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My computer is still out of commission, which makes blogging a bit of an inconvenience. There is just so much to write about… Does anybody know a simple resize tool for a PC (lenovo thinkpad to be exact).

Here is a teaser of one of the best surprises ever (if I could resize/post the 100+ pictures and not lose my sanity while doing so I would, trust me!):

Saturday: Sleep in. Finish 1/2 a workout. Shower. Drive to Kyle’s and be there by noon. Take the train with him to San Francisco. Walk to Union Square. He gets a mysterious call. Is it Claudine? (I spotted the name on a secret paper of his.) We walk to a street corner. A shuttle waits for us. The shuttle drives us to Sausalito (across the Golden Gate Bridge). We get out and there’s this:

img 6175 e1327311096771 Flying High

A helicopter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

img 6195 e1327309713465 Flying High

Kyle dropped a few hints around Christmas as to what we were going to do, but I was only able to semi-solve the one about pandas playing (related to the SF Giants’ Pablo Sandoval) a minute or so after we got to SF (and I saw the stadium right there). #Sherlock.

The helicopter ride surprise was a total shocker, in the best way possible. (Just like skydiving for my birthday). After a short safety video, Kyle and I chatted with the shuttle driver about helicopter history, helicopter mechanics, and helicopter economics. Smart stuff.

20120123 015504 Flying High

We took off over Sausalito. I was in the copilot spot and Kyle sat in the back, right behind me. Our earmuffs and Britney Spears style microphones completed the look:

img 6238 e1327309480342 Flying High

Such a good looking guy :)

20120123 015536 Flying High

This deserves way more than 1 measly thumbs-up, that’s for sure!

img 6206 e1327309684871 Flying High

We flew over the Marin Headlands, sweeping views of San Francisco on our left and the Pacific Ocean on our right.

img 6214 e1327309660282 Flying High

As we looped over the Golden Gate Bridge, the pilot mentioned we were going to go UNDER the bridge!!

img 6220 e1327309620380 Flying High

Ever seen the belly of the Golden Gate? Welp, there it is ^ ^ ^ !!

img 6225 e1327309580283 Flying High

What goes under, must come back over, right? I loved the glass window underneath my feet!

img 6235 e1327309538921 Flying High

The helicopter swept across the bay; with Angel Island on our right, we headed straight towards Alcatraz. The island looked tiny from up above…

img 6249 e1327309452767 Flying High

….actually, everything looked tiny :) I remember a loooong time ago, when driving to the city with my parents, I saw SF from a distance and thought that it looked like a 2D puzzle. On clear days like Saturday, I am reminded of the puzzle-like qualities of San Francisco.

img 6256 e1327309762380 Flying High

What do you think? Puzzley looking or am I just crazy? Up above is a photo of the Bay Bridge extending towards Treasure Island… I got a nice shot where all the towers lined up into one. For the duration of the flight I did two things

1. snap photos on my camera and iPhone
2. try not to have my jaw literally hit the floor

The views were spectacular, the weather was perfect (amazing considering Friday and Sunday were cloudy/rainy), and I just couldn’t believe we were in a helicopter of all places! Surreal.

img 6261 e1327309364441 Flying High

Kyle and I have seen AT&T Park many ways (stadium seat watching a game, locker room during company holiday party, kayaking McCovey Cove) and now we can add heliviewing to the list! Ridiculous. Amazing.

img 6183 e1327309744287 Flying High

This guy continues to ambush with me with ridiculously amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experiences. I’m such a lucky girl. Thank you soooooooo much :)

Question: What area would you like a bird’s eye view of? Egypt? Alaska? Costa Rica?



5 Responses to Flying High

  1. Keep him. Never let him go.

    In other news: That looks like the MOST FUN!!! I am so glad you’re not afraid of heights (like every single female on the Bachelor seems to be) because it looks like you really made the most of your adventure. You know, instead of screaming, crying, and clutching Kyle like he was your only tie to life and humanity.

  2. Kristine says:

    That looks like SO much fun! I would be panicking, but having the time of my life at the same time. You guys are so cute together :)

  3. Tara says:

    Wow that is so cool!! My parents did that at the grand canyon – that would be pretty amazing to see from way up above!

  4. Jane says:

    This sounds AMAZING! I’d love to see most cities from above! I think Tokyo would be so fascinating though! Or somewhere with lots of animals! You are a lucky girl!

  5. Awww how sweet! What an awesome surprise!

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