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Posted by Lauren

Wowza, Nicole is on a blogging streak these days! First she changes the header, surprise!, and she’s pounding out posts faster than ever:

  • The Christian Diet - For Lent, I’m trying to sleep more (aka giving up staying up late for no reason + watching Hulu or ch131 shows) and adapt to a workout in the morning cycle (no luck with that but I have to alter my sleep schedule first)
  • Awkward Burn Circuit - can we add bunny hops to that list? Those are really awkward
  • Exploding Dog – my favorite is the guy in the rocket “I could sleep more”

I wanted to quickly check in and talk about the end of my week…


I’m trying to bicycle more. That means riding my bike to the gym instead of driving, even if it’s dark/late/cold. California nights are a lot more mild than other places, so I need to quit being a weather-wimp.


In addition to the real bike, I used the stationary bike quite a bit this week. On Thursday, I ran my first post-accident mile on the treadmill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My lower back felt a little better this week and I desperately wanted to get that first mile out of the way. Kinda like your first kiss? Bad analogy? Anyways, I ran one mile on Thursday and TWO miles on Friday (after work) – felt great to get moving even if my back’s nowhere near 100%.

I also completed my first post-accident strength training workout on Thursday morning – a no-machine superset workout courtesy of Courtney. After Friday’s run, I attempted Kristine‘s pilates-inspired ab circuit. Both got me very sweaty!

After work on Thursday, a few coworkers and I went to Sports Page, a bar down the street, for Trivia Night. There were four-ish rounds:

  • Round 1: Find 9 differences between two nearly identical illustrations of cows in a pasture. We’re talking “this cow has a bigger eye than that cow”
  • Round 2: Questions like “Who wrote Great Expectations?” (Charles Dickens) and “Where is the Port of Dieppe?” (France)
  • Round 3: DJ Earworm mashup song/title recognition. Half a point for correct artist, half a point for correct song; identify all 25 songs in the mashup, which the emcee played twice
  • Bonus Round before the final: 1 girl from each team gets a set of questions for extra points (no help from other teammates allowed)
  • Round 4: More questions! They were HARD.


The mashup part was really hard for me because I have no music skills. Nicole hears a song for 4 seconds and can tell you the artist, the song title, and sing/rap half the lyrics. I, on the other hand, can barely hum a song after I’ve heard the whole thing.


Before we started the 4th round, our team – All We Do Is Lin Lin Lin – was in FIRST PLACE. By this time, our team was about 10 strong and back a few pitchers. We needed to buckle down and crank out correct answers. Sadly, we got question after question incorrect! We only managed to get one answer right that round!! Needless to say, we didn’t make 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place. Bummer.


Friday began with an early start to the work day, cherry Fage Greek yogurt, coffee, grapes, and a nice “nudge” from Nicole to drink some water.


Can you do that more often, Nic? It was really helpful!

Around lunchtime, everybody met in the courtyard to take a group photo to celebrate a new company milestone. The camera man stood on the roof and on the count of three we started to cheer. Can you spot me in the picture? I’m wearing a bright blue jacket and I am to the left of a white sign.


The bottom left photo is a celebratory chocolate blueberry cake that we ate later in the day. It was a fun way to end the work week!

Oh! Our group went inside to grab lunch after the photo… and then we brought our food outside for a “picnic.” The weather was amazing!!! Random lunchtime topic: WIll Smith and his1999 flick, Wild Wild West.


Anybody know the answer to……. (a few Round 4 trivia questions we got incorrect)

  1. Who is the only player in NFL history to rush for over 2,000 yards in a 14 game season?
  2. What city and state was George Washington in when he was inaugurated?
  3. What was the first state to use Direct Recording Electronic Voting machines?
  4. What was the first spacecraft to reach the surface of the moon?


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  1. Courtney

    Glad you liked the supersets! I just did them this morning too :)

  2. Pingback: Beignets for a walk | Sugar Coated Sisters

  3. Kristine @ Running On Hungry

    YAY first mile post-accident! They’ll just get easier after that one! So glad you liked the Nasty 5… REALLY gets your abs burning doesn’t it? I was totally skeptical at first and we did it again yesterday and my lower abs are already sore!


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