, Diana, and Amy inside the Westin…



DJs and the “Paris” room!

I’m sure I’ll post more photos when Amy puts hers up on that good ol’ book of faces. These posts are more for my own journal-ing benefit so I’m sorry if they aren’t “quality content.” Nicole loves reminding me to have quality content……….

Question: Would you rather ring in the New Year in a mountain cabin, a city ballroom, or sleeping in your bed?!


Comments (5)

  1. Tara

    I’d like to ring in the new year in a mountain cabin. That definitely looks like fun!! I LOVE the moustache mug – I need that!

  2. Kathryn @ Flopoodle

    OMG that mug is such a great idea! Love it. So much fun.

    I would rather ring in the new year in a cabin!

  3. glitzglamgranola

    It looks like you had such a fun NYE! How great that you were able to spend time in a cabin with some of your friends and then the rest of the time in the city! The best of both worlds! I’ve never been to that Westin party but I’ve heard it’s fun! I also spent NYE at a big party in the city which was really fun! I’ve done the cabin thing too but I hate having to do that long drive after NYE so I prefer a city NYE!

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