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Posted by Nicole

Last night, Lauren and I kicked off the weekend with a bang.

We walked two and half miles and got some much-needed froyo. Then we browsed TJ Maxx and I scared everyone away because I had a scary face and dirty hair (see above). Then we walked back home. It was a perfect Friday night.

This morning, Lauren peeked in my door at 7 AM and I just happened to wake up. (I’m a super light sleeper.) She was about to head to the gym, and I figured I might as well hop out of bed and join her. I rode my bike (for the first time this summer!!!) and she ran. We are so lucky that our gym is a mere two miles away.

At the gym, she did a LiveFit Legs routine while I walked one measly mile on the treadmill. Today was a rest day from running, considering I did 13 miles over the past three days… after taking two weeks off. Talk about sore legs…. Oof.

From the gym, we ran/biked to the closest Starbucks.

Blonde roast coffees with sugarfree hazelnut syrup… every time! While we sipped our dranks, we ooh’d and aww’d over the dog next to us.

This cutie was half golden retriever and half cocker spaniel; and FULLY adorable. I wanted to untie his leash and steal him, but I didn’t. I might still set that picture as my iPhone background ;) I’m creepy like that.

Down the street from our house, I realized my bike felt unsteady. Something was wrong, and when I looked down, I saw a stupid flat tire. LET ME JUST SAY, I had a flat tire in November, David nicely fixed it for me, my lonely bike sat in my room for 8 months, this was my first time riding my bike since then, and I just so happened to get another flat tire. What are the chances? Frustrating!!!

Back at the house, Lauren got ready to head to BFD (an all-day rock concert), and I ate some breakfast. A couple hours later, I asked my mom to go with me to get my flat tire repaired. I didn’t want to have a useless bike sitting in my room for another 8 months…

We got the tire fixed, and I bought a handy dandy bottle holder and an insulated Camelbak. David helped me install it, and I learned how to use an arnold wrench. It was a big day for me, folks!

^ There’s the new holder. It’s red and white and matches Maple (my bike) perfectly.

After the bike shop, we stopped by Gunther’s Restaurant and picked up some bottled Root Beer and gourmet chocolate chip cookies. $18 for a baker’s dozen, but so worth it! Gunther’s cookies are heavenly… they taste like butter and sugar and happiness. Kind of like half-baked cookie dough. SO good.

We relaxed for a couple hours before heading to our final destination of the day. My mom, David, and I rode our bikes over to a family friend’s house for a pool night and cookout.

The bike ride was short and sweet; dinner was savory and sweet :)

Corn and mustard are so good together – try it!

For dessert, we had some of the Gunther’s cookies that we brought over (above) and some Hungry Girl’s pina colada cupcakes. They were a hit!

All in all, it was a great day and a half. Hope you’re enjoying your weekend.

– Nicole

Q4U: If you could get any dog right now – what breed would it be?

I think the half golden/half cocker spaniel mix is ADORABLE. I really want a brittany spaniel in a few years…. just look at that face!

Too stinkin’ cute.

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  1. Jordan @ food, sweat, and beers

    That bottom spaniel looks sort of like my pup, Pickles Price. Except Pickles never holds still for a picture, no matter what you offer him…. the jerk.

    I’ll be excited to spend July at the shore if only for all the biking I’ll be doing!! I don’t have a bike where I live (and may be too nervous to have one in Philly) but the shore is bike capital. Luckily, my dad’s a bike afficionado, so any time there’s a flat tire, he rushes in like superman.
    Jordan @ food, sweat, and beers recently posted..Six Pack Sunday: Fashion, Fun, and FoliageMy Profile

  2. Emily @ Glitz Glam Granola

    Sounds like you had a great weekend! The cookout sounds great and those desserts look delicious! I’m impressed you got out of bed to go workout with Lauren at 7 am on a Sat! I like to spend my Saturdays in bed until at least 9:30! And those puppies are super cute! I really want a pig, but if I was getting a dog, I’d go for a King Charles Spaniel, I think they are just the cutest!-
    Emily @ Glitz Glam Granola recently posted..May Foodie Pen PalsMy Profile

    1. Sugar Coated Sisters (Post author)

      I was still a little bit stuck on Chicago time, so it felt like 9 AM ;) I normally sleep in until at least 9 on weekends! I just looked up King Charles Spaniel on google images and WOW, I agree that they super cute!
      – Nicole

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