Almost Lost + Cereal Monster

Posted by Lauren

Ahhhh. A regular Monday!

Yesterday’s breakfast was not one befitting a champ. When I go into work, I tell myself to make oatmeal or eat an egg sandwich, but then I walk past the cereal bins and my knees buckle. Oh cereal, why do you have to be sooo good? They swapped out healthy raisin bran for regular raisin bran, so the flakes aren’t as crunchy, but that doesn’t stop me!


On the side: coffee. fruit. Two musts these days. Maybe if there was a freezer where I could keep my blueberries I would make oats more often. Shout out to Miranda and Tyler who remember the good ol’ oatmeal days over in Monterey (miss you guys!)

Lunch featured a trip to the salad bar downstairs. I went with turkey and eggs as a source of protein, spinach as the lettuce bed, and all sorts of other veggies…


I shook that around with some balsamic vinegar and sriracha to make a spicy, tangy dressing. Later I snacked on grapes and more cereal. Cereal monnnnnstteerrrrr.

Oh, by the way, the roommate and I were up early (5 am!) to hit the gym. I left my phone there on Sunday when they closed at 8, and was nervous somebody would find it and take it. I have pretty bad luck with that type of thing. For one, I’m extremely forgetful, and two, people aren’t as honest as they used to be.


Obviously I found a way to take the picture, above, so we can all let out a sigh of relief – my phone was almost lost! Luckily it was on the same elliptical from last night.

Side story: I finished up Sunday’s workout but really wanted to catch the finale of Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cookoff to see if Coolio and his restaurant concept, Chez Cooly’s, could beat Lou Diamond Philips (sp?). I connected my head phones into the elliptical for the last 2 minutes of the show and put my phone on the side of the machine. When Coolio lost (tears!!), I had to get outta the gym because they were closing/I was too upset about Coolio’s loss to be in public. I left without grabbing my phone…. then at 5 am there was a lady on the elliptical with a towel over the top. I walked around the machine once or twice and finallyyyyy she asked if I was looking for –pulls out phone– this. Um. Duh! No, I just want to check you out from all angles? Ha! My mom is convinced the [older] lady wanted to steal it, but she seriously looked like a 3rd grade teacher so I’m sure she wasn’t going to.

p.s. I find it offensive the judges didn’t like the orange decor of Chez Cooly’s. We obviously like the orange color scheme here on the blog –looks left, looks right– whatever!

My morning workout included: 20 minutes elliptical and Day 78 of Jamie Eason’s LiveFit trainer program:

  • barbell squat 30x @ 60# (I was lazy and used the machine in the picture above – which, by the way, I don’t think I used correctly. Every time I squatted, the weights would catch and it was like I wasn’t lifting anything. Then again it was 5:30 am and I didn’t care. Any insight on why that might be?)
  • leg press 30x @ 50#
  • stiff-legged barbell deadlift 30x @ 40# (my hammies hurt today!)
  • barbell lunge 30x @ 30# (I used 2 15# dumbells instead of 1 30# bar)
  • calf press on the leg machine 30x @ 50#

Repeat cycle 3 times total. I love the week 11 and 12 workouts. Compared to weeks 9 and 10, these go by much faster!

After work I decided to run/walk for a bit to stretch out my legs…. then I came home and had a healthy snack:


Turkey with hummus; sauteed spinach, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms in a hummus-y sauce.

I’ll be honest, that plate of greens + turkey was just the beginning of a night of snacking:


Multigrain cheerios, nutella, and (unpictured) tortilla chips……mmm. But also, why?? Ha.

I watched an episode of Pretty Little Liars online (but I don’t think it was the most recent one according to an article I just saw??) and the 100th episode of Gossip Girl!!!


I thought the episode was fantastic! If you are a GG fan, please let me know what you thought of the episode in the comments! Do you root for Chuck or Dan? How creepy was that speech Louis gave to Blair while they danced? Skeezmaster!

K, I am kicking off breakfast just like yesterday…. with egg whites, cereal, and fruit!


Happy Tuesday, folks! Cheers to being a cereal monster! :)


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  1. Kristine

    I’m OBSESSED with cereal too, and anytime I have a bowl it ends up being around 3. The box of PB Puffins and Cinnamon Cheerios last approx 5 days in our house. I LOVED GG last night and I swear I had a feeling it was Georgina all along! I’m a HUGE Blair/Dan supporter, and I hope they take down Louis and his stupid family and their stupid priest. Also, I love Chuck, but Chuck needs to pull it together and not wait until the last darn minute on everything! :)

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