How to Build a Chicken Coop

Posted by Nicole

Today was dominated by a little home improvement, DIY project. The project at hand- to build a chicken coop. So here is my simple break-down of how to build it. I sure helped a lot…

1. Finish painting the actual house for the chickens… including the back.

2. Take a trip to Home Depot to get the essentials, or at least stand there while others pick out the essentials, and then pose with them.

3. Help load up the car, or not…

4. Head back to the house, and start assembling the coop.  OR, go into the house and decide to bake a loaf of banana bread instead. While the bread was baking, I somehow managed to finish up my 17 page astronomy study guide! Multitasking FTW.

5. Walk outside and help move some of the bigger objects to the side of the house.

6. Leave again when the tough works resumes.

7. Come back out a bit later and help assemble the chicken wire. This ensures that they don’t fly out and no other animals sneak in!

8. Leave again, but this time for a trip to the gym. Our local gym closes at 8 PM on Saturdays (still think this is crazytalk), so I had to fit in a little workout before it was too late. Warmup walk 0.2, run 3.5, walk 0.45, run 1.5, 0.2. So basically 5 slow miles of running and some walking in between for 61 minutes.

9. Get some chickens! We got them from my mom’s co-worker.

10. Put the chickens in the pen. Daffodil and Dahlia climbed right in, and then they met their brother and sister, Mason and Coco.

11. Give the dogs a pep-talk to be friendly with the chickens.

Speaking of the beagles, today we joked that Coco (the dog on bottom) looks like she just woke up from a really bad hangover because her eyes are always glazy. If only she was as good looking as her brother, Mason.

12. Hangout with the chickens until you realize it’s dinner time. (NO, I don’t mean eat the chickens!!!) We walked to a nearby Thai restaurant, Erawan, and ate some delicious food.

And that’s how you build a chicken coop… but not really.

– N

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