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Heyyyy there! Hope you all had a blast celebrating our beautiful country yesterday. I know that I sure did… want some proof?

Independence Day celebration started on Tuesday night for me. After work, I stopped by the gym to run a few miles before joining my friends for some fireworks. I met up with Cassie and Jessi at the Silver Creek Golf Course and watched the fireworks from the green. I made it JUST IN TIME for the show – I’m glad i didn’t miss it.

(blurry fail)

(that’s better!)

After the ‘works, we hung out Cassie’s for a while before calling it a night. I went home, watched TV, messed around on the internet, and finally forced myself to go to bed at about 2 AM… not a typical Tuesday for me!

I still managed to get my 8 hours in, and woke up at 10. I ate a pumpkin muffin while driving to the gym… I knew that if I didn’t get my workout in early in the day, it just wouldn’t happen.

After a challenging couple hours of “me time” (7 miles, with some hills and speed spurts), I ate a giant bowl of roasted veggies with an egg and a bit of ranch dressing. A couple hours later, I had a pistachio pudding smoothie… a recent fave.

Refueled, I joined Lauren for a cleaning sesh! (sess/sesh… I never know how to spell that…)

Lauren started packing because she is moving out next week, and I took care of the rest of the house. My mom left for the weekend and told me that she would pay me to clean the house. I’m a sucker for some moolah so I spent a good three hours cleaning the kitchen, doing dishes and laundry, taking out garbage, and organizing drawers. What a way to celebrate the country, right?

Wrong… but that’s okay! The real celebration started at night…

There was a big BBQ at my Dad and Lauretta’s house- full of family, food, fun, fireworks, and (f)swimming. I wanted to bring over some cupcakes, but decided on something simpler instead.

I am SO glad that I chose to make Courtney‘s Low-Fat Banana Bread. The batter tasted great, it smelled delicious fresh out of the oven, and many people at the party asked for the recipe. Thanks, Courtney!

So, about that party…

We pulled up to their house and just had to pose with some American flags and our dad’s sexy GT500 ;) I got a little camera happy.

After saying hello to everyone, grabbing some drinks (Dr. Pepper Ten… nothing too crazy), and scoping out the snack table, it was time for some mini-bike riding. Lauren loved riding the mini-bike as a kid, but I always refused to give it a ride. I don’t trust myself to drive a motorcycle, even if it is miniature. Lauren is much more daring… I think she got that form my dad’s genetics.

A 6’2″ man on a minibike is not something you see everyday!

A bit later, it was time for the family and friends to gather around, hold hands, pray, and enjoying the wonderful spread of food.

For dinner, I had two different salads, a grilled portobello mushroom, some fruit, a piece of banana bread, corn, and some roasted potatoes. For dessert, I had a wonderful combo of vanilla caramel ice cream, two types of brownies, and some German chocolate cake. I’m always “the healthy one” until dessert rolls around :)

Some more family pics…

(check out that “ugly sweater” that I found in Katie’s closet! LOVE IT and it will come in handy for Lauren’s trip to the Olympics!)

We waited for it to get dark, and then it was time for the fireworks show. I stuck my legs in the hottub and enjoyed the show– talk about a perfect way to watch fireworks!

Unfortunately, we had to leave the party pretty soon after the fireworks. Today was a work day, so I had to be up at the crack of dawn. That’s okay… the fun shall re-commence this weekend ;)

– Nicole

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  1. jessie

    Sounds like you had a great 4th of July with friends and family. I so wanna try out that mini-bike.. I’m rather jealous I don’t own one :(.

    Mmm, that dessert looks amazing. I’m the exact same when it comes to eating healthy.. until like you said you bring out the desserts. I have such a sweet tooth, and the worst self control!
    jessie recently posted..Sandstorms + VitacostMy Profile

  2. Courtney @ Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life

    Glad everyone enjoyed the bread! Thanks for trying it out :)
    Courtney @ Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life recently posted..Fun on PinterestMy Profile

  3. Emily @ Glitz Glam Granola

    That sounds like a fantastic 4th of July celebration with friends and family! I’ve never seen a mini-bike before but it looks fun! But I’m with you– I’m not sure I’d feel brave enough to ride it! And I too am healthy until the dessert comes around… or the bowl of peanut m&ms… I lose all sense of self-control!
    Emily @ Glitz Glam Granola recently posted..Wordless Week and WeekendMy Profile

    1. Sugar Coated Sisters (Post author)

      Funny you say that… I literally woke up at 6:00 to workout nice and early and found myself eating peanut m&ms an hour later! Ridiculous haha
      – Nicole


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