BFD Weekend

Posted by Lauren

Sheesh. What a great weekend! I hung out with family, far away friends, ex-coworkers, and strangers in five SF bars. I saw live music, ate great food, played games, ran around, enjoyed the sun… let’s get to it!

On Saturday morning I woke up bright and early to visit the gym, as Nicole mentioned. The LiveFit legs workout killed my hamstrings, as usual, but that’s the way I like it. I ran to and from the gym, which added about 4 miles to my weekly total of ?? (I never keep track of that sort of thing, maybe I should?)

After Starbucks, a shower, and applying concert-appropriate makeup/clothes, I snacked on a cherry Fage and apple. Tyler arrived at my house (hi BIRTHDAY BOY!) and together we drove up to Mountain View for BFD.

bfd lineup 2012

After passing through the entrance, I quickly spotted my cousin Morgan. Tyler, Morgan, and I made a beeline for the Festival Stage. I’m sure had Nicole been there, we would have spent a lot of time in the Subsonic Dance Tent. Next time.

Walk The Moon – loved them!

bfd walk the moon

Morgan, Me, Tyler, and Sierra Nevada

Geographer – eh, didn’t leave a lasting impression. Left for the bathroom and found two ex-coworkers, Elliot and Jeremy. This is also when Krizia, Heather, and Christina showed up!

Falling in Reverse – screamo! A+ for showmanship! D- for playing into Of Monsters and Men’s set! The mosh pits were a little too close for comfort.

bfd falling in reverse 2012

Of Monster’s and Men – LOVE LOVE LOVE. The singers were adorable and I enjoyed the accordion bits :) Grouplove – likeable, high energy, semi-local. Neon Trees – kind of disappointing after the hype. Angels and Airwaves – ridiculously disappointing! Tom is losing it. Space music is still my fave though.

bfd grouplove etc 2012

Pennywise – “when is fun. playing????” “they are so old!!”

fun. – Abs-a-freak-ing-lute-ly amazing. One of the rare bands that sound better live? Yes, I do believe so! It’s a shame our ride showed up half way through their set, but Krish and I made the most of it by singing all the way out the amphitheater area and on to the street!

bfd fun 2012

Tyler, Krish, and I were starving at this point – we forced Clay to take us to In N’ Out for some fuel!

bfd in n out 2012


It was my first time trying the burger “protein style” and I didn’t miss the bun one bit. As long as there is “spread,” a patty, and onions, I’m set. Fries are a must. Dr. Pepper too. MMM.

A little back story on the boys: Clay (left) and Tyler (right) lived in the Math and Science dorm with me freshman year of college. When I think of college-Clay, I picture someone who can dunk, eat Panda Express everyday, and make serious money in online poker games. Just like me, Tyler was a Statistics major, so we partnered up on hw, projects, and studying. Those two currently live together in Monterey, which I’ll be visiting next weekend!

We drove up to San Francisco (after picking up Kyle) and spent the remainder of our night mastering Bop It! HAHA.

Luckily, Krish is extremely close to Polk Street. We bar hopped and ordered drinks with the Birthday Boy (Tyler), making stops at Shanghai Kelly’s, Rouge SF (Nick’s Crispy Tacos), Bullitt, Royal Oak, and Tonic!

Sunday morning, Krizia had to go to a friend’s baby shower in Visalia. She conveniently dropped me off at my car in Mountain View. Then I went to brunch with the boy:

bfd johns cafe

We finally tried John’s Cafe – a little coffee place that renovated its interior and menu. They are still working out the kinks, but I think they are on the right track! My turkey panini was great, and Kyle seemed to enjoy his english muffin egg sandwich. Before stopping home, I ran/walked about 3 miles at the gym. I forgot headphones so out of extreme boredom I left early.

Nicole will fill you in on the delicious eats in a later blog post!

Happy Monday!


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  1. Jordan @ food, sweat, and beers

    I’ll admit, when you Instagram’d bop it on “Polk St” I just assumed you mistakenly meant “Poke It”. Which isn’t even an option.
    Jordan @ food, sweat, and beers recently posted..Six Pack Sunday: Fashion, Fun, and FoliageMy Profile


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