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The Camera+ app is amazing.

img 3229 Camera+ and Productivity

[honey nut cheerios, banana, vanilla soy milk]

img 3240 Camera+ and Productivity

[vegetarian chili, toast]

img 3242 Camera+ and Productivity

[special K, blueberries, vanilla soy milk]

img 3245 Camera+ and Productivity

[salad, veggie patty]

img 3246 Camera+ and Productivity

[salad, broccoli, strawberries, pineapple]

img 3251 Camera+ and Productivity

[salad, salsa, black beans, 5 lbs of guacamole]

img 3252 Camera+ and Productivity

[wile rice/kale salad, glazed carrots, cottage cheese]

img 3280 Camera+ and Productivity


img 3281 Camera+ and Productivity

[cinnamon oat bran]

Can you tell I’m obsessed with the HDR setting?  Seriously, go download it and take some pictures.  It’s fun.


On a not food-related note, today has been extremely productive.

- Went to class at 9:30.  I’m proud to say that I have not missed a class this semester.  This is quite an accomplishment considering last semester’s attendance record.  (sorry Mom, if you’re reading this…)

- Went to the gym for my second class of the day.  Getting a grade for going to the gym is awesome.

img 3289 Camera+ and Productivity

- Quick 1.25 mile run before doing…

img 3258 Camera+ and Productivity

- LiveFit Day 25 – Legs.  Only one more workout before Phase 2!  Yay for staying committed to something.

- Went to another class……. marketing.  I learned that the McDonalds in India ONLY serve vegetarian patties.  CRAZYness.

- Watched more episodes of Hart of Dixie than I’m willing to admit.  Wade is so dreamy, I can’t help myself.

- Forgot about my “cleaning is overrated” statement and removed 5 Clorox wipes worth of dust from my desk and dresser.  It’s amazing how dirty our room is considering no boys are allowed in…. ha ha ha.

img 3290 Camera+ and Productivity

- Apple should pay me to promote them ;)

img 3291 Camera+ and Productivity

- Considering how much I hate the color pink, I sure have a lot of it.  Note to self: develop new pictures.

img 3292 Camera+ and Productivity

- Vacuumed the entire room.  Goodbye gum wrappers, bobby pins, and a ridiculous amount of hair!  Then I kinda made my bed.  Extra sweatshirts are always at the edges of my bed in case I get freezing in the middle of the night.  Planning ahead or extreme laziness?

- Updated the Blogroll!  Check it out.

- Now I need to read two chapters from this book.

9780300111880 Camera+ and Productivity

Wish me luck.

8 Responses to Camera+ and Productivity

  1. Whoah, girl. You’re a force. I may need someone like you to invade my apartment. And by invade, I mean clean the hell out of it.

  2. LOOK AT ALL THE PRETTY COLORS! ha ha. Have you tried the new Cheerios flavors, peanut butter & dulce de leche?

  3. A few weeks ago, I was working with a local photographer and we were talking about camera apps. He was showing me the Camera+ app and said it was his favorite! Now all I need is an iPhone….

  4. I love that app too!!! It’s SO good!

  5. NOTHING in this world beats a productive day! And those pictures are amazing quality!

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