To Infinity…

Posted by Lauren

So about that awesome weekend I had……. (Really, you should read. Except if you are my mom. MOM, stop reading!)

My weekend kicked off Friday evening with happy hour at La Paloma in Santa Clara, followed by drinks in Palo Alto at The Rose & Crown and Nola. I got to see Kimbo, who was in town all the way from Fresno, along with Kyle, Darrin, and Jeremy. Kimbo brought along fresh-baked cookies inspired by How Sweet Eats’ recipe. They were amazing, of course! It was so great to see her and I’m hoping a trip down to Fresno happens sooner or later!

Saturday morning started off with an early alarm, followed by some packing and cleaning. I left my house and drove south to Morgan Hill to pick up Krizia from her parents’ place. We continued down Highway 101 until we hit our destination: San Luis Obispo.

It’s no secret on this blog that I LOVE returning to SLO, aka my college’s hometown. During the fantasy football draft, a few of us decided it was about time for a SLO reunion trip. An email went out and plans went forward!

The weekend, in pictures and captions:

1. Put a deposit down for friendship tattoos. NOT KIDDING. (Mom, I already warned you to stop reading.) This has been in the works for a while now…

san luis obispo inifinity traditional tattoo

2. Grab lunch from Kona’s Deli – rebuilt to its original splendor after it burned to the ground. Kerry started eating riiiiight away. I ordered a turkey sandwich with all the fixins’ and it was amazing.

san luis obispo inifinity kona deli

3. Drive to Edna Valley Vineyard (enjoy sandwiches on gorgeous outdoor furniture) and then head inside for a round of wine tasting!

san luis obispo inifinity edna valley winery

4. After a group photo (Andrew, Fran, Me, Kerry, Tyler, Krizia, Aubree), head to Baileyana winery down the street. Share 2 bottles of white wine over a picnic, bocce ball, terrific chitchat, and product development ideas….

san luis obispo inifinity baileyana winery

5. Pack up and head to the Cal Poly campus to explore, tailgate, and support the Mustangs football team.

san luis obispo inifinity cal poly mustang tailgate

6. Thank Tyler profusely for providing us with tickets to the Stampede Club‘s awesome tailgate – free beer, wine, soda, water, tri-tip BBQ, and more! Walk over to the “Battle for the Golden Horseshoe” football game against our rival, UC Davis.

san luis obispo inifinity horseshoe football game cal poly

7. Cheer on the Mustangs – they won 28-20 against Davis, who they haven’t beat since 2008. It’s our first time in the Big Sky Conference and we’re ranked #23. Is that good?

8. “Grocery” shopping. Hotel shenanigans.

san luis obispo inifinity america's best value inn

9. Take those serious faces ^ ^ ^ to the bars! The walk from our hotel was short :) We chose Frog n Peach, because MO|TAV is scary these days (too much hair gel and men wearing sparkly button-ups).

san luis obispo inifinity frog peach

10. Fall asleep. Dream of needles….

11. Grab Starbucks on Foothill. Walk across the street to Traditional Tattoo on Foothill. (What, you don’t get Starbucks and then head to tattoo parlors on Sunday?)

12. GET INKED!!!! #friendship #forever #infinity #mo8 #bestfriends #ilovethesegirls #slo

san luis obispo inifinity tattoo


14. Head to Firestone’s for steak cobb salad, tri-tip, the best fries in the universe, and FOOTBALL. It was brutal watching the Vikings defeat the 49ers. Sorry Krish :(

san luis obispo inifinity firestone's football

15. Get all sentimental and walk the streets of downtown. Like a magnet we were drawn to our old townhouse…. #8 (see, 8, sideways, infinity…?!)

san luis obispo inifinity mo8

16. Before we say goodbye, one quick trip to Avila Beach to play on the swings and force ask Andrew to snap a few photos…

san luis obispo inifinity beach avila

All in all a perfect weekend getaway. LOVE the girls, love the boys, love the town. So happy they are in my life.

Question: Have any tattoos? Any friendship tattoos? If you had to get one, what would you get and with who? Nicole: you’re next ;)


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  1. Jordan @ food, sweat, and beers

    I got my tattoo w/ my “big brother” from the fraternity, but just at the same time (i.e. he was my ride, and got his own, TOTALLY different tattoo). BUT I’d consider getting a frat-too in the future…. LOVE that spot for the tattoo, what was the pain level?

    Do you have other tattoos?
    Jordan @ food, sweat, and beers recently posted..Philly Girls’ Pint Out Takes Flight at City Tap HouseMy Profile

    1. Sugar Coated Sisters (Post author)

      I have one other tattoo, it’s a star that I got with four friends from high school (4+1=5, stars have 5 points) about 5 years ago. The two friendship tattoos are riiiiight next to each other. Pain level not bad because both were so small, but my old roommate had a 2.5′ x 1′ tattoo on her side and she assured me it was P-A-I-N-F-U-L!

      What tattoo did you get and where? It’s nice to have a friendly face that gets to go under the needle with you!


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