What’s in the Front Seat?

Posted by Nicole

It seems that blogging has taken the backseat…

When you stare at the computer all day at work, you really don’t want to sit down and stare at one for another hour while blogging. That said, I miss the ol’ blog! I just need to get myself into a routine… I sure work well with routines.

Anyways, here’s what has taken the “Front Seat” in my life over the past two weeks:

1. Midweek hot bar with some hotties

{a quick post-work dinner with Jessi and Cassie. we like to take pictures and pretend we are 13 year old girls lyke OMG}

2. Best friend hiking day

{a beautiful Quicksilver hike with Cassie}

{just around the riverbend reservoir…… Pocahontas reference, anyone?}

{we accidentaly wore matching, but not matching, DG Anchor Splash shirts. total srat move}

{and then we juiced! lots of fresh fruits went into this one. it was a delicious and nutritious fructose bomb}

2. Relaxing at my dad’s house

{hammock-ing… definitely not a word, but definitely amazing}

{and soaking in the hottub. after an eight mile run, the tub was my best friend}

3. Taking pictures of random small animals (I’m weird)

{three hands required to hold this pup still}

{the pygmy kitten that Steve (the stepbro) brought home from Japan. it’s tiny and it plays fetch… definitely not your average cat}

4. Baking

{the more butterscotch chips, the better}

{fillin’ em up}

{leftover chocolate coconut cupcake better –> donuts!}

{made better with an ice cream sandwich… but of course}

5. Veggie roasts

{carrots, celery, cinnamon sweet potato, savory eggplant, curried cauliflower}

{and bleu cheeeeeese. i’ve been obsessed with bleu cheese since this salad in Illinois last month}

6. Retail therapy

{it’s impossible to return one item of clothing at the mall without buying more items. I arrived with a pair of shorts, and left with two pairs of neon pants, one dress, two dress shirts, and a tank}

{and now I want pants in every color}

7. A catch-up night with high school dance friends

{we went to Pluto’s in Santana Row and ordered gigantic salads}

{I made Erin pose in line… she loves when I take creepy side angle pictures of her}

{throwback! me in the green and Jackie in the red during our senior year captains routine!}

{and the other two – Erin in blue and Courtney in pink}

{and two years later! I love that we still manage to get together considering we each go to schools in different cities: Los Angeles, Spokane, Boston and Texas!}

All these things + interning + workouts = wiped out. So wiped out that apparently I can’t form English sentences.  Is it the weekend yet?

– Nicole

Q4U: I have a really tough question– caramel butterscotch cupcake or chocolate coconut donut? 

Comments (3)

  1. Jordan @ food, sweat, and beers

    Caramel Coconut Something. That’s got my vote.

    In other news, LOVE the rainbow pants trend, and I LOVE the srat shirts. Srat so hard… that shit cray.
    Jordan @ food, sweat, and beers recently posted..Pinup Themed Bachelorette Party, Anyone?My Profile

  2. Emily @ Glitz Glam Granola

    I feel ya on the hard to feel motivated to get behind your computer again at night after working all day! I find that I’m good to go as long as I have a break in between (aka why I usually blog around 10:30/11pm) but there are nights when it doesn’t sound appealing. Sounds like you have been up to lots of fun things with your friends and fam! Those donuts look amazing too and that view from your hike is beautiful!
    Emily @ Glitz Glam Granola recently posted..Funfetti and The Final RoseMy Profile

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