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WHY? Vol. 3

Posted by Nicole

I don’t mean to be posting obnoxious posts like these almost every week…. but I guess I just like to rant.  Legggoooo.

1. WHY doesn’t the USC Lyon Center (the gym) have any fans? Literally there are zero and it gets really damn hot in there. Please- get some fans or actually turn on the A/C. Another thing, look what is now installed in the bathrooms… a blowing hand dryer…

OK, as much as I love being green, saving paper towels, and improving sustainability, this is a problem. Don’t they know that I need 5 paper towels at least to get the sweat off my face/neck/chest/back after I work out? TMI? Maybe.

And lastly, WHY don’t they have more treadmills in the facility? There are… let me count in my head… 14… counting both the first and second floors. There are 19,516 students at the university. The probability of getting a treadmill at the Lyon Center is like Russian Roulette. And I don’t like to play.

WHY can’t they get more machines? Do we not have the funding? I highly doubt that, considering these are the new mugs in the dining halls…

In this past week, two of the (few) treadmills broke down and were removed from the second floor, leaving a big empty sad waste of space. Because of the shortage (to the pre- shortage), people now stare at you while you run and just wait until you are done. And when you are finally done, it’s like WWIII for all the people waiting. People love their cardio, USC. We need more treadmills. (But let’s keep the mugs too, cause they’re cute.)

2. Ugh, these types of flip-flops make me cringe. As much as I sympathize with short people (I am only 5’6″ and wish I was 5’8″ like my mom and sister), these shoes are just terrible. WHY? Wear a wedge. Or a bouffant. Flip-flops were meant to be flat!!!!!!!!!!

3. WHY did my body decide to get sick and tired the day before a huge midterm? Yesterday I was surrounded by the 6 essentials of life to help me through my studying: water, chai tea (caffeine!), cheap DayQuil, Monster (more caffeine!), tissues ghetto toilet paper, and cough drops (menthol and vitamin C!).

WHY, body, WHY? Anyways, the midterm went well… at least I think so. It sucks to leave a test and feel great and then realize you didn’t do as well as you thought. Let’s hope this wasn’t one of those tests.

4. WHY is there a stereotype that sorority girls don’t eat?


5. Three words for this one- WHY, Lent, WHY?

6. WHY am I so excited for Friday?!!!!!!?!?! Probably because I get to reunite with this weirdo…

She is lucky enough to wake up at 5 AM on Saturday and force me to run 13.1 miles with her. I still can’t believe we pay to do this…

Cheers to a good rest of the week!

– Nicole

Q4U: What is making you say WHY? this week?

WIAW 4/4: Cal Poly Winefest

Posted by Lauren

Hey Hey! It’s Wednesday… you know what that means!

Photo on 4 4 12 at 1 16 PM

It’s WIAW over on Jenn’s blog and we’re participating along with 100+ other bloggers, so check those out if you’re bored. And if that’s where you came from, welcome! Nicole and I are about to be reunited (FRIDAY!), argh I can’t wait!

Wiaw 4 4 12 lunch

Today’s lunch definitely encapsulates the more veggies theme… this salad is packed with spinach + romaine, carrots, corn, mushrooms, green/red pepper, and chicken/turkey/eggs!

It’s not really that warm out thanks to the breeze, but at least it is sunny today, right? Speaking of the weather… were anybody’s weekend plans assaulted by Mother Nature?

Just ours?

cal poly winefest 2012 storm weather

Let’s back up…

As I mentioned in my last few posts, I took a trip down to SLO with some of my sorority sisters and a group I affectionately called “Kyle’s friends” but really that is nonsense because they are my friends and he wasn’t around to claim them…

After breakfast at Big Sky, we boarded the charter bus on the Cal Poly campus and drove north to Margarita Vineyards, Home of Ancient Peaks Winery, in Santa Margarita, CA.

Winefest cal poly 2012 bus

Umbrellas + Flasqs = necessary

The scene, upon our arrival, included large tents in a horseshoe design, a band in the center, spare tables, and over 60 food/beverage vendors clutching their jackets.

Winefest cal poly 2012 tents

First: fill up the wine glasses! x6
Second: get some food before the crowd takes all the free samples.

food at cal poly winefest

Chino’s taquitos and Splash Cafe’s adorable mini clam chowder bread bowls stole the show!

Here is everyone!!

winefest cal poly 2012 1

Megan, myself, Taylor, Kelly, Diana, Amy, Carly (Katie is missing!)

Winefest cal poly 2012 crew

Myself, Adrienne, Kit, Kimbo, Molly, Holly

IMG 2521

Crazy-faced self and Jake

Oh, and, all of THESE people were there too!

winefest cal poly 2012 2

I ran into a lot of familiar faces, which is one of the perks of attending a drinking event hosted by a college club. My old RA promised to make some of his famous cookies I remember so dearly from 2005 and invite me over; he admitted to living in San Jose, so I hope to make this a reality!

Winefest cal poly 2012 glasses


winefest cal poly 2012 3

The wine in the picture above comes from Twin Pomegranates in Fresno. I know how you bloggers love pomegranates (good source of fiber, vitamins C and K, antioxidant-rich, heart healthy, etc), so I must report that this was quite tasty! It had a completely different flavor than any wine I have ever had before; tangy but fruity, and clearly made from 100% poms!

This is my friend Molly. Holly gave her one of these wine glass holder necklaces.

winefest cal poly 2012 4

Absolutely brilliant!

Since we elected to be VIP and pay $10 for an extra hour before the main event, we lucked out with shorter lines and access to food. While we would have never guessed, that extra hour ended up being crucial to the fun-factor.

At 1pm, the regular admission folks joined us. At about 2 pm, the rain and winds really picked up and the band quit playing. Rumors spread about the tents blowing away, poles falling on people, and the vendors packing up.

winefest cal poly 2012 5

By 2:30 pm, the entire place had to be evacuated! The event was supposed to last until 4 pm!

winefest cal poly 2012 weather

This is by far my favorite picture of the day. Amy snapped a great photo of Diana, Megan, and her sister Carly braving the elements:

Winefest cal poly 2012 storm

As long as you were in the tents, though, everyone was smiling!

Winefest cal poly 2012 cheers

Winefest cal poly 2012 duck

The smiles might have something to do with a sneaky, extra bottle of wine and the multiple tastings of Sexual Chocolate, the zinfandel and syrah creations of Cal Poly alumni Brandon Allen and Chip Forsythe of SLO Down Wines. (Their renegade story is absolutely worth a read.)

sexual chocolate wine

Our rained out group carried on once back in San Luis Obispo.

On to Bull’s for a drink, on to Firestone’s for fries and tri-tip salad, on to old-Marty’s for rounds of drinking games and chanting and shirt-ripping. Yes, that is all true… I’ll spare you the picture.

bar games in slo

On Sunday, we slept in… a lot. Think: 12 hours of sleep. After checking out of the hotel, we made our way downtown for some food and a little bit of shopping. The girls made plans to go to Big Sky, so I walked around the corner to Natural Cafe (didn’t feel like Big Sky two days in a row). I ordered my absolute favorite salad from there – the Old Town (mixed greens, short grain brown rice, carrots, feta, tomato, and guac).

natural cafe old town salad peanut butter cookie san luis obispo

I walked to Gus’ deli to meet with my other group of friends. Right as they finished their sandwiches, Megan was ready to leave town. Good timing! I purchased a decadent peanut butter cookie from the counter and hopped in her car for the 3-hour ride home. All I can say is, I wish the cookie was bigger!

Question: Everyone was ordered to leave 1/2 way through the event, which is organized by the Cal Poly Vines to Wines club. They can’t predict the weather, but a lot of people are upset and want refunds. What do you think should happen? Ever been in a similar situation?