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One of my traditional summer activities is attending a country concert at the Shoreline Amphitheater. Two summers ago, it was Brooks N Dunn, last summer it was Toby Keith, and this summer was Toby Keith again.

While I’m not the hugest country music fan, I try to channel my inner cowgirl for one night per year. With a red flannel, a blue skirt, (American flag colors duh), some cowboy boots, and an open mind, you can’t go wrong.

IMG 5198 Toby   Take Two

Last Sunday at the Toby Keith concert was a lot of fun… I went with Cassie and Jessi and we ran into a lot of friends from high school… just like old times.

IMG 5200 Toby   Take Two

IMG 5201 Toby   Take Two IMG 5202 Toby   Take Two

We joined the rest of the party in the parking lot…

IMG 5203 Toby   Take Two

IMG 5204 Toby   Take Two

IMG 5205 Toby   Take Two

IMG 5206 Toby   Take Two

And eventually made our way into the amphitheater…

IMG 5208 Toby   Take Two

IMG 5207 Toby   Take Two

It’s funny to see how people change into country folk to match the rest of the crowd. I know I’m sure guilty of just that!

IMG 5209 Toby   Take Two

IMG 5210 Toby   Take Two

IMG 5212 Toby   Take Two

We listened, danced (still trying to figure out how to dance to that genre), and specifically enjoyed the performance of “Red Solo Cup.” It was my first time hearing the song and the lyrics were pretty darn catchy! The lyrics also reminded me of how excited I am to get back to USC in TWO SHORT DAYS! (Where did summer go?!!)

IMG 5217 Toby   Take Two

IMG 5218 Toby   Take Two

IMG 5219 Toby   Take Two

IMG 5220 Toby   Take Two

It was my last night with Cassie and Jessi because they headed back the next day, and it was nice to end the summer with a bang (or a yee-haw) ;)

‘Till next year, Shoreline!

IMG 5213 Toby   Take Two

- Nicole

Q4U: What was the last concert you attended? Are you a country fan?


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  1. Ohh love that you dressed the part even though you aren’t that into country music… but outfits/costumes just make everything better ;) I really like country music but haven’t been to a concert in years! I obviously need to change that! And eek I can’t believe school is starting so soon- you are going to have a great time going back and I can’t wait to hear about all things DG! ITB xo
    Emily @ Glitz Glam Granola recently posted..Napa Day TripMy Profile

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