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Hellooooooo :)  I haven’t done WIAW in a while because Lauren normally takes the reigns, but I’m doing it today!  Without further adieu, let’s thank Jenn for the awesome linkup party and check out What I Ate (at least half of it…)

WIAWbutton WIAW 1/10: The Other Half

img 3130 WIAW 1/10: The Other Half

[5 egg whites, fruit]

Today I went to the other half of this semester’s schedule.

  • The Science of Human Performance
  • Weight Training
  • Marketing Fundamentals

First up, The Science of Human Performance… I can already tell I’m going to enjoy this class.  It is taught by the same professor as my “Principles of Nutrition and Exercise” course last semester (the one I contributing to all the Exercise Science Notes posts).  Some of the topics to be covered include how people can most efficiently train for certain physical activities, metabolism, drugs and ergogenic aids, pulmonary function, oxygen consumption, the muscular system, environmental physiology, etc.  Basically, lots of super interesting things!

img 3131 WIAW 1/10: The Other Half

[toast with cream cheese x2 while waiting in between classes]

Next, I went to Weight Training.  We just went over the syllabus and learned what the class will entail.  Each day we will meet for an hour; the first 5-10 minutes are lecture, and the remainder of class is time to lift weights freely.  This means that I will have set time in my schedule to continue doing LiveFit.  Talk about convenience!  It still is a “class” though; there will be a midterm, final, homework, etc.

Last, I walked to Marketing Fundamentals.  It’s held in the same giant lecture hall that my Macroeconomics class is in.  I had a hard time understanding my professor because of his accent, but next time I’ll sit closer and hopefully that will help.  I really want to learn a lot from this class because I want to see if marketing is my thang.

[unpictured: wonton soup, toast with cream cheese x2 (I'm obsessed), and 2 tortillas]

After class, lunch, and some relaxation, I headed to the gym to run 4 miles (slooooow 9:24 pace while Google Reader-ing) and complete Day 16 of LiveFit.

img 3132 WIAW 1/10: The Other Half

I altered it a bit… I didn’t do the Incline Dumbbell Curl or Hammer Strength Lat Pull because I couldn’t find the machines was lazy.  However, I did do 3×10 on the Shoulder Press machine… that counts for something, right?!

img 3133 WIAW 1/10: The Other Half

[salad, roasted asparagus; unpictured: apple and brownie crunch ThinkThin bar]

I’m loving the meals at DG, but I’m finding it difficult to get protein in the later half of the day.  Hopefully there are some more vegetarian protein sources available at lunch/dinner soon because protein bars are expensive!

Overall, it was a good day.  Now that I’ve had the official first day of class for all my courses, am I allowed to wear workout clothes only?  Dressing up is a painnnn.

Q4U: Interested in reading about some of the interesting topics we discuss in The Science of Human Performance?

Q4U: Best thing you ate today?

Probably the ThinkThin bar… those things are magical, especially the Creamy Peanut Butter one!

15 Responses to WIAW 1/10: The Other Half

  1. Jessica says:

    Loooooooove ThinkThin bars,,,my favorite is the Crunchy PB flavor!

  2. I’m interested!!!!! Blog it!! Best thing I ate: tie between peanut butter cookie and all the ghir choc. gotta get rid of it! ugh

  3. Tara says:

    You KNOW I am interested in hearing about these classes. They are the ones I would want to take at USC. I am such a geek about that kind of stuff! The best thing I ate yesterday (since I’ve only had breakfast today) was peppermint chocolate covered almonds.

  4. That is so cool that you have weight training class! I am jealous. Now you have no excuse to not do you LiveFit workout.
    Speaking of LiveFit, I just started this week. I am on Day 3. The past two days I have followed it pretty closely and I am loving it. I like how you are require to eat more frequently and it is a lot of protein which I typically don’t eat enough of. I am a little worried about bulking up, but I am staying optimistic that I will tone up instead!

  5. mmm thinkthin bars are so good. I am also really keen on purefit bars and perfect foods bars, both of which have loads of protein!

  6. I love fruit for breakfast..great way to start the day! :)
    Best thing I ate today was my snack.. I had a super creamy and delicious vanilla berry protein smoothie! :)

  7. Those classes sounds amazing! I want to take them. What are you majoring in?

    Best thing I ate: Peanut Butter and banana! Always the best.

    • I’m majoring in business marketing and just filling up extra space in my schedule with nutrition/fitness/exercise science classes. Gotta balance out what I “need” to learn and what I “want” to learn!
      - Nicole

  8. I’d definitely love to hear more about those classes!
    P.S. I search for machines all the time…the trick is making it look like it’s ALL part of the plan :-)

    • Good idea! I also have been trying to elliptical while checking out the weight machines that are conveniently located in front of the cardio machines. That way I know where they are before I start the lifting routine!
      - Nicole

  9. I remember that marketing class! I got the worst grade in that class out of any because of some unfortunate circumstances, but I think it was still a good class (and you’ll be fine). That exercise science class sounds so interesting!

  10. Just found your blog, love it!! :]

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